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Etymology of gooseberry (ribes uva-crispa). Nop, do not be misled: it is not the berry of geese

Gonna put 4 more maps on DTRPG tonight :)

These are individual room maps that I made for the most recent Guild of Icons session, Emerald Heart.

Something for my followers- the agency who provide 's information have a live of the locations of . Many of them have amusing names...

Art vs Artist 2023
Das Jahr neigt sich zu Ende und es wird Zeit fr einen kleinen Rckblick. Es war ein durchwachsenes Jahr mit einigen tollen Projekten.
Es war ganz schn knifflig nur acht Bilder auszuwhlen.

Phare des les Lavezzi, lighthouse in Corse-du-Sud, France.

A of in my ! A !

Command-and-control IPv4 , 2023-11-19 to 2023-12-02

the Cassidaigne, isolated danger beacon in Bouches-du-Rhne, France.

Mistakes happen. But not often.
We can only think of a few maps with mistakes, done as map makers tried to keep up with the flurry of changes to all those western U.S. territories. It would have been a challenge, especially from the 1830's to the late 1860's. And sometimes, maps from this era can be an amalgam of configurations.

Here, a good map from a French publisher in the late 1860's, but they kind of transposed the territories of Idaho and Montana.

Une carte qui simule la monte des eaux

Magnitude 7.6 earthquake in the Philippines.
At 14:37:03 (UTC).

The mechanism (although there is some variety) for the M7.6 Mindanao earthquake in the Philippines now confirms that the event likely occurred on the subduction interface, with a centroid depth of 40 km. These maps show this event in the context of previous seismicity.

Preparing the SAKE ttrpg Quickstart, working on Domain Rules: Great North Thefnan Tower Castle

Vizhinjam Lighthouse, lighthouse in India.

Harmaja, island ouside Helsinki, Finland.

Last night DeSantis pulled out an image of what he called a map of human feces found on the streets of SF and I was wondering if this was real or not.

Unfortunately, it was real and is pretty damning.

Of course, no other city (or at least not a red one) would publish such a map and it is an example of The City providing too WAY much info. Info that the right wing MAGA faction can use against it and the liberal Left.

USDA Updates Plant Hardiness Map For The First Time In More Than A Decade
<-- shared media article
<-- shared 2023 USDA map
The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which perennial plants are most likely to thrive at a location. The map is based on the average annual extreme minimum winter temperature, displayed as 10-degree F zones and 5-degree F half zones. A broadband internet connection is recommended for the interactive GIS-based map above.
To find the Plant Hardiness Zone at your location quickly, enter your zip code in the Quick Zip Code Search box in the map above, or click anywhere on the map to view the corresponding interactive map
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Ancona Lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

Bon faut que je teste
je trouve un peu dommage que a vienne en concurrence avec certains d'entre vous ont dj test


My 2023: 26 of 30 maps
One poster map and an online for each day using from IGNFrance


Getting lost often has rewards. Today's rewards: new hills to climb! #cycling #bicycle #seabikes #map

You can now buy my South Up, Aotearoa Centred, Equal-Earth Projection Map

I'm delighted to announce that I've actually finished a project!

Over the last few years, . As per the credo of the "Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality", this map uses the Equal Earth projection to ensure proportional land-mass size, the South is at the up, and - of course - the globe has been rotated to 150.

I've had it printed and I think it looks glorious!

Hanging on the wall

You can .



This is a large poster - I recommend buying the 120cm by 60cm version. It needs to be that size in order to make the country names legible. The cost per poster depends on your locale and whatever promotions RedBubble are doing.

These are not limited editions! I will print off as many as people order. Each one comes with a small inscription in the corner saying what the map is, and some other metadata.

As per below, you can in vector or raster format if you'd like to try printing them yourself.


Maps are contentious. Some countries don't recognise other countries. Some borders are disputed. Some people clamour for reunification, some for secession. Some countries have a name given to them by their colonial oppressors. Some have been renamed by mad tyrants. Some countries have multiple names in different languages. Some are still fighting bloody wars in order to be recognised. Flags also suffer from the same problem.

The good news is that this is not an official map - my choices have no geopolitical consequences. The even better news is that the code behind the map is open source - so you can redraw it to your heart's content.

I have used the , the country names from , and flags from . If you dislike any of those, please direct your complaints to them.


There are a few of things which have left me slightly dissatisfied.

By convention, most maps use . However, because this map is flipped, it cause an optical illusion which make mountains look like ravines and vice-versa. As noted:

Viewing images that do not conform to this convention may show a form of convexconcave ambiguity.

If you know how to redrawing or recalculate the shade, please let me know.

Secondly, in their default placement, country names and flags overlap. For example:

I manually adjusted the placement to keep labels and flags roughly in the right place without overlapping. I think I was accurate, but if you spot any mistakes - or know how to automate this - please let me know.

Non-Contiguous countries aren't handled well. For example, Alaska is unlabelled because it physically separated from the rest of the USA. The same is true of overseas territories like the Canary Islands and French Guiana.

The various seas, oceans, and other bodies of water aren't labelled.

I'm sure you will spot a few other errors. Either leave a comment here or .


This was a multi-stage process - mostly involving R.


The background image comes from "". It's a TIFF which has been rotated and converted to PNG.

mogrify -rotate 180 Equal-Earth-Physical-Relief-No-Halos-150E.tif convert Equal-Earth-Physical-Relief-No-Halos-150E.tif EE-SU.png

Country Names

Natural Earth only provides country names in English - but it also provides 2 character ISO codes. So I grabbed the country codes and names from and merged them into the data set using R.

The Code

This produces the country borders and names onto an SVG.

Manual placement

I used to edit the SVG and place all names in roughly the right place.


Inkscape was used to open the resultant SVG at 72dpi. I then used Gimp to autocrop, canvas expanded to 16000x9000, and saved as an uncompressed PNG.

The Emoji wouldn't import to either Gimp or Inkscape. So I viewed the file in Firefox and then printed it to a PDF. That PDF was cropped using and then imported to Gimp.

Some print shops require CMYK colour spaces - convert Export.png -colorspace cmyk Print-CMYK.tif


All of the :

The Equal Earth Physical Wall Map is in the public domain. You may use the map any way you like, including modifying the content, reproducing it on any type of media, republishing it, and selling it for profit. Consider the map as yours.
By downloading and using this map you agree that the map author (Tom Patterson) is not legally responsible for any errors that the map may contain. You are solely responsible for all problems that may arise from reuse of the map and its redistribution to third parties. Tom Patterson does not endorse the individuals or organizations that may use the map, nor does he endorse their positions on various issues.

It builds on Natural Earth, which is .

The Emoji flags are either or - depending on whether you think SVGs are images or code.

In a similar spirit, the code that I've used to create my variation of the map, and the resultant output, is also hereby placed in the public domain. You may treat it as .

South Up, Aotearoa Centred, Equal Earth Projection Map by Terence Eden is marked with


You can .


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blog! You can now buy my South Up, Aotearoa Centred, Equal-Earth Projection Map

I'm delighted to announce that I've actually finished a project! Over the last few years, I've been designing a custom map. As per the credo of the "Organization of Cartographers for Social Equality", this map uses the Equal Earth projection to ensure prop

Read more:

Phare de Berck, lighthouse in Pas-de-Calais, France.

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Fantastic video by Dr Becky Smethurst

New study just made the crisis in Cosmology worse

of Strategic Network 2028. PDF:

So I traced the I did for a module I am looking to work on.

Coffee was making me sleepy so I had a energy drink and kinda coming down for a high still.

Yeah it is not as nice as the original material copy... and I just realised that I missed out an entire room.

But hey it'll look better than a photo (I guess). Might add the edging and sort out the text etc. Definitely not done but a good place.

Food Twin - Interactive Map Shows Where Your Food Comes From
<-- shared CU Boulder technical article
<-- Food Twin web map / map

Biarritz Lighthouse, lighthouse in Pyrnes-Atlantiques, France.

Cosmography archives

1988 - A Map of Miranda

Follow up to my last post, this time using to get a spray-paint stencil effect. IRL you'd cut the building outlines out of card

In reality with this style you can't get buildings with holes in them, so I should look into how to fill these in with :qgis: . Any suggestion on easy ways to do this welcome

Map is of , south to the top. OS OpenZoomStack, regionbuildings layer.

Phew! Managed to complete some new research analysis for the under the guise of it being 'My favourite...' as its my newest This new research improves detection total accuracy to 85%.

Flannan Isles Lighthouse, lighthouse off the northwest coast of Scotland.

Farewell Spit Lighthouse, lighthouse in New Zealand, built 1897.

Our CEO, Fatih Alp is discovering boundless opportunities for collaboration and growth . Let's discuss this over a coffee.

pathfinding visualizer

Last day: The 30th Map of is "My favourite..." alternative of United of Circular states . Each circular state has a capital city radiating from the European Capital City in Vilnius, where it lays its geographic center.

Guided Tours for your smartphone!