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Thought recently it'd be nice if Church St (in Toronto) had a streetcar route

Would offer mild "relief" from Line 1 and more of a direct route for some folks travelling north-south on the east side of downtown

Here's a quick 'fantasy' map!

(naming it the 519 after the old 19 bus that ran on Church from 1954-96)

Noctis Labyrinthus et les Valles Marineris vont tre un cauchemar pour placer les couleurs des diffrentes altitudes (toutes ces falaises et failles.... Au moins, le relief amlior une bonne tte et je progresse vers l'Est.

Noctis Labyrinthus & the Valles Marineris are going to be a nightmare for coloring (all those cliffs & canyons). At least, the final topo looks nice & I'm going East.

Interesting video segment here -- chat and I were enjoying some map staring when I was asked about countries that call themselves communist. That then waded into the territory of what communism is as a concept and how that compares to countries that self-apply the label, and overall I think it's a very informative subject if you're willing to give it a watch!

I'm the Map / I'm the Map / I'm the Map / I'm the Map

Fantasy authors, TTRG players, mapmakers. Theres a great Humble Bundle available for anyone who wants to create maps like crazy but would prefer to do it on the computer.

Regions of where Covid vaccination is currently available.

Data from:

Base map from:

The 20 cent map sale is going so well I've decided to keep it going for a few more days!

Grab some incredible battlemaps for just 20 cents each!

This is pretty crazy Alaska is only about twice as wide as the Hawaiian islands, though it looks a LOT bigger due to map projection.

The True Size Of ...

Not the nicest map I have made, but it is a start and I did it pretty quick.

I lost the original drawn map I did, but I tried to replicate it as much as I could remember.

All the adventures I write are going to be set in these lands. Almost the entire region is controlled by the Elguardian Council that's capital is to the far west.

Last night I spent about a half hour playing with this: Fun to play with p5.js again!

If I can make some time, I'd like to attempt adding hydraulic erosion, though it's already pretty slow the way I'm drawing this.

Largely based on this video, but with some slightly different color and rendering:

Thanks to the "Sciences et Avenir" popular science magazine for this paper on the discovery of Ho'oleilana

It is on sale at newstands until November 29, and available online here: (paywalled)

Does anyone know how this was done

How to create a map with only selected public transportation lines (only subways and not regional trains) for a defined perimeter

It seems to be using and .
Do I need to create custom tiles to achieve a similar effect


Helo, ydw i, fi yw swyddogol :



Should have done this a while ago but I'm not a human and I use my to improve a Welsh-language

So, I'm a map and the product of the team:

and I'm live at

Here's my website:

Ambell i docyn ar gael i yn Gymraeg Morgannwg heno! Noson dda i godi arian i achos da, yn dechrau 7pm.

Prynwch docyn er mwyn cefnogi'r Cymdeithas Rieni newydd:

Heb fod i Fro Morgannwg Dyma ein at eich sylw:

Morning all. Just to let you know that my Limited Edition Musical Map of Great Britain is still available for Xmas. xx


Confused extremely fat cat checking a map while riding a bull at a rodeo.
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.

Gibt es eine App, mit der man sich selber en lassen kann, die nicht Google ist Ich meine im Hintergrund und unabhngig von Strava. (Vielleicht sogar eine, die die Daten dann nicht verkauft haha) Danke fr Tipps und boost

Stephen Hawking's answer to the question: where are we

Full video at PBS Learning Media:

Cartographie des parcelles agricoles bio en France Cartobio, la des parcelles agricoles en France, permet de visualiser en clin dil les cultures bio prs de chez vous

An Extremely Detailed Guide To An Extremely Detailed Map Of New York City Neighborhoods
<-- shared media article
<-- interactive map
A name has power. It can foreshadow who will be moving in. By itself, it can conjure so much: gentrification, displacement, inequality, status. When we argue over names, or even invent new ones, we may be trying to exert some of that power or lamenting that others have more power than we do.
The New York Times asked New Yorkers themselves to map their neighborhoods and to tell us what they call them. The result, while imperfect, is probably the most detailed map of the citys neighborhoods ever compiled

So the just released an updated Hardiness Zone

Many places have seen a half zone shift warmer since the last version was released in 2012.

I thought it would be interesting to try to use to visualize that difference and get a sense of how and where the has changed the most in the last 11 years. I did a quick search for "AI Map Tools" and found a few options. I fed the AIs with what I thought was a pretty simple instruction: show differences between 2023 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map and 2012 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

The results were not impressive. Does anyone know a platform that would make this easy to create without uploading datasets

I'm AI curious at the moment, so if you have any related content you'd like to share, I'll take that too.


Pour info, la taille du rapport celle de l'Europe.
FYI, the true size of compared with

The World of Podcasts


Hey you know how I said "fuck it, 20 cent map sale tomorrow"

Well tomorrow is today!

Grab some incredible battlemaps for just 20 cents each! - Orcas / Sailing boats in Portugal and Spain

Crofutt's Overland Tours (1888)
Ride the rails and take side trips back when some of these Western states were still territories.

A treasury of RPG maps and mapmaking software is now available

Superbe carte. Les superficies des pays sont reprsentes dans leurs tailles relles (pas comme avec la classique projection de Mercator).
Attention par contre,
la bote l'origine de ce visuel, ArtLebedev, a commis une grosse faute imprialiste en comptant la Crime dans la Russie. Cette rgion appartient l'Ukraine, elle est envahit par la Russie contre le droit international.

xkcd strike again with humor ...

Overture Maps at State of the Europe 2023


: How many people live in the English green belt


OK friends, I've launched my shop!

You can now buy my South-Up, Equal Earth, New Zealand centred maps from:

There's a massive 40% off at RedBubble right now. Perfect Christmas gifts for the map nerd in your life

gweler hefyd ein

lien #map #h2o

Not every editor makes for a good .

It's not much of a map, but for us, it's a moment of "what could have been".
From 1883, this is a pre-automobile look at Los Angeles and its distinct neighboring towns. It does show the major wagon roads of the time, but those thick black lines were railroads that could take you down to San Diego, into San Bernadino, or even up to Santa Barbara. It's interesting to imagine if the region had developed by rail rather than highway.

Stolen from

of with states scaled based on proportion of people who like .

Ich hab mal wieder eine Insel gestaltet. Durch Zufall entstand dann die Form einer Krabbe und so war der Name geboren: Crab Island. In der Mitte der Insel ist ein kleines Piratenversteck. Sogar mit Bootssteg! Alles wie immer mit Marker und Buntstifte gezeichnet und koloriert. Gre: A4

Yeh baby, did it.

The actual width of the squares are open to interpretation I could not be that bothered to scale it properly. 5ft or 10ft might be fine.

Made it on

Dear Friends of home made food,

I can barely read a but using a following and and via the star signs, I have found somewhere near to buy grow-LED for our indoor and

We will be growing (for vegan fish), parsley (eh yes it is for parsley fish sauce). Youse may have noticed an eating pattern In my defence, all my fish were already dead on delivery

Fish recipes welcome. No phishing! Well I hope to have an early start on the snails and slugs and puppy dog tales