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Great Attractor paper alert

SARAO MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey: Probing the richness of the Great Attractor Wall across the inner Zone of Avoidance

by Nadia Steyn and co-authors

We've put the
on the ! See:

If you'd like to see the name of your local on the official Welsh
online map of , please get in touch!

With thanks to Richard Evans for the suggestion.


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Kuriat lighthouse, lighthouse in Tunisia.

Phare de la Pointe des Chats, lighthouse in Morbihan, France.

Create Retail Site Maps in Minutes and Ease Your Worries

REBLIE allows agents to create retail site maps in minutes, that highlight lines, dimensions, zoning, and other valuable traits. Our plot automatically populates boundaries to help buyers evaluate listings. So, generate your now!

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New England Stone Walls Lie At The Intersection Of History, Archaeology, Ecology And Geoscience, And Deserve A Science Of Their Own NE Stone Wall Mapper with LiDAR
<-- shared media article
<-- NH Stone Wall Mapper web site

Geographical systems of the ancients. Drawn by Dr. Charles Muller. Engraved by Edwd. Weller. London : John Murray. (to accompany) Dr. William Smith's Ancient atlas. 1. 1874. : Smith, William, 1813-1893 via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Moholmen Lighthouse, lighthouse in Norway.

Rukkirahu lighthouse, lighthouse in Estonia.

Wow, this is really excellent.

tip: if youre ever lost in the inner system, you can just type out the phrase Optimistic measure space typographically in times new roman and use the dots as a




MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council) mapped reporting on real estate flips in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out part 13 of the unplanned Lost Kingdom project!


Les premire et deuxime langues les plus populaires sur Duolingo en 2023

Punta La Entallada Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Stenskr lighthouse, lighthouse in Sdertlje Municipality, Baltic coast, Sweden.

Linguistic of . Besides the Central Bavarian dialect from my home town I'd have to say that Westphalian (ideally spoken by a drunk chain smoker) is my favourite German dialect. Source:

Nider was making a map of the rooms of his crew out of a parchement. Don't blame him if it was a poor quality one, as he was not used of making them.
Hopefully his friends might read and understand them...

Beavertail Lighthouse, lighthouse in Rhode Island, United States.

Our favorite pastry is croissant. However, if you need to order one, how would you call it in Spanish we have to recognize that our favorite name is...
And yours

Find more information here:

I see a growing number of data dashboards showing "where" people need extra help, but few blueprints showing what help is needed, when, and for how long.

See this concept map at

Use the articles I point to as a study guide & support for planning teams.

If anyone has a concept map like this, w links from each node to libraries of actions that could be duplicated, please share the link.

Made a map.

It used to be a bandit hideout up until they were wiped out when they fought against the nearby capital city in the most recent civil war.

As none were able to return to this hideout and none knew of its location it lay uninhibited for numberous years.

Soon it became shelter for a group of beasts who unbeknownst to them rest just feet away from a great hoard of treasure and riches.

Far less dull than it sounds.

Punta Ferraione Lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

City Council's Outdoor transforms Brisbane's laneways, city streets and car parks into imaginative, curious, and engaging spaces. Comprising of light boxes, banners, vitrines, and evening projections, the Outdoor Gallery displays outside in city streets, instead of inside on gallery walls.

*The is a useful tool to help you navigate the

Capo Greco Lighthouse, lighthouse in Cyprus.


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If you have a created purely in , please feel invited to share it with the group

#4 - B42 - La fabrique de Rudi Meyer

Paris-based independent publishing house B42 has published this year a retrospective of the work of the Swiss designer Rudi Meyer.
Product design, map design and advertising, this interview of the designer shows 60 years of selected works.

Ovii lighthouse, lighthouse in Latvia.

And last, but not least:

Meet for a secret rendezvous in the moonlit rose garden.

Serve the rich, kill the rich, eat the rich, in the lavish dining room.

Dance the night away under the sparkling chandeliers of the enchanting ballroom.

Engage in an action movie trope and have a fight with some thugs in the busy tavern kitchen.

Etymology of gooseberry (ribes uva-crispa). Nop, do not be misled: it is not the berry of geese

Gonna put 4 more maps on DTRPG tonight :)

These are individual room maps that I made for the most recent Guild of Icons session, Emerald Heart.

Something for my followers- the agency who provide 's information have a live of the locations of . Many of them have amusing names...

Art vs Artist 2023
Das Jahr neigt sich zu Ende und es wird Zeit fr einen kleinen Rckblick. Es war ein durchwachsenes Jahr mit einigen tollen Projekten.
Es war ganz schn knifflig nur acht Bilder auszuwhlen.

Walking sucks