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Good afternoon! Weiter geht's mit unserem - heute das Trchen Nummer 11:

ist eine offline map und basiert auf :mastolove:

Unsere absolute Lieblings , natrlich 1000 mal nicer als maps

Super auch fr: )

in the

galaxies in the Local Void, detected by the SARAO MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey

by Sushma Kurapati and co-authors

One of the 64 antennas of the MeerKAT radio telescope, located in the Karoo, South Africa.

Punta Pioppeto Lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

Keminkraaseli lighthouse, lighthouse in Finland.

Cabo Prior Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Anton Thomas created a marvelous hand-drawn of the non-human creatures that populate the . Please take a look at the article to see examples.

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Interactive of in

I submitted something like 60-70 changesets to (many via ) today from as trivial as the type of surface in a parking lot to as major as adding 50+ buildings in a single submission.

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La des vaut le coup d'il !
worth seeing!

Update: It is super fun.


Lighthouse at the End of the World, lighthouse in Charente-Maritime, France.

Gold-Mining Counties: Bartholomew, J. G. via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Looking more closely at my own town in , it's not at all clear why some buildings are mapped and named while others are missing. Some are public, some are businesses, some are residences.

I guess it's just whatever someone has happened to

I've fixed some routes in OSM. Maybe I should add some buildings as well....

Ugh, that said this may be useless.

I watched a video yesterday that was deliberately obscuring the location filmed. From context clues and with some guesses and searching, I found it on the

That would've been easier via . I've now learned enough to do a baby version of that query and the thing I found doesn't show up

In fact, the businesses aren't even on the OSM map. Like, not even as unnamed buildings. This would never have worked!

Map of the United States of America, 1880. : Howland, H.G. via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

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I've seen some magical usages and have been unable to figure out from them how to use them

A nice intro query language

Rukkirahu lighthouse, lighthouse in Estonia.

Mjlk lighthouse, lighthouse in sterker Municipality, Baltic coast, Sweden.

Cozzo Spadaro lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

Do you know of a statistics on how much space a person requires for housing (30sqm, I know that one figure) , growing flex-vegetarian food according to , mining raw materials for personal and societal use ( roads, schools, hospitals, agricultural tools, ...), and freshwater
I'd like to put 8bn little people on a map where they are allowed (, ) and able (no , not on K2) to take up the space allocated for them. Another map for where our 8bn actually reside plus the nearest area with the sqm allocated to them. A 3rd map of how it currently looks.
I know that today's scientific opinion on raw material use is 5t per capita per year. 3t abiotic and 2t biotic material. or actually: 50Gt of which 30Gt are abiotic ( metals or ) and 20Gt are biotic like for , fuel plants, clothes or food. Maybe, if the statistics I'm actually after doesn't exist, we can do a from those 50Gt

also awesome background story

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Und wieder ein Feuerwerk an Verbesserungen. Bitte lesen.

Punta Charagato Lighthouse, lighthouse in Venezuela.

The FRA just announced the corridors which will be receiving grants for planning, including . This includes, but is not limited to , HSR, and a high speed rail line in .

On this the corridors selected are shown. Grey lines are existing routes not selected, solid blue lines are existing corridors that were selected, dashed blue and dashed red lines are new routes, with the dashed red lines being .

I feature this article on my blog because it includes my showing area -based tutor, mentor and learning programs.

Pick one, or two, to support with holiday gifts. Continue your support in 2024 and beyond.

Is someone in your city hosting a map/list like mine Share the link

Georgia Republicans approve new congressional map

Horsburgh Lighthouse, lighthouse in Singapore.

and Mappers of the 2023 Calendar - Emory Beck - November

We are starting in one hour with

"How to Make a Beautiful Georeferenced using and " by Hemed Lungo

followed by

"QGIS Plugin AIAMAS - -Assisted Map Styler" by sfkeller

We are excited to announce that Mapilio has been accepted to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Emerging Technologies Accelerator Program.

Chennai Lighthouse, lighthouse built 1977.

The impacts of Alexander von Humboldt are still felt across so many fields, it's amazing.
His impacts were seen in geography pretty quickly. Here a thematic map from the British publisher, Johnston, in 1850, looking at Reptiles, which is indebted to von Humboldt's innovations.

A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out part 14 of the unplanned Lost Kingdom project!


Ilhu Cho lighthouse, lighthouse in Madeira, Portugal.

"Ample evidence suggests that this landmass represents Christopher Columbuss discoveries of the north coast of Cuba on his first voyage and the south coast of Cuba on his second voyage, voyages on which he claims to have discovered Asia."

Donald L. McGuirk (2014) The Presumed North America on the Waldseemller World Map (1507): A Theory of Its Discovery by Christopher Columbus, Terrae Incognitae, 46:2, 86-102, DOI:



of British English Dialects

Great Attractor paper alert

SARAO MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey: Probing the richness of the Great Attractor Wall across the inner Zone of Avoidance

by Nadia Steyn and co-authors

We've put the
on the ! See:

If you'd like to see the name of your local on the official Welsh
online map of , please get in touch!

With thanks to Richard Evans for the suggestion.


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