Amazing Highlights from around the World.

Faro de Lastres, lighthouse in Spain.

Are you ready for tomorrow

Ok, pour celui-l vous allez avoir envie/besoin dun peu de contexte :
La semaine dernire, peu prs au mme moment o un ministre examinait les tests PISA et concluait que les jeunes sont pas des lumires, chez nous une lve snervait car sa feuille dexercices mentionnait un pays quelle connaissait pas : le Goland (prononcez  Golande )
Loin de se laisser abattre, le prof ma demand une carte de cette terre mystrieuse.
La voici donc :

"BirdWeather is a visualization platform that... is continuously listening to over 200 active audio stations around the world and is actively plotting their results in a user-friendly map interface..." jessamyn posted about the birbs, and it is super cool.

Working on another map tonight because I don't have the energy for much else right now.

I think I'm getting better at stylizing the lighting now, using it to highlight important parts, and give off the idea of brightness without washing out the scene.

Still a long way to go, though!

Someone's map from ToughSF inspired me to try my hand at making something in a similar style.

All the names are merely references to an old Star Ruler 2 playthrough, unfortunately any sort of my own setting is still in very deep snippet and idea stage. Good practice nontheless.

Svjetionik Rt Lovie, lighthouse in Croatia.

I have started penning another map. I started off as "just a cave" but is now a deathtrap crypt which harbours the remains of elite warriors from a bygone age.

I need some ideas for monsters and traps.

Follow me for weekly maps of caves :3

Thrilled to be included in the first-ever map+directory of the AAPI community media landscape, created by the Newmark J School's Center for Community Media!

We are currently 100% staffed by Asian immigrants our stories have been published in Chinese, Tagalog, and Nepali!

Guile Point East Alignment Beacon/ Lighthouse, lighthouse on Old Law, in Northumberland, England.

Ure description des images serait la bienvenue. Merci

Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, lighthouse in South Australia.

Long Beach Light, lighthouse in Long Beach, California, United States.

So much work to do but Eridanos day by day will grow up.

Photo mapping of places.

The titles of the TV show "Orange is the new black" (2013) in different

This week's blog post:
Road to Publication - The First Map Issue Solved

The holiday season is a great time to make some fixes & tie up some loose ends, like my map problem. This was a first, but important, step.

(4.2) expanding the forest

(3.2) a great forrest

Dear Canada. We've tightened our franchise/chain filter in your country and have added 117 smaller chains to the blocked list, of which were 37 FASTFOOD chains! As a little friendly punishment we've left out a few small fitness chains. You're welcome. )

example: Sport centers in

Thanks to for the tip about the filter not being complete!

Though is where vast majority of fighting and deaths are happening in the current /#Israel war, the conflict also involves the border region and, increasingly, the (especially -governed city of ).



Libertus lighthouse, lighthouse on Lilla Vrtan in Liding Municipality, Sweden.

Bristol. National Cycle Network map. Photo: 13 05.019.. # cycling

Taiaroa Head Lighthouse, lighthouse in New Zealand.

(3.3) small village

(1.2) small lake and Forrest

Royaume Vandale - 476 aprs J.-C

I might be a little homesick

Via Terrible Maps:

(1.1) world is expanding

Ramskr, lighthouse in Tanum Municipality, west coast, Sweden.

I made a map that's 100% just data.

(can you tell what it is yet )

Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse, lighthouse in Portugal.



Flor de or Flor de
The poinsettia is a plant, that became associated with after Franciscan missionaries included it in nativity scenes. Joel Poinsett's fascination led to its introduction to the US in the 1820s, and the flower was named after him.
Find more information here:

Join us for our upcoming European Cartographic Conference 2024 in Vienna, Austria!

(0.1) maybe indication of a city has spawned

(1.0) the world expands

Bishop Rock, islet in the Atlantic Ocean, at the Isles of Scilly, England.

Llongyfarchiadau a diolch i Meirion MacIntyre Huws am osod o ar wefan Cymdeithas Eisteddfodau Cymru sydd wedi ei seilio ar dechnoleg ein ni.

Beth hoffech chi ei gael ar eich map chi o Gymru

Irish will