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Hey, its again !
My name is Fey and Im a freelance artist and illustrator from Berlin (Germany).My favorite thing to draw is rpg maps, characters and creatures. My illustrations are often related to the fantasy and role-playing genre.
Here is a small selection for you.

I invented my own method, and I'll try to explain the algorithm with the following image (to make it quicker, I didn't draw all the zones!)

Voil quoi ressemble un tout prier jet.
Heres what a rough first draft can look like.

Who needs a when you've got a Ever tried for the Elusive

Historical Topo Explorer (beta) in Living

Shit. I immediately thought of a map by an acquaintance (Guy Ottewell). I dig up a link to find that the map is currently out of print, but they're trying to find a way to reprint it. Anyway, just looking at the stuff underneath the link is impressive.

Command-and-control IPv4 , 2023-09-26 to 2023-10-09

i recently helped create a simple interactive map of public art in vancouver

made with svelte + maplibre

check it out here :)

Ralph Shane was a young graduate in engineering when the great depression hit, and he left Illinois for a potential job building roads and bridges in Montana. Aside from work and a new life, he also discovered his love and fascination for native history and did a series of maps that documented specific tribes and regions.
Here his map for the Northern Cheyenne in southeast Montana from 1960

J'ai desert rcemment ... enfin, si on peut dire :)
I've been deserting lately ... kinda :)

Mapilio is the easiest way to keep maps updated and more functional!
We have integrated with OpenStreetMap (OSM) Editor so you can update maps more easily and efficiently.
To keep maps more up to date, try now.

Cold is coming

An interesting map, presenting the AUKUS military cooperation created by the British think tank Council on Geostrategy. It is reminiscent of Nicholas John Spykman's Rilmand theory, in which naval powers oppose land powers in the maritime periphery of a Heartland

Website of Council on Geostrategy :

Il existe d'autres faons de visualiser les cartes Open Street Map, un exemple :

Ici, une carte hberge par Free en France : avec les noms des pays en franais :

et la plus connue :

The Roman Empire after its division into the eastern and the western empires. Drawn by Dr. Charles Muller. Engraved by Edwd. Weller. London : John Murray. 1873. (to accompany) Dr. William Smith's Ancient atlas. 8. 1874. (inset) Empire of the Parthians.

"(Composite of) Asia and its islands according to d'Anville divided into empires, kingdoms, states, regions, &c. &c. with the European possessions and settlements in the East Indies and an exact delineation of all the discoveries made in the eastern parts by the English under Captn. Cook, Vancouver & Peyrouse. London, Publish'd by Laurie & Whittle, No. 53, Fleet Street, Feby. 2d, 1799."

Working through a bit of a backlog! Day 5, "Map"

A mapping friend sent me this!

"Austrian Empire. By Sidney Hall. London, published by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, Paternoster Row, Jany. 1, 1828."

Ich habe hier noch eine alte Wehrmacht Karte vom Mittelmeer von 1939.

A wee of Islay and Jura, made for fun.

My illustration of the Kildalton Cross uses a fairly large amount of "artistic license"...!

The underlying data came mostly from via and everything else was done in

Black Kite Black Kite in Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka, India

Why does time keep passing Who do I go to to complain about this

Day 3: to work
Day 4: this
Day 5: to nowhere
Day 6: corral

Gonna try to get Day 7 done later today hopefully.

Penciltober Day 5: Map

Frank's got a map pinpointing all of the places that he wants to go to in the future.

Randomly selected image:

Neuer Blog von Locus


Inktober day 4-7: Dodge - Map - Golden - Drip

There's a new online map where you can find shops and locations, but without a corporation behind it. That means no pesky zoomlevels showing corporations first and -if you zoom in really close- the normal shops.

It's called Lokjo, find them here

I highly support it since there is no competitor for corporate maps in europe, until now!

J'ai ralis hier que je n'avais plus de vieilles cartes de visites comme les premires... mais j'en ai trouv d'autres, mais pas textures de la mme manire, d'o une petite diffrence de rendu

Golden Brown ist ein wunderbarer Song von den Stranglers. Fr mich hatte der Inhalt niemals etwas mit Drogen zu tun, sondern (wie in dem Video gezeigt) mit Nostalgie und der Sehnsucht nach fernen Lndern.
"Golden Brown" is a wonderful song by the Stranglers. For me, the content never had anything to do with drugs, but (as shown in the video) with nostalgia and longing for distant lands.

I wonder what projection they were using for that!

Revealed: scale of forever chemical pollution across UK and Europe The Guardian
This has some problems. Consider that it only shows places that were tested. Other places they tested that came back negative Are they places that they didnt test

Lambert equal area cylindrical But then wrapped around a cylinder. 2.5 dimensional projection

The app very nicely displays your geotagged photos and gps-tracks that you have in your home-cloud.

Also illustrates what all this accumulated data can tell others about you.
- All the locations you are interested in
- What kind of locations you frequent and when
- How often you go there and when you started
- How far you usually travel
- How long you spend there
- How much hiking you do, etc
- Where you live, where you work

None of which is 's business.


I uploaded a new beginner Inkscape Tutorial on "Working with Outlines and Outlined Shapes, Strokes, Power and Taper Strokes". Enjoy!


Map (Inktober 2023)

Wow, Im already late after only five days,

#Inktober #Lego #Map

La rcolte du jour, 2/2: la Tunisie.
Je trouve que les figurs manuels des cartes anciennes sont encore plus beaux quand on les regarde de trs trs prs!

(Promis si j'y repasse je prends des notes pour situer les cartes!)

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