Amazing Highlights from around the World.
An old photo from last year. This is 300 S. Wacker Drive in the Loop. It was a pretty nondescript building up until about 2014 when they decided to put a striking mural map of the Chicago River.
For more info, check out this:
Photo taken on 16 October 2023.
For more photos from Chicago in 2023, please check out this collection:

I drew a layout of a small inn. No name for it yet. I just kinda go bored of drawing a cave each week. It isn't to scale or anything but idk it looks okay I think.

Alderney Lighthouse, lighthouse in Alderney, Guernsey.

Where can you find support with research integrity

Use our map to understand the complex research integrity landscape in the UK.

Click the link below

Normal people: using one app.

Me: using up to five apps:

1. MapFactor Navigator with offline maps based on .

2. Geo Tracker track recording with online satellite map.

3. mBDL polish National Forest Administration online forest maps.

4. Mapa turystyczna online tourist trail map.

5. Occasionally OSM in browser if I need to check recent changes.

I especially recommend mBDL. Besides being able to suggest roads that aren't on any other map, it's got forest sector numbers when GPS isn't working, you can reference them to the poles in the woods to check where you are.

Not saying these are the best apps. Rather the first ones that worked for me at some point.


Not a map designed for the challenge: it was a pre-project hastily drawn for future production. But I think it's perfectly suited to today's theme : "worst hand-drawn challenge"

Gorleston Lighthouse, lighthouse in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

New Jersey. Kneass Sc. Drawn & Published by F. Lucas Jr. Baltimore.

the Ecstasy of St. Malichar

After so many good critiques of my map from the community, I've decided to make some changes.
(thanks )

I've received some questions so, for those who wondered, The map is hand-drawn in Photoshop (but I've made a couple of custom brushes to speed up the process and don't draw every tree separately :)


Hymettus mountain, random photos

Revisiting my Hillshade X Dot Density series.

First up - Alabama
Population 5 million

1 Dot = 1,000 People

XIV. Stielers Karte v. Deutschland in 25 Blatt (continued).


Faro de Corrubedo, lighthouse in Spain.

For some today is a day dedicated to honoring the gods and , Gods of . Yet, for others, this day is merely the second in a cycle of routine. However, as we navigate the complexities of time and culture, we might pause to ask ourselves: is it truly the second day or perhaps the third

How Normalized Difference Water Index is Used to Flooding

The Most Controversial Interactive


Gorliz Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

18 Elbing

Have a good day para people in my screen
#propara #zoo #necrophile #map #yap #para


for () Freedom of Information release:
High resolution document of the 'Circle to Search line'

South Bishop Lighthouse, lighthouse, Grade II listed building in Pembrokeshire, Wales situated on South Bishop Rock, the southernmost of Bishops and Clerks rocky islands, 4.8km to the W of Ramsey Island.

Rough map of the Senez Kingdom.

I'm still working on it, but just this will help you visualize things better.

2024 01-11 : World Building : Do you pre-plan the layout of towns, villages, & etc Or do you have another method

They grow with the story and I meticulously note it down and map it out for my self so Im consistent with it. With towns and spaces Im usually pretty good at remembering the layout but topography doesnt seem to compute in my brain. So I maintain a excessively detailed map for myself.

Todays hand drawn map, drawn with pen and paper - old school!

While youre here, why not check out

113: Hunslet, Leeds : Accomodation Bridge Whse. Leeds Carriers' Warehouses : Thirteenth sheet, Novr. 1896.

by : Online hides it very well how to download a layer's for a that was shared with you. Even if you click "Open in ArcPro" you will be given a project where the data is linked to and loaded from ArcGIS Online.

But as always.. If you can see the data, you can export it. I used the "Export Features" tool.

ESRI: Why do you make it so hard for people

A quotation from Joseph Conrad's in the Heart of Darkness, showing the manufacture of the intrinsic value of exploration (and colonization) through the "blanks" of maps.

Source : CONRAD, Joseph, (2017), , Barcelone, ditions Gallimard, collection Folio Bilingue, 338p.

Beacon of Punta Subrido, beacon in Spain.

Road Network.

From Samuel Dunn, (c. 1774), centered on the Sun with a notation about its black spots and how they "move from East to West", this is a state of the art depiction of our solar system as best as it was known at the time. Notes six planets and their moons, with Jupiter having 4 (now counted as 95 moons) and Saturn as having 5 (now totaled up to 146 moons).

Sometimes, Google Maps can't seem to load map data, even though my phone is connected. Is it because I decline to give the app access to my location data

If I identify a specific location, it should be possible for the map to display it without knowing where I am currently located.

I wonder if EU regulators shouldn't audit the code to see if it penalises users who decline access to private data.

Belgium sive Inferior Germania.

Chicken in different languages and the origin of those words

Beach, sea and something

Tahkuna Lighthouse, lighthouse in Estonia.