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The distinctive red garment remains a constant motif of this ancient , collected by and the Brothers . Greek authors mentioned in some other old stories Pyrrha "fire" , and a man with the name

Emine lighthouse, lighthouse in Bulgaria.

Oesterreich. A. Deutsche Erbstaaten II. Land ob der Ens ... (to accompany) Atlas von Europa nebst den Kolonien. Leipzig bei Georg Joachim Goschen 1828.

Introducing PolGeoNow's new civil war control series! Painstakingly researched, it should be the most accurate available. Full Oct 2023 map & Apr-Oct timeline:

Finally online:

> Dunkel, A., Burghardt, D. & Gugulica, M. -to- for Automated Production Based on . KN J. Cartogr. Geogr. Inf. (2024).

Check the Supplementary Information, where I show in three how to automatically generate images using and with an .

Im digitally colouring a hand drawn map for one of my games and I have to admit its pretty cool (sorry, photographing the screen blurred the shot)

If youve got a map youre working on, pop it on the thread

Long Beach Light, lighthouse in Long Beach, California, United States.


Topographical Map of the City of Davenport, IA, Showing the Sewerage System with the established Grades and Sewer Districts 1894.

43/365 "Pangaea"
new sort of I'd never seen before, reminded me of a historical of early one-big-continent, or a jigsaw puzzle or something, but I thought it was neat :3 (or with the dots, a color-by-numbers thing )

OpenStreetMap will take a large leap forward with the introduction of vector tiles on in 2024.

If you live in northeast New Mexico, you might need to drive over 50 minutes to get to work.

OpenTopoMap - Topographische Karten aus OpenStreetMap

direkt zur Karte...

Over 300 photo posted on Eridanos and maybe the half way

Vaindloo Lighthouse, lighthouse in Estonia.

Et un peu plus. La carte est un petit plus grande que la prcdente version (inacheve).

Some more. The map will be a little larger than the previous (unfinished) one.

There are lots of bubble tea shops in Taiwan. These stores are vital for providing cool drinks in the hot summer. I made several maps of some boba tea brands. The maps depict the varying locations of each store, showing the diversity of boba tea shops across the island. (Old post from Twitter)

A new thematic arrived:

It features an interactive display of:

- pistes
- 3D-visualisation of the terrain
- various useful POI, such as , information boards, mountain stations, ...

All data is of course based on (with the addition of height data and aerial imagery of course)

This might or might not be created because went last week )

Dpartement de la Dordogne. Imp. Ad. Mertens, Paris-Bruxelles.

Gorgeous Flow featured in the Fed GIS 2024 Map Gallery

Hairy bus stop

Rabat Lighthouse, lighthouse in Morocco.

Did you know the word "pharmacy" comes from Greek pharmakea Also in German and Russian, just a different one: apothk "storehouse"
Explore more at

: La carte de France du vlo train Distance en temps depuis les principales gares franaises

Every of China is wrong

(-) = IUzhnaia Amerika (Severo-Zapad). 257-258 Atlas Mira : 1954.

A sewn of district Mokotw. In my office' bathroom

A new study suggests that the Atlantic overturning circulation AMOC is on tipping course

"Its observational data from the South Atlantic which suggest the AMOC is on tipping course. Not the model simulation, which is just there to get a better understanding of which early warning signals work, and why."

Stefan Rahmstorf:

Map showing the total area of forest devastated by fire from 2012 to 2021 above the 60th parallel north. Each red spot represents an area of destroyed forest.

Map was constructed from analysis of archived Roscosmos satellite data.

Day 12: Worst title. No comment. But I assure you, it's a good map!

2024 is the year of the OpenStreetMap vector maps OpenStreetMap is about to make a big jump forward

Sudzhuksky Lighthouse, lighthouse in Russia.

(Text Page) The Port of New Bedford. (Map) The Port and Industries of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Frank Ordaz went from a rough early life in east L.A., to working on Star Wars, painting backdrops at ILM, and getting to pursue his passions. A favorite personal project was when he got to do maps for big sports leagues of the time. Including the NFL.

Une autre vue satellite (Sentinel 2) de l'ruption prise le 8 fvrier en dbut d'aprs-midi. Plus d'infos dans l'ALT.

Edit : J'ai oubli d'indiquer quelque chose dans l'image. Sous le bras de lave de gauche, on voit une ligne courbe qui entoure le Lagon et la centrale : c'est le mur dfensif.

I.R.5. Molunkus. I.R.4. Macwahoc Plantation.

Seaside bench

Early South Pole Telescope data has found that Einstein was right again

by Jacinta Bowler for Cosmos Magazine

eROSITA new map of the Universe: black holes, filaments and clusters of galaxies

by Dr Maggie Lieu

Nash Point Lighthouse, lighthouse, Grade II listed building in St Donats, Wales situated on the cliff-top at Nash Point in a walled enclosure.

Erzurum Vilayeti. (to accompany) Memalik-i Mahruse-yi Shahaneye mahsus : Mukemmel ve mufassal atlas = Special Imperial complete and detailed atlas of the protected countries. Asar: Mehmet Nasrullah, Mehmet Rushtu, Mehmet Eshref. Kitaphane-yi Tefeyyuz. Istanbul: Shirket-i Murettibiye Matbaasi - 1325 (1909).

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