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"Vi minha carreira acelerar 10 anos nos ltimos 4, diz scia e diretora da MAP


OSM River Basins A unique, topological, view on rivers & waterways in OpenStreetMap, showing how they are connected. Find mistakes and make better maps.

Lots of new people on this account, so it's time for a (new) little introduction!

Geopolitician, map and dataviz creator and enthusiast. Post a lot of map (imaginary or not), as well as my personal creations. You can also find various inspirations, discoveries, experiments, etc.

Main themes :

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects! 2nd stretch goal unlocked!

The avian planets very slight axial tilt gives its poles a coating of year-round sea ice, whose sifting, dune-like surface plays host to a strange variety of slow growing plants and hardy animals. On solid land, the dominant photosynthetic life is a clade of blue plants, and a clade of sessile tube-dwelling landworms with black flesh and frond-like appendages.

The tectonics and ocean currents that shape the scant landmasses and climate of the avian homeplanet.

the frontpage of the Institute for Astronomy


Discovery of Ho'oleilana: press release by the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawai'i


New part of Irongate city:

Asteanic Enclave

You can make your fantasy with Metro Dreamin and you can make your fantasy with StreetMix!

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Further is needed, but material could actually benefit in the long run by providing a less harmful to the already-massive market for images of child sexual

West of Verbove, has advanced beyond the anti-vehicle defences of the first line of the Russian Defensive Network and has entered trenches behind the line.

has also made minor advances south of Robotyne.

In Kam'yans'ke, has advanced and taken positions south of the river.

Avian Homeplanet
Star: F-class
Vegetation: blue and black
Axial tilt: 11 degrees
Gravity: 1.12 g
Position from star: fourth

Over 90% ocean and blasted by the light of an intense star, the avian homeplanet is prone to hot, humid weather and enormous monsoon storms. The planet also has an usually large amount of the element cobalt, over 5% of the planets crust. The avian oceans are stained a purplish red from huge amounts of dissolvedcobalt salts.

alabama congressional federal map

Irongate - plan starts to gome together.

Discovery alert!

A spherical shell-like structure 1 billion light-years in diameter named Hooleilana is discovered in the distribution of relatively nearby galaxies. We posit this is the 1st observation of an individual Baryon Acoustic Oscillation (BAO).


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Like a , Check out this Lost Kingdom (Part 6) !

Heute Abend ab 19:30 Uhr schwinge ich wieder meine Stifte und erwecke eine Karte zum Leben. Wenn ihr gerne dabei zuschauen wollt, seid ihr herzlich dazu eingeladen. Link in meinem Profil.

If anyone would like to watch me stumbling around the contemporary digital landscape, using Pausanias as my guide, come along to KCL's Computational Humanities research meeting next Tuesday at 15.oo BST. Sign up (for in person or remote attendance) here:

This 35x20 gridded/ungridded steep ravine is the perfect place to throw in aerial enemies or have a dangerous chase!

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects! 2nd stretch goal unlocked!

Some news from OSM-Wikidata Map Framework:
:overpass: Advanced wikidata=*+P* patterns can now be shown with Overpass+WDQS
The map switched to GL JS
There are three new instances (beyond and ):
: Architects who designed buildings and structures
: Artists who created artworks and memorials
: All OSM features linked to Wikidata

Like hand drawn, Check out my Lost Kingdom multi-part !

Again, it is worth having the OsmAnd version with the hourly updates. Sometimes I use to navigate but again OsmAnd has proven to be more up to date and more detailed.


The words "fridge" in Spanish.
Which one is the best sounding one

Not to forget switching between profiles and choices of different map sources in . I have downloaded the maps from and use the transparency slider to see the ski tour and topo map and features at the same time. I also activated the Microsoft Earth aerial photography in a different view to see the recent glacier extent. Brilliant! Be mindful, though, of inaccuracies in your device's !

"Imperial Federation - Map of the world showing the extent of the British Empire in 1886. Statistical information furnished by Captain J.C.R. Colomb, M.P. formerly R.M.A. Mclure & Co. Queen Victoria Street, London. British territories coloured in red. (Published as) Supplement to ''The Graphic'', July 24th, 1886. (Inset) Map of the world showing the extent of British territories in 1786."

"Map of the Medo-Persian Empire: Showing its twenty Satapies. B.C. 529-331. By I.S. Clare. (to accompany) Cram's atlas of the world, ancient and modern: new census edition -- indexed."

"Map of the Roman Empire at the period of its greatest extent. About the year A.D. 107. Engraved to illustrate Mitchell's ancient geography. (with) Map of Britannia Romanorum of Roman Britain. (with) Map of northern and central Syria. Drawn & engraved by J.H. Young. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1844 by S. Augustus Mitchell in the ... District Court of the eastern district of Pennsylvania. (1873)".

- Gone Wild

Ouah !
Grce au bouquin de Monica Heller and Bonnie McElhinny, Language, Capitalism, Colonialism: Toward a Critical History, deux chercheuses de l'Universit de Toronto, je dcouvre ce site merveilleux : The Decolonial Atlas.

Le monde tel que vous ne l'avez jamais vu !

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects!

do you think this is real

Today (yes, Sunday) we're going to learn about:

- Digital methods for the study of papyri and manuscripts
- Connecting Physical and Digital Texts on Attic Inscriptions Online
- The materiality of the Greek papyri in the digital media
- digital tools, AI, and clAssIcs
- Use of Translation Alignment to develop new Language Models
- Computational authorship analysis of the Homeric poems
- Intersections, overlaps, and ontological vagaries in the Greek mythic storyworld
- The LacrimaLit Ontology of Crisis

and, finally:
- Towards public scholarship and a Linked Data ecosystem through the Digital Periegesis

More here, including the zoom link:

Join us or get in touch with us via our socials, here or at

I must dig out the Mordor Holiday Resort I made a few years back and repost it. That was a lot of fun...


of for on the National Boarding School Coalition

I moved and spotted that details at my new place are not correct. Fixed it.

Bemmann, J., Linzen, S., Reichert, S., & Munkhbayar, L. (2022). Mapping Karakorum, the capital of the Mongol Empire. Antiquity, 96(385), 159-178. doi:

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