Amazing Highlights from around the World.

So often Soviet era publications were about the latest public works project, or some future infrastructure potential. But here, a map of Azerbaijan, its historical and architectural points of interest.

Lundy South Lighthouse, lighthouse in Torridge, Devon, England.

NASA Unveils First-Ever Global Maps of Earths Surface Minerals

Everything has a colour but its weird :/ Hmm...

And the topography is taking form, need to play with colours a bit.

Mission Point Light, lighthouse in Michigan, United States.

For my / peeps, free 5 vols:

Hello friends. I have a new to share...well sorta new. It's an old one, but I like it quite a bit.

Indeed, this is just Runeterra, the world of League of Legends.

I didn't have much to go on in terms of where terrain types were exactly, so a lot of this is my best guess. I did use the runeterra map website to trace the shape. Mountains were present as reliefs, so that was helpful in placing them.

I love it that Star Wars goes extragalactic in Ahsoka.

Brilliant Cosmography scene wherein a cosmographer witch finds the path leading to the galaxy where Grand Admiral Thrawn is exiled!

Test d'icnes non remplis et un peu plus petit. Cela me semble mieux sans altrer la lisibilit. Non

Testing icons without color and a tad smaller. Better no

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Here's a heat map of World Weavers listening to The Atlas Loom!

Thank you all so much for your support. Here's hoping this map will be even more lit up in the years to come.

Building worlds around the world at all that. Double worlds. Very great.

East End Light, lighthouse in Cayman Islands.

Prudence Island Light, lighthouse in Rhode Island, United States.

Les dialectes de France

Une mme fable d'sope peut tre coute et lue en franais (en cliquant sur Paris) et en langues rgionales (en cliquant sur les diffrents points de la carte). On peut retrouver les croles et de nombreuses langues des Outre-mer, ainsi que ce qu'il est convenu d'appeler les langues non-territoriales de France, partir de la carte du monde :

Bonne coute.

a part of Western Sammaea - from my current WIP

Stora Plsan, lighthouse in cker Municipality, west coast, Sweden.

a Map of the distribution of roman coins found in Eurasia and North Africa.
una mappa rappresentante la distribuzione dei ritrovamenti della in Eurasia e Nord Africa.

Cape Kiti Lighthouse, lighthouse in Cyprus.

The world's 175 are the place where 3 of different countries meet

Punta Curaumilla lighthouse, lighthouse in Chile.

The 15th-Century Monk Who Crowdsourced A Map Of The World - Fra Mauro Was The Google Earth Of The 1450s
<-- shared technical article

Mooi op tijd voor onder de kerstboom! Het nieuwe nummer van 'Caert-Thresoor' is verschenen. Ditmaal met o.a. de volgende bijdragen:
- Een van het grensgebied tussen en het
- encounters tijdens de voetreis van Jacob van Lennep en Dirk van Hogendorp in 1823
- Was de kritiek terecht Von Derfelden van Hinderstein versus Melvill van Carnbe
Opgelet: je kunt een abonnement op 'Caert-Thresoor' ook cadeau geven: zie

, la per a zero

Surveillance under Surveillance Surveillance Camera Map base sur les donnes openstreetmap

Je commence mettre les noms dans cette partie (mme s'il y a sans doute quelques autres ajustements faire).

Starting the labelling on this part.

A cookie map!!

In a major milestone, I now have easy-to-read black & white versions of ALL 3 of my primary maps.

It wasn't as simple as removing the color. Not one bit.

Doing that caused the labeling to blend into the background. It was actually more complex than that, though I was able to do each one in about a day.

So, now, each map has an artistic & a functional version. I'm content.

Punta Spadillo lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

3D map of internet cables

Nicely crafted interactive map of Iceland volcanoes:

Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes

Stubben Lighthouse, lighthouse in Finland.

Cove Point Light, lighthouse in Maryland, United States.

Late that night, a traveller arrived in the snow covered hamlet. They were offered a hot meal, and a place by the fire.

Creating a 3D of Drill Holes Using

Panul Lighthouse, lighthouse in Chile.

Oxcars Lighthouse, lighthouse in Fife, Scotland, UK.

In the depths of this cave is part of a great underground lake. This cave is located high up in the mountains, a dry and desolate place. The water contained in the bowels of this place makes it a sought after area. Many lives have been taken in defence of this network of caves... but none will, perhaps ever, survive against that which dwells deep under the surface of the sacred waters.

Should there be any reason to venture its depths

Though is where vast majority of fighting and deaths are happening in the current /#Israel war, the conflict also involves the border region and, increasingly, the (especially -governed city of ).

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A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out part 15 of the unplanned Lost Kingdom