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Rhiannon Mair

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with help notes for learners.

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Cosmography archives

2005: A Map of the Universe, by Richard Gott and co-authors

Direct link to the high-resolution figure:

Check out the amazing details: from Earth's inner core, surface, satellites (HST, Chandra), asteroid belts, Voyager1 & 2, Oort cloud, stars, Milky Way, Magellanic clouds, Local Group, Great Attractor, Sloan Great Wall, quasars, CMB, Big Bang

Hey specialists have any of you encountered this rewinding issue with d3-contours and mapbox

It's driving and me slightly crazy any pointers appreciated.

Elevador is obviously in . But "ascensor" too. The same that in English we can use , along with elevator, in Spanish, you have elevador and ascensor. In the , you can see the distribution of both terms.

A map depicting main continent with its inland archipelago zoomed in map as well as islands capital.
Topped with few illustrations for a flavour and general feel of the world
This was a fun project.

Ground-Penetrating Radar Used To Map Critically Endangered Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat Burrows Australia
<-- shared media article
<-- shared media video

Grve mondiale pour le climat le 15 septembre, ajouter votre event


129 Secret Access to Vaults

The trapdoor in ceiling leads to an ancient dwarven vault. Maybe it yet holds riches of the wealthy dwarven empire. Maybe its empty.

There really is a part of the world where the roads are called Daisy lane, Wood lane, Hall lane, Bleak lane, Moss lane, School lane, Briar's lane, Blythe lane, Hobcross lane, Lowrey lane, Course lane, and so on. The Leeds & Liverpool canal runs through it, near the villages of Hoscar and Lathom.

... region from 1945. This replica print comes either on canvas or a high quality 160 gsm paper, as well as there is the option to be laminated.

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8, kickstarter: hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps + Royalty Free License for use in commercial print/digital/streaming projects!

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heres the up to date version of the

A lazer cut map of Portland Oregon that my spouse gave me many years ago. Shows the bridges.

I used to love doing the Bridge Pedal Ride in early August.

, how sees the

that could give an idea how looks of its neighborhood

the whole China map



Beijing Hubei Tianjin

Shanghai and Zhejiang Province

3/3 Participants' drafts from the workshop

2/3 Other sensitive maps created by participants.

1/2 Some of the maps created by participants in my cartographic workshop for Nouma's Youth Identity Day on August 26! Based on the theme of "identity", these sensitive maps reflect the worlds, experiences and personal conceptions embodied in their various representations.

These productions wouldn't have been possible without , who inspired me to set up these workshops!

Neue Stifte und es geht mit der Kerker-Karte weiter!

Proposed National Sanctuary open for comments until Oct. 25th.

The Northern Council submitted the sanctuary nomination in 2015. 's proposed designation would protect marine ecosystems and highlight the cultural values and connections of communities.
See this link to comment

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Neat little web app to make artsy visualizations with

2/2 The PCs might learn, through research or from the dragon who has Hardbys sword (see 118 Secret Balcony), that there were a dozen or more dwarf clans in the ancient empire.

1/2 The wyvern sometimes leaves the lair, exiting through the east tunnel (108), to hunt. A large sack, secreted in a cubbyhole in the deep recesses behind a loose rock, holds a collection of silver objects: flatware, candlesticks, a comb, matching pair of boxes, a vase (total 1,200 gp). The wyvern wears 3 gold rings, exceptional craftsmanship (3,000 gp each). Each ring bears a different stamp on inside, each the sign of a dwarf clan.

Like a , Check out this Lost Kingdom (Part 4) !

2/2 With the Republic of Singapore, only 3 countries accounted for 52% of total imports to Melanesia in 2018. All the more reason to reaffirm the presence and lasting economic competition of these two political players in this part of the Pacific.

All of the enclosed productions have been awarded first prize in the Pacific Dataviz Challenge 2022

1/2 On June 22 and 23, the twenty-second summit of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) met in Port-Vila, Vanuatu. Two states in particular were invited to its discussions: the Commonwealth of Australia and the People's Republic of China, the 1st and 3rd largest exporters of goods to the GFLM in 2018 (36% of the group's total imports).

resuming a project after *sees last modified date of text file with my notes* over 4 years ! (at least!!) ( historic aerial imagery & sanborn maps to make a zoomable web map out of it. (i last blogged about it at )
eager to pick it back up.

If youre a geek and you care about whats happening with the , Natural Resources Canada has a map showing hotspots and fire perimeters. It also allows you to look back in time.

For example, here are two screenshots from Aug 10 and Aug 25 of the wildfire near Fort Smith, Fitzgerald, Salt River FN, and Smiths Landing FN.

127 Secret Hall

The hobgoblins trapped a displacer beast here. Add a fourth bodyguard to 125 Hobgoblin Kings Throne Room. In case of invasion by an overwhelming force, his job is to open the secret door to let the beast out, while the king and company make for 126.

New York and Philadelphia Regional Rail Networks on One

Jiangsu Province

Fujian Province

I recently worked on the art project "Itinrances" by Felix Goulard. He walks between Saint-Denis and Avranches, without any map nor GPS, and we have the ability to follow his path live,drawn as a pure stroke.

It was a fun project to do, if you want to watch it :

I couldn't help generating a few images, we'll see where it leads!

+for the code, check my website!

126 Tunnel

A hundred-fifty winding feet further on, the tunnel leads to a secret door along the road near the entrance (107 Caved-In Tunnel, Furys Deep).

Walking sucks