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(Preparatory) Plan of the Tjibaou cultural center.

FONDAZIONE RENZO PIANO, (2008), Renzo Piano, Nouma, Centre Culturel Jean-Marie Tjibaou, ditions SOFP, 191p.

Magnitude is a good word.
The scale and depth of mystery for Australia at the time (1845) was considerable. This small map from the Royal Geographical Society looks at some of the languages of the first peoples, and includes an outline map of the Iberian peninsula for context... "given in the Equatorial distance to serve as a measure of magnitude."

and of the

Sitze im Garten und schaue auf die Kinder, die gerade Wasserspiele machen.

Zeichne die Kerker-Karte der Gewlbe unter dem Kloster des Blauen Sterns auf, die immer wieder in meinem Kopf aufflackert.

Dann werden auch wir - Karte und Zeichner - von kaltem Sprhregen aus dem Gartenschlauch getroffen!

Henan Province

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Kleines Update vom Con-Banner fr meinen Artist-Stand. Noch ist offen, ob die Illustration sich berhaupt eignet. Wie auch immer, mir macht es viel Spa daran zu arbeiten. Und eine Verwendung werde ich sicherlich dafr finden.

Holy Amazing Mercatorballs! My wife just forwarded me this from twitter (which I have abandoned).

Can anyone confirm that this perversity is real, or is this some insane joke by Dr Field Does anyone know what the character of the debate was, and why the ICA was going for an "official" map projection in the first place

('cos this is making history)

omg, too fun! if you dug a tunnel straight through the earth, where would you pop up now you can find out!

"The antipodes of any place on the Earth is the point on the Earth's surface which is diametrically opposite to it"

Guangdong Province

1st post on Mastadon!

A common objection to navigable rivers (one-tile wide rivers made up of coast tiles) as opposed to normal rivers is that the former does not provide fresh water. With the release of mapleleave's "Real Rivers for Random Maps", this is no longer the case! The video here showcases the fresh water navigable rivers implemented in my maps.

Download from
1. Steam Workshop:

2. CivFanatics

Tonight's nerdery. Roughing up a print of Thror's Map in the style of the film prop. Kinda-sorta practice for a bigger project.

of detailed
The names are, from top to bottom of the of , ...
Cock Bridge
Dick Place
Cock Alley
Slutshole Lane
Ass Hill

Command-and-control IPv4 , 2023-08-05 to 2023-08-18

It must have been a heady and competitive time for being the "first" to make a grueling landmark flight.

Here, from Hammond Co., some of "Our Flying Ambassadors and Their Routes", from c. 1930

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New project out today:

The light from the travels for years (and years) until it reaches your eyes. This of the night sky shows you for each star what happened on Earth when the light started traveling from the star to you. That way, any star has a story to tell you. You can zoom in, move around and hover all the stars to reveal the historical events they are connected to.

Built with and

This animated puts news in perspective. The sheer amount of territory claimed by in the first rush is immense.

121 Bugbear Hideout

7 bugbears use this room as a base from which to patrol the goblinoid lair (areas 110-). Each operates alone. 1-4 bugbears occupy the room at any time. They dont mind the skulls and the ghost in the hall (120), sometimes kicking them into area 110 just to get a rise out of the hobgoblins.

We're extremely grateful for the support of #100 followers in Mastodom, so we've created this map to celebrate this milestone.

Yunnan Province

Sometimes you need a to brighten your day

A significant update to an old favourite. The client has been using the map in family games over the last year and wanted to update a few details based on in game events, including a few more interesting cities in the south west, a town in the north west that had become haunted, the change in ownership of a tower and updates to the style of a few locations. This is super easy for me to do and gave me a chance to revisit the colour scheme and bring a more vibrant map.

Ma premire carte faite avec une tablette graphique (avant, j'y allais la souris...).

My first digital map done with a tablet & stylus.

Is there a way to import the into So far I haven't found an existing solution, so I tried to convert the data myself (in several steps, using ogr2ogr and gpsbabel). Not really usable so far, though. Ping me if you want to hack on this as well, or if you want to chat about possible solutions!

120 Hall of Skulls

Down the stairs from 119 to the main level, we come into a corridor, floor strewn with skulls of various sizes, all humanoid. I dont know how they got there.

Hardbys ghost (118 Secret Balcony) is crumpled on the floor beneath the middle balcony.

The hobgoblins, spooked by the skulls and the ghost, avoid passing through the corridor. If they must enter, make a morale check. Morale checks at -1 while in the corridor.

Heute Abend ab 19:30 Uhr werde ich live auf Twitch weiter an der RPG Karte einer Ruine weiterarbeiten. Es stehen als Nchstes die Outlines an. Der Lichttisch kommt also wieder zum Einsatz!

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It is surprising how often the names of the three nephews of Donald duck have been adapted to the local audiences. How do you call them in your language

As of today, active capturing from 43 countries

Thank you to everyone who contributed

A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 17/08/23.


Ukraine has liberated the settlement of Urozhaine.

Near Robotyne, Ukraine has advanced west of Novopokrovka.

The Kingdom of Bhutan 1965 cartography
<-- link to map and details
<-- shared papers note, 2010
a yam between two boulders. (China (Tibet) and India)
Contained in (work): Association of American Geographers Annals of the Association of American Geographers
Relief shown by shading and spot heights

this is actually exciting, I love a hardware map, I can get lost in it for hours

A brief Pannulus travel guide:

It's a NE archipelago with 26 islands, though not all are habitable.

Size Similar to Ukraine (for the geography impaired in US: slightly smaller than Texas).

Population Similar to Poland (slightly less than California in the US).

Density Ukraine again (New Hampshire).

Biggest city/capital Arthune (W. Sancthor Island...the big one).

*For more, see description.

New (extended) online and exhibit:

"Late Ottoman Turkey in Princeton's Forgotten Maps, 1883-1923" ... online at

Just added part IV on "Ottoman Maps and their Impact"

It's organized by Richard Talbert (UNC guru of mapping in ancient Rome and mapping OF the ancient world) has a recent side-project on the forgotten mapping of late Ottoman empire (and depiction therein of ancient sites)

this is a fantastic ! Bravo !

i wish, I would have had something like that, when I lived in metropolitan .

I've been working on of passenger in . I'm nowhere near done, but I thought I would show the area near . Apparently, Sandusky was the location of Ohio's first built in 1838.

Although every effort was made to ensure accuracy, there may be mistakes or missing information on this map. Interurbans are not shown as they have not been mapped yet.

A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 16/08/23.


The settlement of Robotyne is now contested after Ukraine entered from the northeast.

Ukraine made additional progress to the east and northwest of Robotyne.

Ukraine has continued to advance further south in Urozhaine.

Shanxi Province