Amazing Highlights from around the World.

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Bathurst Lighthouse, lighthouse on Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is now free on Epic Games Store
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Dreaming of crossing from South to North that would connect to ... Switzerland looks like a hole on this

Faro de Suances, lighthouse in Spain.

Hop, et une autre carte pour Seven Silver Spheres.

Le scnario est disponible sur :

So much work to di but day by day it is going on:

Ioannina, the lake
On top of Lycabettus
Bus stop in Aegina island

Make an Highlights Map

For a quick holiday ornament.
Cut, paste (tape) assemble globe.

Murales in Turro distric, Milano
Murales in Turro distric, Milano

Trafik Younluk Haritas: Trafik Younluk Haritas le Akll Seyahatin Keyfini karn.

So, it's Christmas... And so, a map. Do you know Rovaniemi, a town in Laponia It's particularity is that the town itself looks like a deer :) Not sure if you can see the animal on that map but...

The back story is much more dramatic becouse the city was destroyed during WWII, but it had been rebuild in that way


A panorama of the INNER SEA

Topologic of the of

Une carte des plus intressantes sur la prvalence du daltonisme dans le monde, rgion par rgion et pays par pays.

(Source : compte X terribleMaps)

Bedok Lighthouse, lighthouse in Singapore.

So often Soviet era publications were about the latest public works project, or some future infrastructure potential. But here, a map of Azerbaijan, its historical and architectural points of interest.

Lundy South Lighthouse, lighthouse in Torridge, Devon, England.

NASA Unveils First-Ever Global Maps of Earths Surface Minerals

Everything has a colour but its weird :/ Hmm...

And the topography is taking form, need to play with colours a bit.

Mission Point Light, lighthouse in Michigan, United States.

For my / peeps, free 5 vols:

Hello friends. I have a new to share...well sorta new. It's an old one, but I like it quite a bit.

Indeed, this is just Runeterra, the world of League of Legends.

I didn't have much to go on in terms of where terrain types were exactly, so a lot of this is my best guess. I did use the runeterra map website to trace the shape. Mountains were present as reliefs, so that was helpful in placing them.

I love it that Star Wars goes extragalactic in Ahsoka.

Brilliant Cosmography scene wherein a cosmographer witch finds the path leading to the galaxy where Grand Admiral Thrawn is exiled!

Test d'icnes non remplis et un peu plus petit. Cela me semble mieux sans altrer la lisibilit. Non

Testing icons without color and a tad smaller. Better no

Here's a heat map of World Weavers listening to The Atlas Loom!

Thank you all so much for your support. Here's hoping this map will be even more lit up in the years to come.

Building worlds around the world at all that. Double worlds. Very great.

East End Light, lighthouse in Cayman Islands.

Prudence Island Light, lighthouse in Rhode Island, United States.

Les dialectes de France

Une mme fable d'sope peut tre coute et lue en franais (en cliquant sur Paris) et en langues rgionales (en cliquant sur les diffrents points de la carte). On peut retrouver les croles et de nombreuses langues des Outre-mer, ainsi que ce qu'il est convenu d'appeler les langues non-territoriales de France, partir de la carte du monde :

Bonne coute.

a part of Western Sammaea - from my current WIP

Stora Plsan, lighthouse in cker Municipality, west coast, Sweden.

a Map of the distribution of roman coins found in Eurasia and North Africa.
una mappa rappresentante la distribuzione dei ritrovamenti della in Eurasia e Nord Africa.

Cape Kiti Lighthouse, lighthouse in Cyprus.

The world's 175 are the place where 3 of different countries meet

Punta Curaumilla lighthouse, lighthouse in Chile.

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