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The titles of the TV show "Orange is the new black" (2013) in different

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Road to Publication - The First Map Issue Solved

The holiday season is a great time to make some fixes & tie up some loose ends, like my map problem. This was a first, but important, step.

(4.2) expanding the forest

(3.2) a great forrest

Dear Canada. We've tightened our franchise/chain filter in your country and have added 117 smaller chains to the blocked list, of which were 37 FASTFOOD chains! As a little friendly punishment we've left out a few small fitness chains. You're welcome. )

example: Sport centers in

Thanks to for the tip about the filter not being complete!

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Though is where vast majority of fighting and deaths are happening in the current /#Israel war, the conflict also involves the border region and, increasingly, the (especially -governed city of ).


Libertus lighthouse, lighthouse on Lilla Vrtan in Liding Municipality, Sweden.

Bristol. National Cycle Network map. Photo: 13 05.019.. # cycling

Taiaroa Head Lighthouse, lighthouse in New Zealand.

(3.3) small village

(1.2) small lake and Forrest

Royaume Vandale - 476 aprs J.-C

I might be a little homesick

Via Terrible Maps:

(1.1) world is expanding

Ramskr, lighthouse in Tanum Municipality, west coast, Sweden.

I made a map that's 100% just data.

(can you tell what it is yet )

Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse, lighthouse in Portugal.



Flor de or Flor de
The poinsettia is a plant, that became associated with after Franciscan missionaries included it in nativity scenes. Joel Poinsett's fascination led to its introduction to the US in the 1820s, and the flower was named after him.
Find more information here:

Join us for our upcoming European Cartographic Conference 2024 in Vienna, Austria!

(0.1) maybe indication of a city has spawned

(1.0) the world expands

Bishop Rock, islet in the Atlantic Ocean, at the Isles of Scilly, England.

Llongyfarchiadau a diolch i Meirion MacIntyre Huws am osod o ar wefan Cymdeithas Eisteddfodau Cymru sydd wedi ei seilio ar dechnoleg ein ni.

Beth hoffech chi ei gael ar eich map chi o Gymru

in the

The SARAO MeerKAT 1.3 GHz Galactic Plane Survey

... with new insights on what's lurking in the Zone of Avoidance:
The Vela Supercluster
The Great Attractor
The Local Void

by Sharmila Goedhart and co-authors

It's been a while since I've been able to share a WIP and here's an almost finished map but it feels good to share it anyways

The Corps
is an online project with successfully editing structures in all 50 States of the , Puerto Rico, and the U.S. . A great way to become active in for fans! More information is here:

! Shows me a of the route where the stations have no name. On the side, there is a list of stations: listed alphabetically.

Choptank River Light, lighthouse in Maryland, United States.

I've probably 200+ buildings in my town in the last 3 days (not doing my ulnar nerve problem any favors)

I'm mostly not labeling or identifying them--just "building". First pass.

These tiny Olde Worlde towns have businesses and apartment complexes in 200y houses--I'd have to walk to a lot of them to be sure

It's a lot of fun spotting a 10'x10' shed in someone's yard via satellite photo and mapping it while imagining them finding that later..

Phare de la Palmyre, lighthouse in Charente-Maritime, France.

: Bombs on crossing today - the only lifeline for to Gaza and the . 2023-DEC-12

Image source (active map):

: Bombs on crossing today - the only lifeline for to Gaza and the . 2023-DEC-12


Winter is coming ...


It would seem insignificant, but yesterday I took my first serious stab at a black & white version of my Tremjara map. It's important because it'd be legible on an e-reader.

It's also easy to read (I hope).

First & foremost, this is designed to orient the reader as to where Carrdia or Pannulus are located & where some mentioned locations are situated.

We are excited to announce that Mapilio has been accepted to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Emerging Technologies Accelerator Program.

Sudzhuksky Lighthouse, lighthouse in Russia.

De quand date la premire contribution, encore en ligne, sur

On voit clairement l'action des mapathons.

Pour la suite des stats :

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