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Lundy North Lighthouse, lighthouse in Torridge, Devon, England.

Cincinnati and Environs.

Just took delivery of the new ! Check out this video to see whats inside

Stadtplan (Street Map) von Manchester mit Militargeographische-Eintragungen (Military-Geographic Features) G.B. 4, BB 12h. 1:10,000.

Using I made a map of the river basins of North and South Korea
If you zoom in, you'll see some great quality in the mountains and rivers

Bari Light, lighthouse in Italy.

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Netherlands now divided into Holland and Belgium. Edinburgh. Published by A. & C. Black. Engraved by S. Hall, Bury Strt. Bloombry.

Begging your pardon but the Supreme Court HAS decided and acted upon the 's request. And they did so for the Republicans' benefit.

"The Supreme Court heard oral argument on October 11, and has neither decided the case nor acted on legislators request to keep the map as is."

Drags Feet So Long That Will Hold 2024 Under

Today we finished another coastline for our ultra-high-definition world map in resolution independent vector quality. Watch us tracing the islands on speed in this video...

made in with for &

Cape Forchu Lighthouse, lighthouse in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Le dbut des reliefs sur lisharan. Et puis comme j'ai la place maintenant, j'ai ajout un buste de la desse s au milieu du titre (sa grande sur tant gauche et son grand frre droite).

Start of the reliefs on Elisharan. And since I have the room for it now, I added a bust of the goddess Eos, in the middle of the title (her elder sister being on the left and elder brother on the right).

Ponta da Barca Lighthouse, lighthouse in Portugal.

Portugal: Das Portugiesische : Generalgouvernement, Goa in Ostindien ... (inset) Die Capverdischen Inseln. (to accompany) Atlas von Europa nebst den Kolonien : Dritte Lieferung. Die Helvetische Eidgenossenschaft oder die Schweiz und Das Konigreich Portugal.

Scientists Create High-Resolution Geological Map of Oxia Planum

Can you spot the newly named Rubin Crater

hint: latitude -83, longitude 78


San Francisco Scale Model V7

Bressay Lighthouse, lighthouse in Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK.

Verona Province: One of the major areas of my game world. Very happy how this turned out

Fun commission for a German publishing company: a field research notebook page for a fantasy novel.

Description du Pays de la Beauce.

Shrafel est plus ou moins faite. Reste les noms placer. Mais avant, la rgion d'lisharan au nord.

Sherafel is more or less done. Still the labels to do. But before, I'll do the region of Elisharan, to the north.

Brough of Birsay Lighthouse, lighthouse in Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK.

Speaking of which, have you seen my last map
I over did it again and it has 50 variants with weather, ship and everything!

36. Schottland. Scotland. (insets) (Glasgow. Edinburgh. Shetland. Orkney.)

Hake (Merlucius vulgaris). The Piscatorial Atlas. Compiled and published by O. T. Olsen. Hanhart Litho. London. (to accompany) The Piscatorial Atlas of the North Sea, English and St. George's channels. 1883.

Bari Light, lighthouse in Italy.

A New Map of Denmark and Sweden. (insets) Five scenes of the life of the Laplanders. North Part of Norway, Lapland, and Greenland. via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Any nerds out there Check out the app, it's incredible! So many free maps (including USGS maps) and other highly detailed one available for free. Plus it works offline, pinpointing your location on the map in realtime even without a cell signal.

Part of ward 10, city of Providence. Vol. 3, plate V. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1875 by G.M. Hopkins, in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D.C.

As our routes have built up over time, I've thought it'd be cool to print out a big map of them all.

Last week I finally finished tweaking it and printed it out.

There's a write-up of how I made it at

lighthouse in Iceland.

London Sheet VII.38

Hello! Finally I can share with you all the places where you can get my last for
The Frost Giant Outpost has 50 variants including weather, time of day and gridless options. But you better bring a coat! Get the bundle here:
:dnd: DM'sGuild:
:kofi: Ko-fi:
RTs are appreciated!

Mosaic of Delft

Terrible Invasive Story

I had a real treat the other day when a Green Tree Frog visited me in the hot tub. I used to see these almost every day, but no more. Spring used to bring a cacophony of frogs chirping, but no more.

The reason is "The Beast" aka the which EATS OTHER TREE FROGS! They are huge and toad-like. I kill them when I find them, but the battle is already lost where I live in north .

As you can see from the , these invaders are moving north and are now in my area (red circle).

This ghost sign is also pinned to the London map that accompanies our book. The map includes a number of walking iteneraries that allow you to visit areas with a good density of signs.

Aniou. Per Gerardum Mercatorem Cum privilegio.

Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse, lighthouse in Hong Kong.

Double Page 4. (Atlas of the rural country district north of New York City embracing the entire Westchester County, New York, also a portion of Connecticut ... Published by E. Belcher Hyde, 1908)

Topographie de base sur Shrafel faite. Vont suivre les ombrages supplmentaires.

Base topography of Sherafel done. Next, additional shading, as per usual.

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