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xkcd strike again with humor ...

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Overture Maps at State of the Europe 2023


: How many people live in the English green belt


OK friends, I've launched my shop!

You can now buy my South-Up, Equal Earth, New Zealand centred maps from:

There's a massive 40% off at RedBubble right now. Perfect Christmas gifts for the map nerd in your life

gweler hefyd ein

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Not every editor makes for a good .

It's not much of a map, but for us, it's a moment of "what could have been".
From 1883, this is a pre-automobile look at Los Angeles and its distinct neighboring towns. It does show the major wagon roads of the time, but those thick black lines were railroads that could take you down to San Diego, into San Bernadino, or even up to Santa Barbara. It's interesting to imagine if the region had developed by rail rather than highway.

Stolen from

of with states scaled based on proportion of people who like .

Ich hab mal wieder eine Insel gestaltet. Durch Zufall entstand dann die Form einer Krabbe und so war der Name geboren: Crab Island. In der Mitte der Insel ist ein kleines Piratenversteck. Sogar mit Bootssteg! Alles wie immer mit Marker und Buntstifte gezeichnet und koloriert. Gre: A4

Yeh baby, did it.

The actual width of the squares are open to interpretation I could not be that bothered to scale it properly. 5ft or 10ft might be fine.

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Dear Friends of home made food,

I can barely read a but using a following and and via the star signs, I have found somewhere near to buy grow-LED for our indoor and

We will be growing (for vegan fish), parsley (eh yes it is for parsley fish sauce). Youse may have noticed an eating pattern In my defence, all my fish were already dead on delivery

Fish recipes welcome. No phishing! Well I hope to have an early start on the snails and slugs and puppy dog tales

Day14 Europe.

Forest area per country. Was surprised to see such a low number in Iceland, apparently it was 40% before the Vikings arrived More here

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If you like writing your JavaScript code in a functional style, you may already know the and Array.filter methods.
But is there a way to combine them And will this be a more efficient solution


day14: Europe
IMPERIVM ROMANVM of the Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire JohanAhlfeldt

online map


Geolivre Conference FOSS GIS event

November 16, 17 and 18, 2023 - 100% Online and Immersive

Lurdalagon Patera, Upulevo Fluctus, Mixcoatl, Loki, Dazhbog, Susanoo, Tvashtar, Pele, Wanajo, and many more...

New map of Io's volcanoes and volcanic activities from the Juno spacecraft just published in Nature Astronomy by AG Davies and co-authors:


Great playful / viz of all the countries you've ever visited. Which level are you :)
My Europe Level is 83, but my US one is quite embarrassing ... just the big cities.

- K comme Kilomtres (comme presque tous les ans)... Entre lieu de naissance et lieu de dcs

PS : je suis preneuse d'une solution (code pour non codeuse, outil en ligne) pour gnrer en masse une distance entre deux points pour lesquels j'ai des coordonnes gographiques dcimales, pour faire beaucoup plus intressant comme dataviz sur lieux de naissance vs mariages

At this point in my life (I'll be 77 in December) I'm not looking for new tools to share my library at

Instead, I'm trying to motivate others to learn these tools and use them to share what's in the library with people in their own networks and spheres of influence.

They can be the YOU in this graphic and the can be the city/state where they live or want to help. Chat Bots are one of many tools they could use.

If I were 20 years younger I might try to add Chat Bots to the tools I use to share information in my library. However, now my focus is motivating other people (the YOU in this graphic) to use those tools to find ways to share what's on my website with other people who THEY know and influence.

I show a of in this graphic. It could be any big city in the world where there are areas of concentrated poverty.

Quand un enfant cr sa , son propre monde/jeu sur Minecraft, avec le descriptif cratif


day 13: Choropleth
I wanted to create a choropleth and I finally made a movie poster 2022 IGNFrance surface area burned by municipality
online map


This of Accused geo-locates the entries in the Survey of Scottish database (SoSW), which covers between 1563 - 1736.
In 1563, the Scottish Parliament passed the Witchcraft Act, which made witchcraft a capital crime.
In 1735, another Witchcraft act, this time passed by the Parliament in Westminster, made it a crime to accuse others of having magical powers or of practicing witchcraft, throughout the whole of Britain (including ).

My obsession for the last few days, and a lot of fun to solve. The design tickled me in all the right ways <3

I love the decision to use an icosahedral projection. Going into this puzzle, I was excited about the possibility of rearranging the completed map - centering focus on different areas of the world.

But even as I worked on it, I found it helped a lot to rearrange the map and keep my working area centered (breaking up completed continents, detaching and rotating). In a traditional jigsaw I'd start with the border and work inward. There's no border here, but the principle was similar.

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This sequence colors , controlled areas, , and plans for states all alike.

It also ignores that mostly and its surrounding states were actors, then, which both denied the Palestinian population agency on a peer level.

Thus, it betrays the population twice: by hushing up that their agency was suppressed and, by being a discreditable pathetic effort, fostering the scornful ideology that millions don't deserve a state now, "since they never had one"

If You Account for the Laniakea Supercluster, The Hubble Tension Might Be Even Larger

Felt - The best way to work with maps on the internet un service de cration de cartes collaboratives ( la umap) qui promet monts et merveilles, jusqu' la cration de cartes automatiss partir d'un fichier de donnes. Bon, par contre c'est du bon modle de startup ricain, pas trs respectueux avec envoi des donnes Google and co...Gratuit jusqu'en 2024 et aprs ils montisent, normal.

Photo locations give a good idea of where we went. The two with yellow markers are photo locations, and the map with pink markers are iNaturalist sighting locations.

My new favorite website

A part of a little something Im hoping to bring to a close next week

2023 - Retro
Germany Through Time: A Retro Cartographic Journey of Shifting Borders (1871-1989)

"Hand-drawn map of England and Wales by Christopher Saxton in 1579."

Attribution: Christopher Saxton, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Page URL:

On projections and our weird view on the world



day 11: Retro
Old retro style to use with IGNFrance Vector Tile Service +
Choose your &
Mores cool styles


The Desert Hound, a quite litteral sandbox adventure drawn for a Cartographers Guild challenge. It was a looooong map but one I enjoyed drawing a lot. If you end up playing with it, please drop your experience by me )

GOZR map in black and white, which is available on the GOZR tab on my website. Along with a text-only version of this highly visual RPG romp.

GOZR is the land of the ugly ones! The pretty ones all died and went away and the gooz are left to survive and thrive in this weird place of monsters, magic, and lost tech.


Israel is threatening to attack hospitals in northern . Sheltering inside are countless patients, staff and displaced people, terrified for their lives. The UK must intervene to save hospitals and innocent lives