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High resolution document of the 'Circle to Search line'

South Bishop Lighthouse, lighthouse, Grade II listed building in Pembrokeshire, Wales situated on South Bishop Rock, the southernmost of Bishops and Clerks rocky islands, 4.8km to the W of Ramsey Island.

Rough map of the Senez Kingdom.

I'm still working on it, but just this will help you visualize things better.

2024 01-11 : World Building : Do you pre-plan the layout of towns, villages, & etc Or do you have another method

They grow with the story and I meticulously note it down and map it out for my self so Im consistent with it. With towns and spaces Im usually pretty good at remembering the layout but topography doesnt seem to compute in my brain. So I maintain a excessively detailed map for myself.

Todays hand drawn map, drawn with pen and paper - old school!

While youre here, why not check out

113: Hunslet, Leeds : Accomodation Bridge Whse. Leeds Carriers' Warehouses : Thirteenth sheet, Novr. 1896.

by : Online hides it very well how to download a layer's for a that was shared with you. Even if you click "Open in ArcPro" you will be given a project where the data is linked to and loaded from ArcGIS Online.

But as always.. If you can see the data, you can export it. I used the "Export Features" tool.

ESRI: Why do you make it so hard for people

A quotation from Joseph Conrad's in the Heart of Darkness, showing the manufacture of the intrinsic value of exploration (and colonization) through the "blanks" of maps.

Source : CONRAD, Joseph, (2017), , Barcelone, ditions Gallimard, collection Folio Bilingue, 338p.

Beacon of Punta Subrido, beacon in Spain.

Road Network.

From Samuel Dunn, (c. 1774), centered on the Sun with a notation about its black spots and how they "move from East to West", this is a state of the art depiction of our solar system as best as it was known at the time. Notes six planets and their moons, with Jupiter having 4 (now counted as 95 moons) and Saturn as having 5 (now totaled up to 146 moons).

Sometimes, Google Maps can't seem to load map data, even though my phone is connected. Is it because I decline to give the app access to my location data

If I identify a specific location, it should be possible for the map to display it without knowing where I am currently located.

I wonder if EU regulators shouldn't audit the code to see if it penalises users who decline access to private data.

Belgium sive Inferior Germania.

Chicken in different languages and the origin of those words

Beach, sea and something

Tahkuna Lighthouse, lighthouse in Estonia.

So, that spread with the battle scene took time, because had to make the icons, redo the old ugly company stat sheets, and of course rendering (water was problematic).

Mind, that this is the same scene that is on the book cover, just rendered with a different water layer and from the top view.

Also, the Kickstarter in question:

Tret obansk revolun vlka v n (ervenec 1946 - jen 1949) - I st. Ceskoslovensky vojensky atlas.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse, lighthouse in India.

Heres a bit of hand drawn art I drew & painted today using watercolor, not my strong suit

This is for a new playable lineage to be included in stretch goals for

(19) Carte generale de l'Afrique d'aprs les derraeres decouvertes. Publiee par E. Andriveau-Goujon, 4, Rue du Bac, Paris, 1881. Nouvelle edition. Gravee par Smith et Gerin les ecritures par P. Rousset.

Es ist endlich online

Und natrlich hab ich geweint.

Accurate of

the was so chonky and had so many sharp corners, so i decided to make a curvy one that just wants to hug you :blobfoxpleading:

I've been sharing screenshots from an interactive showing places w high concentrations of persistent poverty. This shows Chicago, Milwaukee & smaller cities surrounding Lake Michigan.

Find links at

Read the research. One solution is building expanded networks, , for youth & families in these areas.

That's what volunteer-based programs can do & why I focus on building & sustaining such programs in all these places.

Here's a showing areas of concentrated, persistent poverty, in Kentucky and Tennessee part of the country. It was part of a report I found this week and is the first I've seen that shows concentrated poverty are the census track level, so you can see it in urban areas. I post the map at

This is interactive so members can zoom in and look at their own part of the country.

Read the research and show role of social capital.

Here's a that you and others from can use to identify areas of persistent poverty near where you live. Compared to other parts of the country the Northeast has fewer large concentrations, but there are some.

View map at

These are places where organized volunteer-based tutor/mentor & learning programs can help expand networks of support, or social capital.

Read the research to see how it shows the importance of this.

Tennessee. (to accompany) Harriet E. Baker's Book of Penmanship & Map. At Mr. Dunham's School Windsor Vermont March 31, 1819.

East Germany was divided into 15 districts (Bezirke). After the unification of Germany, 5 states (Lnder) were recreated roughly following the district border. Yet, some areas shifted due to historical and political reasons.



Faro di Cesenatico, lighthouse in Italy.

I love to draw my on paper with sharpies or on Pro with & Apple Pencil, usually while I watch a tv show. Here is todays old school effort

Football seems to have a universal name. Arabic "Kurat al-Qadam" despite the difference is a calque: ball & foot . Yet, some languages diverge significantly. English soccer is a shortening of "associated football, Italian "calcio," meaning "to kick", Hungarian' "labdargs" (ball+kick) & Slovenian "nogomet" (leg+throw).

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Russia. Published By G. W & C. B. Colton & Co., No. 182 William St. New York.

The Guide on How to Find Gold Skull Rum in Skull and Bones

Day 17. Same map again, but this time it's the free commentary edition ! (To tell you the truth, I'm thinking maybe there's not enough text...)

Milnerton Lighthouse, lighthouse in South Africa.

San Francisco Scale Model L1

It's friday friends! You know what that means (or maybe not) another free map!

Full size available for free on:


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