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Far del Llobregat, lighthouse in Spain.

After J.R.R. Tolkien saw the wonderful map that Pauline Baynes had done for his fictional world of "Middle Earth", he was so pleased that he told C.S. Lewis to have the same done for Narnia.

Here is Baynes beautiful look at Narnia, and always loved how she somehow really captured something of the kindness of Aslan the lion.

O, it's so, I'm Thomas and I draw maps (cool ones ) !
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the Maiden isles

Long Eddy Point Lighthouse, lighthouse in New Brunswick, Canada.

U.S. Highway Punjabi Dhabas: A map of restaurant truck stops that are like ones in India (and Pakistan)

Test de colorisation en cours.

Coloring test.

The words for the color follow the family distribution pattern. Notice that many romance languages use a Germanic root, blank, but Romanian maintains the original from Latin, albus.

More maps of

The famous Oebschelwitz of the 1719 mission of is published as a .misc. object now. Moved it from the travelogues context to the Miscellanea section. We reiterate that this is really a wonderful object, detailing all the mountains, valleys and creeks around the between Jagodina and Constantinople.
has a facsimile view the map legend is transcribed in , with geonames where toponyms were easily identifiable.

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Long Beach Light, lighthouse in Long Beach, California, United States.

Far del Llobregat, lighthouse in Spain.

Je place les noms. Pour l'instant, mes tests de colorisation sont moyennement concluant.

I'm placing labels. For now, my coloring tests are not so convincing.

Video: "3D with rayshader and ggplot2 in R"

The Town of Stovell

This is a map of one of the settlements that I drew for a oneshot module I wrote early last year.

I'm probably going to include it in a later version or an extended version of the adventure.

It is slightly unfinished, however I lost the map somewhere :(((. I think I have details for most of the cool sites here so that cool.

Check out my adventure stuff if yah like:

Kilcredaun Head lighthouse, lighthouse in Ireland.

Different color scheme for signal map dropped . No more pastel , it's now a palette of deep blue-greens instead

Greek flag into Patras castle
more photo mapping on Eridanos
Arriving to the top of Hymittus mountain
more photo mapping on Eridanos
Sea from Agistri island
more photo mapping on Eridanos
Going to paleochora in Aegina island
more photo mapping on Eridanos

GAFAM et cbles sous-marins : la mainmise

Carte interactive (magnifique globe) pour visualiser les cbles sous-marins, dont ceux financs par les GAFAM. Par Nicolas Lambert & Lecartographe (A. Nicolas)

So, the first area for my SuperCity24 challenge is done. The first area is the one the hero is most comfortable in and calls home.

The Old-Town is an area that still has remnants from the original textile/clothing factories from it's earlier days. It's an area that is warm and 'old world', a place where time seems to move slower.

Balmaha 1976 J.A.T. Richards
Note there is no path on Conic Hill. That appeared with the West Highland Way. .

Cape Baba, cape.

Do you know you can watch some videos about my drawing on YouTube Head this way, I just upload a small video about the 5th part of the Underground Way!

Far de Cala Nans, lighthouse in Cap de creus natural parc, Costa Brava.

is restricted to my armchair at the moment - but I have no excuse to not still learn about this big, beautiful world of ours.

Especially if a monk in in the mid-fifteenth century could do it well enough to create a of the world that *remains a reference for research to this day*.

Pointe Plate Lighthouse, lighthouse in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, France.

Dogmatix is the little owned by Obelix in the Asterix . Idfix is the name of the original version and in many other

So ganz Optimal ist das Routing nicht gelungen. Und nein ein Hindernis gab es nicht dass umgehen werden musste.

Pentland Skerries High Light, lighthouse in Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK.

Check a country's CO emissions, energy usage, electricity prices (if available) and more on this interactive map:

In these dark days, only joy that I have left is finding good weather to go to forest. Take tea, some sweets and trusty receiver to the shit out of the forest. is just an excuse to be more active and have a reason for it. Discovered unknown parts of the forest and also let other people to do the same. Great...

xkcd's "Map Projections", animated

A new map of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, from the latest authorities. By John Cary, engraver, 1801. London: Published by J. Cary, Engraver & Map-seller, No. 181, Strand, Augst. 1st., 1801. via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

The World as known to the Ancients Drawn & Engraved for Dr. Playfair's Geography. N. Coltman delt Vauxhall. Published Novr. 4th 1808 by the Revd. Dr. Playfair, St. Andrews NB. B. Smith sculpt. Walworth. (1814) via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Arenas Blancas Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Phare de la Palmyre, lighthouse in Charente-Maritime, France.

Je devrais finir la topographie ce weekend avec un peu de chance.

I might finish the topography this weekend.

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