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Japan. Masstab 1:5,000,000. Sept. 1905. (insets: nebenkarten) Riu-Kiu In. I, Tsubu Schoto II, Nambu Schoto III, Bonin Inseln IV Jesso (Hokkaido).

Muckle Flugga Lighthouse, lighthouse built 1858 in Shetland Islands.

Comment je fabrique mes propres cartes sur Internet

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Danubii cum Adiacentibus Regnisnec non totius Graeciae et Archipelagi.

Flannan Isles Lighthouse, lighthouse off the northwest coast of Scotland.

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Accurata Scaniae, Blekingiae et Hallandiae.


You know what, just take all of them. All my NES metroid maps (Tourian isn't inked, sorry)

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I did not expect to come out first in this of per capita tax contributions by province of

Latest WIP on the pirate map

I finished my small() City from last week.

I haven't got any names for any of the locations yet or even for the city, so any suggestions are welcome.

-There is a river passing through the settlement.
-On the west there is a large forest.
-On the east there are many small farms and a small village that has only within the last decade been established.

Point Robinson Light, lighthouse in Washington, United States.

37. England.

In modern society, we are used to seeing similar maps of the world. But as this extract reminds us, all the constituent elements of a map are the result of choices. Each of these decisions presupposes a selection based on the cartographer's objective or subjective judgements. Whether for practical, design or political reasons, each map remains a particular vision of the world, subordinate to the cartographic intention of its creator.

Reservations 1883. Click Chronolink to zoom

No. 21. (Taranto). Gius. Guerra inc. Nap. 1811. (to accompany) Atlante geografico del regno di Napoli 1808.

There was a time when Native Americans were going to be given the West, at least from the Great Plains into the Rockies. The U.S. govt created this map to look at the practical border, as system of forts and roads that would be established west of Missouri, Arkansas, etc.
This was a possible configuration in 1838.
It was dismissed in a matter of years.

Umhlanga Rocks Lighthouse, lighthouse in South Africa.

Spatial temperature maps of exoplanet WASP-121b:

They were published only a couple of months ago.


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Carmel. Towners Station. South East Centre. Mill Town.


Reposting the for orientation. The campsite/portage is at the southern tip of a long strip of higher ground. The cabin was build in the 1920s and is on the National Register of Historic Places. In this and the next post I will share some of the plaques on the wall.

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Kolka lighthouse, lighthouse in Latvia.

Although at first glance dva and zwei may appear distinct from two, they share a common linguistic ancestry traced back to the Proto-Indo-European root, dwh.

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69. Boston.

A hand drawn, old school map - check out this pen and paper dungeon Dragon Lair Dungeon Map I drew just for the heck of it

Weeping-Water, Cass Co. (Philadelphia, Everts & Kirk, 1885)

Rubha nan Gall Lighthouse, lighthouse in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK.

3. Der Mond ... Entworfen von Tr. Bromme. Ausgefuhrt v. E. Winckelmann. Stuttgart. Verlag von Krais & Hoffman. (to accompany) Atlas zur Physik der Welt. (with second title page) Atlas zu Alex. v. Humboldt's Kosmos ... Bromme.

Since youre searching for a map-maker, I feel compelled to point you towards the gorgeous maps by actual human artist : .

Happy talent-hunting.

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Grnningen Lighthouse, lighthouse in Norway.

The Atlas of Early Printing

"The Atlas of Early Printing is an interactive site designed to be used as a tool for teaching the early history of printing in Europe during the second half of the fifteenth century. While printing in Asia pre-dates European activity by several hundred years, the rapid expansion of the trade following the discovery of printing in Mainz, Germany around the middle of the fifteenth century is a topic of great importance to the global history of communications, technology, and the dissemination of knowledge."

16. Silesiae Ducatus accuratissime descriptus..

Revolution Annuelle de la Terre.

Off the Tee Map Release Trailer Golf Daddy Simulator 1.0 Update

wills for new zealand