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So close


While the weather permits, I could not resist another expedition to 's on . This time I got a friend who were into bird . Sadly we also faced a decade long urbanisation assault on natural reserves of the city which is accelerated with recent metro line. Construction and cranes everywhere. Like timber production and highway constructions around wasn't enough. This might spell the end of this ancient forest in a decade.

Found this amazing Derry map, that is also available as an art print <3

3 maps from the fantasy/sci-fi book Malakansar, written by Michel Grimaud in 1980. Telling the story of Silo's odyssey in search of the city of Malakansr, the projection show us 3 different territories, the "Morning Lands" and "Evening Lands", as well as the "Krun countries".

The novel is distinguished by its many descriptions of the places and cities that make up this universe, such as the megalopolis of Estrmonde, which takes the heroes almost 1 year to cross.

Downing the Hymittus mountain and some murales

Having a horse ride on sunset

Maps Mania: 19 years about maps and related tools

Im Januar habe ich eine neue Battle Map fr meine Patreons gezeichnet. Dieses Mal handelt es sich um ein Hafenviertel. Dabei habe ich die Karte so gestaltet, dass sie auch in einem modernen Setting verwendet werden kann.
Fr welches Setting wrdet ihr gerne mal Karten sehen Ideen Vorschlge Gerne her damit.

Howdy. I'm writing an ActivityPub C2S client web app, so I used your location notes to prototype a tag in my UI. Here's what it currently looks like. (Not sure I like showing the co-ordinates - I may hide them in future. Also, the tag is a clickable link that goes to $latitude&mlon=$longitude=19/$latitude/$longitude)

Day 4 already ! Juste trust my source, the World Population Prospects

Murales of cat in Petropouli, west Athens

Murales at Olympiakos football stadium

Map Murales of cats in Athens area

Flashback! A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check this Lost Kingdom

Training - Der Modus fr Rainbow Six: Siege-Newbies

Finished the Floor 2 "split level" segment of the Caverns of Thracia map redrawing.

(get everything done so far here:

n34 : Une partie d'un ancien champs de lave vieux de 1000 ans, 5 min en voiture de chez moi le 13 juin dernier vers 21h.

Voil. Et ce systme volcanique (Krysuvik) est probablement en train de sortir de sa loooongue phase de sommeil millnaire.

Another success for edits. This that I have been for my entire life had a old settlement with a now in church. Almost nothing on web. I drew it as accurate as possible. Now St. Christophers church is on the . Whole day I edited 30km tracks and paths that is not visible from the pictures. Ate some good pastry and send some packets to complete the day with .

Ioannina lake, a dog, a tree. And blue.

shows which are not for +

These were , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and . All with heavily .

More battle map goodness with a day and night desert city harbor set piece

You can get the full resolution unbranded for free over on my ko-fi

Consider a follow, boost or even donation, if you like my work, I'd really appreciate it. However, I know the hobby is expensive as is, so you can have these for free, if you like.

I use all maps I am sharing in my own campaigns and think they should be shared!

Pinball Map: Crowd-sourced worldwide map of public pinball machines

u gzellie baknz! Okumam lazm..

Un des premiers plans de transporteurs ariens faits pour mon monde d'Eldoran. Un restau dirigeable de la cit d'Argona.

One of the first plans of airships done for my Eldoran world. An airship restaurant of Argona city.


Looking for the pink panther

Mapped: U.S. Investment in Sustainable Infrastructure (2021-2023)

Article Source:



We issued a new hazard map today for the - area. We are inching towards another intrusion it seems. Results from modelling indicate we might reach a similar inflating volume we had before the last eruption on the 14 January in a few days. We expect a seismic swarm as a precursor, but the time between swarm onset and eruption is uncertain. For the previous two eruptions we got 90 minutes and 5 hours.

More info in english:

Thinking of going to see Wahiawa cherry blossoms with friends this week.

1 hour rainfall for the Los Angeles Basin (as of 2/1/24 7:59am)

We no longer need this kind of skills

Online una comoda stellare online gratuita

A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out part 18 of the unplanned Lost Kingdom

Meteora in Greece: rocks, trees, clouds and paths to go.
Part II

Meteora in Greece: rocks, trees, clouds and paths to go.
Part I

presence in the in 2023

Find your most famous neighbours. Still loving this from Or this one from .

Mean rain % changes compared to 1995-2014:

Interesting site about Thessaloniki, Greece, using umap and openstreetmap to do a photo map of the city.

Wills and Probate in Ireland is handled easily with our internet service.