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phare du cap Bnat, lighthouse at Bormes-les-Mimosas, in Var, France.

Interactive 's in Gaza

I just started a to ease choosing a hosting provider to run your .

Let's see how that goes.

Sinaloa. Lit. de Salazar. Imprenta de Lara, Entrega 24a, (1858)

Heres a hand drawn, old school map I drew today. Ill pop it up on soon

DER HEXEN CLAN GREIFT MICH AN! Minecraft Freunde 2 'sPlay

So if one were to start a , what platform(s) would you all in the fediverse recommend Posts would be centered around an image (a ).

Tahkuna Lighthouse, lighthouse in Estonia.

New book - Reitinger on the beginnings of engineer mapping in Central Europe



is this hidden power that governs almost everything that gets built in this country. each one of these local governments set out their own rules in massive texts, sometimes 150, 200, sometimes 3,000 pages that outline exactly what you can do in every lot in a city, + connect those rules to corresponding . is text & and put those 2 together, & it really is the blueprint for how most places in the U.S. develop

Heres a hand drawn map I digitally colored yesterday for a stretch goal in my latest kickstarter. I think it turned out very nicely

It's 1839, the coronation of Queen Victoria happened just the year prior... As well as the opening of the National Gallery. And here is the latest edition of Pigot's map for London, and the 14 miles extending around St Paul's.

For Valentine's day, a blog from the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division about cordiform maps!

One thing I love about the is that I visit so many more websites than I used to.

I confidently click on links from you lot all the time and end up in magical places! ...a far cry from the five giant websites, each filled with screenshots of the other four

A perfect example - this is beautiful, and makes the and nerd in me VERY happy:

The lions of saint Lawrence cathedral in Genova

Pavement in Campopisano, Genova

Tests sur une future carte politique.

Tests about a political map version.

The best film to watch tonight for is "Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind" by .
Probably it has a completely different name in your language. Doesn't it
More titles here:

Phare de Grave, lighthouse in Gironde, France.

in the

Populating The Milky Way: Characterising Planet Demographics by Combining Galaxy Formation Simulations and Planet Population Synthesis Models

by C. Boettner and co-authors

Africa. Engraved by Faden and Jefferys, Geographer to the King. London: publish'd according to Act of Parliament, 29th May, 1775 by Faden & Jefferys, Corner of St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross.

New OC!

This is Reyan. She's a young roe doe of 18, the youngest of five daughters of a Taverner in the city of Amelsbrg, Sabarin. Map snips included because I've also been working on that a LOT. Amelsbrg is between the 'A' and 'L' in Doregal.

Anyway! Reyan is a naive and starry-eyed young thing, raised on epic fairytales and romance. So when Dieter and Kristian come crashing into her father's tavern in the Riverdock district, Reyan is instantly smitten... by Kristian. A renowned fruitcake.

Shortly thereafter she absconds from her bedchamber to seek him out, imagining a whirlwind romance and a fairytale ending. But Reyan had not even thought about what an extended time on the road would be like - let alone pursuing a man who may not even be capable of finding her attractive.

But when after a few weeks, Reyan's monthly estrus cycle plunges her into *aching* heat, all that might just change, if only for a night...

You can read all about that in Velvet & Bone: Persistence and Heat - here:

Discounted Books at the University of Chicago Press

OK, so I think I want a nice topographic of , kinda like this one, just maybe les exaggerated

Sheet 535. Tirschenreuth. Karte des Deutschen Reiches.

"Map of Sutro Heights Lots for Sale by Will E. Fisher and Co. Agents"

"An 1893 commercial broadsheet for the real estate development at the site of landmarks like the and ."

I this . Check it out. added by me.

Trial Islands Lighthouse, lighthouse in British Columbia, Canada.

Randomly selected image:

27. Carte des Postes d'Allemagne. 1711. Postarum seu Veredariomum Stationes per Germaniam et Provincias Adiacentes.

Looking forward to HOME - Mech x Kaiju Mapmaking TTRPG. The concept is pretty intriguing and I love the setting

Quelques tests sur la couleur et les icnes/texte.

Some tests about colors and icons/labels.

Going to the Paleochora village of Egina

The distinctive red garment remains a constant motif of this ancient , collected by and the Brothers . Greek authors mentioned in some other old stories Pyrrha "fire" , and a man with the name

Emine lighthouse, lighthouse in Bulgaria.

Oesterreich. A. Deutsche Erbstaaten II. Land ob der Ens ... (to accompany) Atlas von Europa nebst den Kolonien. Leipzig bei Georg Joachim Goschen 1828.

Introducing PolGeoNow's new civil war control series! Painstakingly researched, it should be the most accurate available. Full Oct 2023 map & Apr-Oct timeline:

Finally online:

> Dunkel, A., Burghardt, D. & Gugulica, M. -to- for Automated Production Based on . KN J. Cartogr. Geogr. Inf. (2024).

Check the Supplementary Information, where I show in three how to automatically generate images using and with an .

Im digitally colouring a hand drawn map for one of my games and I have to admit its pretty cool (sorry, photographing the screen blurred the shot)

If youve got a map youre working on, pop it on the thread

Long Beach Light, lighthouse in Long Beach, California, United States.

Australian Alphabetic Supplier Listing