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We meet under the new forum topic. Which camera do you prefer to shoot with


A regional map I recently did for a Pathfinder adventure.
I like this simple B&W maps on parchment background.
It is not too time consuming and hence not so stressful, lol.

Day9 Hexagons.

Traffic collisions with cyclists in London in 2022. Most hotspots in the center and along routes with higher cyclist volumes ().

Made with . Used the h3 library to generate hexagons.

J'ai pas vraiment post depuis un bail et je viens de me rappeler que les post s'effacent vite alors en voil une sympa.

I haven't really posted in a while and just realized that things get erased pretty quickly around here so, here's a nice one.

Ever fly them
Air Vermont Timetable 8/15/82

Surveillance under Surveillance Surveillance Camera Map
Surveillance under Surveillance shows you cameras and guards watching you almost everywhere. You can see where they are located and, if the information is available, what type they are, the area they observe, or other interesting facts.

Amazing how so many are sourced on the 49th parallel.

Seriously though, if youre trying to show the expanse of the river basin, you shouldnt limit it due to national boundaries .


Command-and-control IPv4 , 2023-10-26 to 2023-11-08

Visualisation of distortion on Dymaxion projection, one of the probably "best" projection since it distorts the least compared to others.
You can add scale bars here, but not a compass rose.

Thx for the thread.
I had noticed the call relayed by for help to the area following and found the concept great.

: You can drink the tap water in these 50 countries maybe

Spain lives in flats: why we have built our cities vertically

Hey , your is really helpful.

Wow. This dated it to nearly 100 years before the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium).

The over the lower 48 of the United States shows two -pressure systems exiting the . One is in southern Canada, with the other in the Central Plains.

With a strong right behind the lows, this will be the focus for some in the .


Mylio Photos ein kostenloser Foto Editor
-editor photomanagement

Mylio Photos Editor kostenlos und trotzdem gut
-editor photomanagement

PyrOSM: working with Open Street data

Day 7 Map #7 of "Navigation" What if... Europe trains were a . Based on the real lines, not the actual ones )
Which one would you like to travel through

are you validating an array type and passing a string Ive seen that throw NoMethodError for being called. We rescued it to workaround I think, never dug in further

SCE possible PSPS map, for the Ventura County/Northern Los Angeles county area.

lien #map #drg

I put this map on 2 separate Discord servers for feedback on if I need to change anything & seems fine to people...

map of Black Sea German(-ic) settlements overlaid over the former borders of the Crimean Khanate (and Ottoman Empire) in order to visualize (auto-)correlation between each other & former Tatar land stewardship.

This map was originally started as a visualization to see what's left after the ethnic cleansing, but basically none of the observed settlements exist in their original state today - so I changed the map topic...

This is also one of my maps that's more infographic than just a map.

- E comme coles

Balade go-chronologique dans une vingtaine de en lien avec l'

It's monday, yeah we've got you, time for a massage..

example Frankfurt:

Another closer look at another isometric map I created for the of documentary series. Working on the project is such an extraordinary journey!

Daylight Saving Time Gripe Assistant Tool / Andy Woodruff Observable

le code la carte

I just managed to pull myself together and finally made a map for Peplandia. I will probably add location names later.

If you are curious to learn more about Peplandia and its places of interest, you can visit my website:


day 6: Asia
The Travels of Marco Polo on a with GallicaBnF
online map

travel available in this gist


Day 6map #6 of "Openmoji Asia". One for each country

la semaine dernire j'ai fait des cartes stylises partir des donnes SRTM de la NASA. plus d'informations par ici :

Day6 Asia.

A shaded relief map of the Philippines, a nice follow up from my very first one of Japan I did last year

Made in with matplotlib. Code includes link to a full tutorial from Adam Symington.

Map of tropical storms over the last 100 years, by Python Maps. A very interesting Antarctic-centric projection, who makes it easy to understand the location and intensity of these natural hazards.

It's been a while since I made anything resembling a transpit map, so I present the unofficial 2024 Gooi- & Vechtstreek network diagram*.

I'm not unhappy with how this turned out, since I worked only about 3 hours on this.

* It's a diagram, not a map. Meant to go into an A6-sized printed leaflet, so less details is better.


day 5: Analog map
Blob of the Map WinnieCHMT made a little experiment with the I put it on the


Day 5 map #5 of "Analog map".
I ask to make an analogy, what if European countries were states from US

Donc je cre une carte avec laide dIA Des gens d'avant

Magnifique outil pour comparer les lieux en photographies et cartes et mieux comprendre les volutions du territoire. La richesse des noms sur la carte de Cassini est poustouflante.

Problems Making a Will where to keep your last will and testament