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OpenStreetMap 3D:

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Cosmography archives - 1992

A three-dimensional Chessboard Universe... where the Great Wall figurine is only a pawn and the warrior in Figure 5 is a more important piece.

by R.B. Tully, R. Scaramella, G. Vettolani, G. Zamorani

They also left out the large islands just west of Italy - Sardegna (a NATO testing site) which is part of Italy and Corsica which is a region of France.

Interesting forest name.

Nun habe ich das Projekt fr geforkt.

Die Bilder von 2017, 2020, 2021 und 2022 fr Mnchen die ich in der letzten Zeit gefunden habe stelle ich dort zusammen.


- gibts es besseres $hosting (alternative zu )
- hat jemand noch ltere Luftbilder fr Mnchen die frei zur Verfgung gestellt werden knnen

the HARSHK, one of my fave regions in Elyden - neofeudalism with a hint of golden industrial age and a romantic tradition of chivalric penny novels.


Guide To Figuring Out The Age Of An Undated World Map xkcd
<-- shared XKCD comic
This xkcd comic (link above) features a handy flow chart that helps you figure out the age of an undated world map..

mi sempre piaciuto molto anche se l'ho sempre usato da lurker e senza account.

Tra tutte le comunit che seguo (legate principalmente ai temi informatica/linux/programmazione e libri) la mia preferita in assoluto "Map Porn" dove possibile trovare mappe in alta risoluzione su qualsiasi argomento.
Se comincio a scorrere i post non esco pi .

Se siete appassionati fateci un salto!

P.S. magari prima o poi riusciamo ad aprirne una su

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3/3 The bottom of the alley is given over to a smaller hut, the youngest child's hut, which can also be used as a guest hut. Not every hamlet has a central alley, but it seems that the large hut is always built on an elevated site.

Source : BOULAY, Roger, (1990), La Maison Kanak, Clamecy, ditions Parenthses, Collection Architecture traditionnelles, 168p.

2/3 The big hut, the case of the eldest, the chief, is placed at the top of the central alley, preferably on a mound, becoming the receptacle of the political (and symbolic) game. In different Kanak countries, the large hut is laid out in different ways - in Paici country, it consists of a sacred grove (located behind the hut), the enclosure of the large hut, and the top of the alley.

1/3 Two fundamental ideas define the layout of Kanak villages: the big hut and the central alley (or clear space). The backbone of the hamlet, the central alley is also the metaphor for the political place par excellence, being the place where the parole arrives, is exchanged and unfolds. It is the place par excellence for the deployment of coutume The rest of the buildings are built around this symbolic space, sometimes in parallel sub-alleys

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Switzerland has this weirdo nose here, and I crossed it just at the tip.

Let's slither into the curious of those slippery creatures called

Wer hier keine passende Karte findet, dann weis ich auch nicht weiter. hat sehr viele Karten fr den im petto.

Thank you! This makes 3 options I have so far. The Fediverse is a wonderful place. I never expected this sort of response. thank you all

some details of the Island-continent of Bror.

High-res version can be found here:

As a GM the bane of my existence when preparing for my of choice is figuring out the . Does anyone know of any resources out there that would allow me to take a visual map on a of and turn it into a or a . I would gladly accept something like but in great detail. I am also open to suggestions for alternative methods. I've run into this with quite a number of games. Boosts are welcome and hoped for.

Our Geography-themed Quiz has just been posted on our website!

Nipah virus is a rare but deadly infectious disease affecting south and southeast Asia, and since August the Kerala state in India recorded six Nipah cases leading to two deaths.

My opinion about Mapcomplete after 1,2k edits most with pictures.

After a few sporadic edits i realised that Mapcomplete offers a new dimension of mapping. I feel like the beginning of OSM. Almost at every corner its possible to upload pictures=information. No pictures need to be boring. Neither the clock on the building, nor the bench with a view or bicycle parking with oldtown in background. Additionally add some details.

! , for (many articles are system agnostic) is available in PDF & PRINT at

And this of from BASNews deserves some more hashtags

Second post dedicated to the maps I made during my time at Rex Nouma ! This sensorial map represents the perception and uses of the center by its members. The qualitative data used are the result of the experiences, observations, discussions and testimonials I gathered during my spatial practice of place. The name of the map is the result of a discussion with dancer-performer Pascal Teouri, who told me that I was trying to show the Rex Energy.


Johnny Cash Has Been EVERYWHERE (Man)! - Music Hack Day London 2012
I've Been Everywhere on Covers FM
by Iain Mullan IainMullan

Every moment someone around the world is capturing for improved maps.
Be part of this beneficial community

Now, hes just shown a paper #map, again!
P.S.: Take a very close look, folks! #GreaterIsrael

This is very cool - interactive of the , showing - by local authority - declarations and plans, local emission sources and trends, and positive projects to support.

From The Legal Genealogist blog: great news from Judy G. Russell about the new text search at the David Rumsey historical collection. History

Ukraine has made advances behind the Russian defensive network west of Verbove.

For the first time since Ukraine initially breached the line with infantry, two weeks ago Ukrainian vehicles are now in use behind the anti-vehicle ditches and dragons teeth defences.

Very Expensive Maps : Lee France: It was fun to try to achieve those paper elements in this new digital space.

Gorgeous vintage (1936) shows where breeds originated. Sorry, I don't have one for you people...

Recently used this chart and it actually works! Wonderfully precise yet humorous flow chart allows to figure out the date of an undated world . via

All the places I've been in Europe. Still quite a bit to see.

On 1st October, Ill be transitioning the Thought Shrapnel newsletter to Substack. More about that here. Whats interesting is the ecosystem thats being created there including Substack Notes, which is where I came across this post.
Ive several things to say about this hand-drawn map of the social media

BROR! what do you think Many people have been looking forward to this one!


's adaption of an updated that includes and leaves out "Israel" has caused anger among Israelis. This significant move came amid the massive US efforts to start diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and

Make Your Australian Will