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for press release:
and the Royal Academy of launch a new Tube design celebrating the achievements of worldwide

Some work from me back in 2018

My first time participating in the . Using this time to learn to create new styles and viz based on John Nelson's map hacks for ArcPro. Im also working on creating more meaningful ALT text for accessibility. Happy Mapping all!

Day 1 (Points): EV Charging Stations and Gas Stations in Reston, VA

Nelson's Map Hack: Make Glowing Firefly Symbols in ArcGIS Pro

Let's start: Day 1 map #1 of
"The European tripoint constelation "
A is a geographical point at which the boundaries of 3countries.

Aujourd'hui j'ai fini mes 30 cartes pour octobre !


day 1: Points
An interactive map of lighthouses of France IGNFrance data Wikipediafr original idea researchremora


That's the start of the 30 day map challenge I don't think I'll take part this year: too much to do, too much to worry about. Maybe I'll share a few maps anyway.

Good luck to all those who take up the challenge!


Stand Out with REBLIE's Retail Map Generator

Make your listing shine with REBLIE's for Our property mapping automatically creates an aerial view map populated with surrounding so buyers can visualize the area. Listing maps made easy.

View for more info :

What is that POI Click on any point-of-interest in the of 8.5 and see what hides behind the nice icon.

What is that POI Click on any point-of-interest in the of 8.5 and see what hides behind the nice icon.

New /#Palestine map #3: Territorial control between end of invasion and start of Israeli ground invasion of . Full-size map with explanations and timeline:

Wer hat Lust auf ein gruseliges Abenteuer in einem schaurigen Wald mit eigenwilligen Bewohnern Wer traut sich den bsen Waldgeist zu wecken und in seinem Innern die dunkle Hhle zu erkunden Und was ist eigentlich dort in dem tiefen Loch versteckt
Happy Halloween euch allen!

To Takarajima, Japan.
We will spread our wings.
Starting from the station, the nest.
To discover Japan that you haven't seen yet.
Either alone or in pairs.
Some birds travel far, while others stroll nearby.
Now, where shall we travel today

NASA Is Locating Ice On Mars With This New Map
<-- shared technical article
<-- shared paper
<-- web mapping
The map could help the agency decide where the first astronauts to the Red Planet should land. The more available water, the less missions will need to bring.
Buried ice will be a vital resource for the first people to set foot on Mars, serving as drinking water and a key ingredient for rocket fuel. But it would also be a major scientific target: Astronauts or robots could one day drill ice cores much as scientists do on Earth, uncovering the climate history of Mars and exploring potential habitats (past or present) for microbial life.


Probably I should post more content :)

Finalmente abbiamo mapporn su Lemmy!!!

la fine

La carte des trains en temps rel.


Trying something different: starting posts of quotes related to geography, cartography and geopolitics, primarily from genre literature (Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Urban-Fantasy or other). Don't know if these posts will be regular.

A quote on the practice of cartography and geographic cataloging.

Source: BRUSSOLO, Serge, (2004), -, Saint-Amand, ditions Gallimard, collection Folio Science-Fiction, 160p.

Any nerds have tips on new mapping machines My laptop is on its way out.

lien #train #map

Another one via

Hear ye, hear ye! update for the month of October, running hot & early so I can prep for some IRL Halloween games this year.

This month I made an attempt at a map of Sh'eol, the underworld of the Ancient Israelites that makes its way into Rabbinical Judaism. Sail the River Abbadon, fight divine echoes and The Ziz!

Day 29 of is pin

Dedicated to my friend and now former colleague, Swetha. In the pre-COVID before-times of working in the office, Swetha would always lead the lunch train from HQ to the PTO Cafeteria.

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Found on

RT - Created during a recent training workshop: of narrative locations of .

The tv show "Friends" in different languages

The map of potential power shutoffs for SCE is pretty significant.

Kind of cute that my second biggest cluster is still in

Abstract treatment of the 8 blocks of Old Town. George Street is the horizontal gap in the middle. North to the top.

Shapeburst fill for the heightmap, with a compare node in blender to extract a band equidistant from a road.

I once wrote to the magic earth makers about how they finance themselves.
They offer professional navigation services for ambulances, fire brigades etc. and of course they take traffic statistics from us. Map material is of course based on OSM

navigation magic earth

btw - which app you use for your smartphone on

kind of want to use GMaps less in future.

would be a plus if it works offline as I live in Germany.

New /#Palestine map #3: Territorial control between end of invasion and start of Israeli ground invasion of . Full-size map with explanations and timeline:

JOSM will warn you if your edit covers a very large area. I wonder if I can make it *block* an upload if it's too large

Cette carte de 1688, dresse par Jean-Baptiste Franquelin, le plus important cartographe de la Nouvelle-France, illustre les ambitions franaises en Amrique du Nord. Carte dcrite dans lAtlas du Qubec en Amrique et dans le monde :

Image : Library of Congress

! , for (many articles are system agnostic) is available in PDF & PRINT at

Afung us



J'ai du me rsoudre dterminer une gamme de couleur par altitude assez classique. Du coup, cela monte vite 1000 mtres et plus.

Pour l'instant, la perspective a l'air de marcher peu prs sur le globe.

I had to determine a classical color scheme for altitudes. And it goes over 1000 meters pretty fast.
The perspective seems to work on the globe.

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