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Today's plan: Turf of the Jaguar Shieldscales - battlemap

undefined, lighthouse in Italy.

A look at a small section of Curiosity's workspace in this composite image assembled from 4 Bayer reconstructed R-MastCam frames that were assembled in MS-ICE. The images are from December 27, 2023 (sol 4049) at site 105/1108 after a short drive/climb a few sols earlier. The rover is located at the head of Gediz Vallis (see map) I've also attached the drive data. Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/USGS/fredk)

Eilean Glas Lighthouse, lighthouse on the island of Scalpay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK.

So That should do it.
Print version ja more darker book version.

St. Anastasia lighthouse, lighthouse in Bulgaria.

Think about leaving the background white because of printing, maybe even lowering the colour fill of other colours. Beauty vs print-friendliness. Thoughts on that

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- J'arrive dans 5mn !

Les 5mn

The Finnish public broadcasting company asked how Finns greet each other & made a cool or a few showing regional patterns in the use of "hei", "moi", "terve" etc.

As a geographer and a featherweight linguist, this is a cool dataset. It's used for research and teaching at the University of Eastern Finland, but whether it's is not clear. Also, the use of postal code areas is understandable but not the best.

Time to work that into functional battlemap for Crime Districts of Irongate dungeoncrawl.

Punta Roncadoira Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Hmm, somebody injecting false info into Google Maps in this neighborhood. They've labeled their house "Sherwood country club" -- curious where that vulnerability in Google's mapping info lies. I wonder if they ever get commercial shipments routed there...

I threw together a little treasure cave together for my table. Theres a spider boss hanging out in that northern room guarding a Spiderclimbers Kit in the very next room. Once they have it, theyll be able to snag treasure at the bottom of the deep pit and the high cliff.

Metoxi, Agistri island with a view of Aegina
more photo mapping on Eridanos

Uppimg the nose in Psyrri
more photo mapping on Eridanos
Kifissia, north of Athens area

more photo mapping on Eridanos
lien #starwars #space #flims #map #sf

undefined, lighthouse in Iceland.

The world in 1945


Charles Fort Lighthouse, lighthouse in Ireland.

'Soda,' 'Pop,' Or 'Coke' - More Than 400,000 Americans Weighed In, And A Map Of Their Answers Is Exactly What You'd Expect
<-- shared media article
<-- project home page
I grew up calling it soft drink
Americans have different words for soft drink depending on which region of the United States they're from.
The three most popular terms are soda, pop, and coke, according to data collected by the site Pop Vs. Soda.
Linguists have noted other terms people from certain regions use for soft drinks, including tonic and cocola

Gray's Atlas Map of Europe: Gray, Ormando Willis via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Map of the Territory of Alaska (Russian America) Ceded by Russia to the United States: Gray, Ormando Willis via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Port of Almera Lighthouse, undefined.

Organic Maps sur Linux :

Going to the throne of Odysseus

The port, the boats, the cat

Bike and train

Building the building

Inside the building

Beacon of Punta Pesebre, beacon on Fuerteventura in Pjara, Canary Islands, Spain.

Haulbowline Lighthouse, lighthouse in County Down, Northern Ireland.

The trade-free app of the day:

Organic Maps

Organic Maps: Offline Hike, Bike, Trails and Navigation

Made a diddy map when I was waiting for dinner to cook.

It is a tiny hidy-hole in the rocky dales obscured by several jagged outcrops. It has been used as a hideout for several notorious bandits ranging from thieves to merciless rebels and murders. In recent years it has been used to store outlawed items to soon be smuggled beyond the borders of the realm.

Will the location be discovered and if so why

A 2,500-year-old celestial carved on the surface of a circular stone found in - Arkeonews

When Denmark changed elevation colour thresholds on the map to emphasize its highest points (source: )

metaconscious prowess