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Punta Candelaria Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Arno Peters and his Work

: Walthamstow

Your daily of . In dark empire style because it's friday
16th century

Vues satellites (Sentinel 2 et 3 - Copernicus) hier. Le long bras de lave gauche mesure prs de 5 km.

Ttol: Manuscrit: Descripcion del Corregimiento de Gerona.
Autor: Darnius, comte de.
Any: 1716.
Altres autories: Taverner i d'Ardena i Darnius, Oleguer de (1676-1727)
Fol., 1 mapa plegat

Ttol: Plan de la ville de Barcelone
Autor: Vendme, Louis-Joseph de
Any: 1710
Louis-Joseph de Vendme va ser nomenat general de l'Arme d'Espagne el 1710 i va morir el 1712.
20 x 27 cm full 24 x 30 cm

Neat! Perhaps 'we' could get an Atlas of Babel added to the shelves of the Library of Babel.

Beacon of Punta Barca, beacon in Spain.

How much housing do we need to enable everyone in to live close to work (if they want to)

My own analysis. Plus a cool

Pythons Map() and List Comprehension: Tips and Best Practices

I hope you're all ready for Friday Fun Map #2 tomorrow!

La plus grande nationalit non africaine dans chaque pays africain

Punta Angeles Lighthouse, lighthouse in Chile.

Montreal's Interactive Construction Site


I know, adding points symbols wasn't a good idea. Need to rethink the map and start from scratch. But I'm sure I've found the solution: Rainbow is the new black !

Ttol: Nouvelle carte du Catalogne, avec les grands chemins, etc. Nouvelle carte de Murcie, Valence et les Iles Baleares... Nouvelle carte d'Aragon et Navarre...
Autor: Aa, Pieter van der
Any: 1741
Publicat dins: Annales d'Espagne, par F. L'Honor.
Escala: 1:2 250 000 aprox.
39 x 49 cm

Stilo Lighthouse, lighthouse in Poland.

TIL that there was a CNoR railway line through my neighbourhood. It's been gone for decades (likely before my street was built) but it's shaped the neighbourhoods all around it. I can't think of any parts where there are any visible remains, even

The little church of Prophet Elijah on the hills of Nikaia, west Athens.


My stomping grounds

L'Auberge des Dents Creuses, situe dans le quartier d'Artimon de ma cit volante d'Argona. Une partie des plans & les vues.

The Hollow Leg Inn, located in the Artemo District of my flying city of Argona.Part of the plans & views.

OC Dix principaux producteurs mondiaux de feuilles de th, en tonnes. Des donnes interactives et animes s'affichent sur la page Web. Appuyez sur chaque pays/barre pour rvler les donnes dans la tasse de th !

Phare du Grand Ljon, lighthouse in Ctes-d'Armor, France.

in the

The Heterogeneous Surface of Asteroid (16) Psyche

by Saverio Cambioni and co-authors

Fig. 5: The lowlands in the Bravo-Golf region (longitudes 15W to 60E) have a lower thermal inertia than the surrounding highlands.

Here is how our looks on Llywodraeth / Welsh Government's website


Our used 's tags to populate our first effort at


v nice piece by RJ Andrews on the popular mapping for TIME by Bob Chapin

(If you don't know his work, RJ is a demon data visualization pro with a passion for the history of data graphics of all sorts.)

Create your own Highlights Map

I know, my last map on my driver's license exam route was not good at all. But I think it has potential ! And I'm sure the best solution is to use ("bad") point symbols to make it better

Douro South Mole Light, lighthouse in Portugal.

! , for (many articles are system agnostic) is available in PDF & PRINT at

Finally, I've finished my first map. I've made it as a surprise for my group. I'm an illustrator but apart from simple battle/dungeons maps, I've never drawn an actual map. It's not exactly the scale of a typical "world map" and social media told me those need rice to make them properly. I would love to hear some constructive criticism.

FYI: County of Sonoma Power and built with technology


Flashback! A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check this Lost Kingdom

the latest update of the Encyclopaedia Elyden is live and this brings the wordcount up to 1,200,000 words, which is a new milestone!

Just finished this one for my 7yo daughter

(1775 - 1915)

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lien #miam #map

Monkstone Lighthouse, lighthouse in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom.

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