Amazing Highlights from around the World.

Pretty cool: a site that shows places near to you (has to know your location, natch) that have associated Wikipedia articles:

According to some surveys, blue is people's favorite color. Or colors How many names for blue are there in your language

Colors in mapologies:

Auskerry Lighthouse, lighthouse in Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK.

Westhoofd Lighthouse, lighthouse in the Netherlands.

Ruins of the 2004 summer Olympics Games in Greece.
Glyfada, Athens area.

Current WIPs

Here is a map of the town planning of Kinshasa, the third largest city in Africa!

Here, we discover its streets and neighborhoods. Kinshasa is the largest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it borders the Congo River

Une carte o l'eau adopte un aspect pastel. Les rues et les quartiers se dessinent nettement sur fond blanc

An interactive map to show climate analogs in Northern America: ht

Murales in Turro district, Milan, part III.

Murales in Turro district, Milan, part II.

Murales in Turro district, Milan, part I.

Hornby Lighthouse, lighthouse in New South Wales, Australia.

Regional Climate Projections for Europe:

No dibuixat a escala.
Dimensions: 27 x 18 cm.

A veure si trobeu Farners

Farewell Spit Lighthouse, lighthouse in New Zealand, built 1897.

current WIP - mountain region in central Sammaea

Climate Analogues for Temperate European Forests to Raise Silvicultural Evidence Using Twin Regions:

Climate analogues project strong regional differences in the future water and electricity demand across US cities (2023):

Regional Climate Projections for Europe:

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this is fascinating - thank you


Toro Point Lighthouse, lighthouse in Panama.

USGS shows where damaging earthquakes are most likely to occur in US

Connectable Dungeons & Caves.

Suitable for 25mm .

Going out for the weekend Remember we have a great function for meeting up in new places!

Imagine you're in Tokyo and you're meeting at 'Kanda Station', which has over 20 exists...

Use the 'meet' button, drag the marker, create the link and send it! The receiver can use gps to track them there.

Have a great weekend. :)

Example Kanda station, Tokyo:

Books of 2024

Visualizing 3D Population Density

Va ser un lingista i matemtic, que inicialment va ensenyar hebreu a Heidelberg. Va publicar la seva primera cartografia d'Alemanya el 1529, rebent una acollida immensa dels seus companys arreu d'Europa.

Its been a mad week. Its all gone a bit tabloid! But its been . Heres reporting live from my house!

On a more serious front, the has produced new sightings from across . If you think you have seen one, do get in contact with me. We are already changing the distribution and chronology of this .

Faro de Torres, lighthouse in Spain.

Hsavk Lighthouse, lighthouse in Iceland.

Athens and murales,
Athens and cats.
2016: the international airport of Athens area, placed in Elliniko, was dismissed by years. Just some photos before the works.
One hut, four windows,

Filothei hill, north Athens, Galatsi side.

more photo mapping on

Climatic analogs for some US urban areas in the late 21st century:

Thimble Shoal Light, lighthouse in Virginia, United States.

Its success must have felt inevitable at the time.
In the early 20th century, Buenos Aires had such momentum. A population of almost a million people (keep in mind Madrid was almost half that), business was booming and the city's infrastructure was growing. It was said that it had a faster pace of life than other "tropical cities". Here a map from 1911 by a Argentinian mapmaker, includes notations for neighborhoods and comisarias.

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My new side project lets you explore original color photos from the early 1900s on a world map. The first batch consists of over 60,000 Autochromes commissioned by Albert Kahn. More collections coming soon!

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