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"What Happens to Google Maps When Tectonic Plates Move"

Great question (think huge earthquakes) and an incredibly interesting read (to me at least!)

As I made my way through this, I couldn't help but think about the precision of weapon systems aiming at a specific spot on the ground, based on potentially faulty map data.

lighthouse in Spain.

Partie de la Kalmoukie. Asie no. 56. (Dresse par Ph. Vandermaelen, lithographie par H. Ode. Deuxieme partie. - Asie. Bruxelles. 1827)

A hand drawn, old school Dwarven Water Tomb dungeon map - check out this pen and paper map

Bressay Lighthouse, lighthouse in Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK.


Dpartement du Nord. Imp. Ad. Mertens, Paris-Bruxelles.

lien #map #net #gik #dns

Stavseng Lighthouse, lighthouse in Norway.

The remarkable career of Babur began during the month of Ramadan (1494), when he inherited the Timurid appanage of Fergana at the tender age of 12.

A map of Timurid Ferghana & its surrounding Timurid & Mongol neighbours at the time of Babur's accession.

Via : Timurid-Mughal Archives

"Slain Children Mourned: When will this end"

That's not a recent headline. It's from 1996. See my collection of stories at

"Slain Children Mourned: When will this end"

That's not a recent headline. It's from 1996. See my collection of stories at

"Slain Children Mourned: When will this end"

That's not a recent headline. It's from 1996. See my collection of stories at

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lighthouse in Spain.

Physiographic Diagrams of Mount St. Helens, Washington, Showing Changes in its Summit Crater, Summer 1981.

No. 15. Majeure Partie des Cantons de Bellinzona et de Lugano et les Frontieres de la Republiqe Italienne.

Tynemouth North Pier light, lighthouse in Tyne and Wear, England.

Still working my way through these treacherous waters

(Carte de France levee par ordre du Roy). No. 149 (Montmelian. 178-)

If you have to drive to a tiny office in the heart of metro Phoenix area, the extensive freeway construction zones are really daunting. Here's a simplified map of where we have to go. Now, as you look at the map, imagine that EVERY SINGLE street is torn up and/or detoured due to the construction of the I-10 and State Route 143, And the Tempe streets are divided boulevards. And the actual location does not show a street going to the building. aaaaiiiieee

Wherever you are this weekend, at a con, at home, in a cafe, I hope you have awesome adventures in great company. Keep dice and the good times rolling!

Phare du Grand Ljon, lighthouse in Ctes-d'Armor, France.

La topographie de base de Trinacrine est faite, reste la renforcer/nuancer.

The base topographie of Trinacrine is done. Now it needs to be strengthen/shaded.

What a bunch of A-list celebs taught me about how to use my
The key is to stay away from communications as far as possible (especially work-related ones) and keep only what you need on the go in your phone: a , a , maybe a or player. Or to switch to a phone if possible.

Map of russian air attack

"Computador" or "computadora" (informally "compu") is the Spanish equivalent of the English word "computer." It originated from the Latin "computator." Another term used in Spanish, specifically in Spain, borrowed from French "ordinateur" (from Latin "ordintor"), is "ordenador."

Specific cotton goods. Based on the returns of the tenth census. Copyright, 1883, by Charles Scribner's Sons.

New in :

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- A new about memorials is now available:

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Westhoofd Lighthouse, lighthouse in the Netherlands.

(Carte de France levee par ordre du Roy). No. 167 (Larche. 1777)


Zoom in to street level to see the 3D features.

The March equinox is an astronomical event that occurs around March 20th or 21st, marking the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. It's when day and night are approximately equal in length globally.

Et un peu plus sur Trinacrine. Je vais bientt attaquer les Cimes Spumeuses, le gros massif montagneux du continent.

Some more on Trinacrine. Next, I'll do the Spumescent Peaks, the big massive mountain range of the continent.

Southern California Borderland Oblique Map of the Northwestern Part.

Galley Head Lighthouse, lighthouse in Ireland.

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Plugin pour vectoriser avec une assistance IA : / Vous avez dj tester des choses dans ce genre ou Je pense aux cartes "historiques".

Potsdam. In Stahl gest. v. J. Zipter. Stich, Druck und Verlag des geographischen Anstalt des Bibliographischen Instituts zu Hildburghausen, (1860)

Here's a clear difference between 'the regular' and Lokjo.

A map should help you find the location where you would like to go, simple as that, and we're all up for that!

Melilla Lighthouse, lighthouse in Melilla, Spain.

If Breakfast In Bed Is Cool