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Do you know the number four-twenties nineteen What about the number nine and ninety numbers can look very different in other languages

Before going full color

Cape of Gjuhza Lighthouse, lighthouse in Cape of Gjuhza, Albania.

Johnson's Ocean Currents and the Great River Basins of the World. Entered ... 1870.Johnson's World Showing the Distribution of the Temperature of the Air. Entered ... 1870.

Day 27 - worst decorations !
It's almost the end of this challenge, and this will most certainly be the last mapfail I produce on this theme! I think that, after all this experimentation, I've almost reached a definitive version. Just a few decorations, and it'll be perfect!

New book arrival #1 - Juna Furtado on the complex history of DAnvilles mid-18c map of Africa, explaining why it was not the totem of a supposedly new scientific cartography (whatever that is)


Find your hometown on Pangea, but don't stop there, look at it during the Cretaceous, or once the first primates appeared... so fun...

Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse, lighthouse in Portugal.

The Roads from London to Barnstable. (continued.)

Peristeri park, Athens area


Toponymic of is always fun. And this time one cannot see partitions.

Mapa toponimw zawsze bawi. Tym razem nie wida zaborw. Mam wraenie jednak, e zapomniaem o jakiej specyficznej kocwce.


Les reliefs de Thuvar ne sont pas compltement finis mais presque (manque un peu d'ombrages dans le nord).

Shaded reliefs of Thuvar are almost done (just a bit of shadows lacking in the north).

Map of Georgia. Copyright 1891 by Matthews-Northrup Co. ... Buffalo, New York. (inset) Map of Atlanta. (to accompany) The Library Atlas Of Modern Geography ... New York, D. Appleton And Company 1892. (on upper margin) Georgia. 60.

How to make self-hosted maps that work everywhere A snapshot of today's web mapping landscape

Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse, lighthouse in Portugal.

= England. = Atlas of general geography. Istanbul 1300 (1923).

The choice of a cartographic projection is never innocent, and is often part of a political and geopolitical project/discourse. Control and management of territory, presentation and justification of ideological projects, conquests... The creation of global projections centered on a single country is no exception to the rule. But if some of them predominate, others remain rarer and have a more restricted distribution, like this map centered on Argentina

Outo Lighthouse, lighthouse in Setbal, Portugal.

My latest art effort on Pro with & Apple Pencil, learning how to do watercolor by mucking around and also learning Im terrible at it

Strathy Point Lighthouse, lighthouse in Highland, Scotland, UK.

Spagna Portogallo. (insets) Porto, Lisbona, Palma, Barcellona, and Madrid.


from hell...

Une carte des producteurs locaux.
Prsentation du projet ici :

OpenProduct : carte des producteurs

It's an unique technique to show the world slowly being unveiled by European exploration. Published by Quin in 1846 we see a world still shrouded in clouds and waiting for illumination. (This map reaches up to 1551 A.D.)
Would love to see a similar map of first nations/native peoples perspective, who had reached the depths of the Amazon and Patagonia, and even islands of the Pacific, without knowledge of Europeans.

I livestreamed this of the Ruined Tower of on my youtube channel last night. Lots of fun and I explained some interesting modifications and DM tips

the Gibbering Worm

Saint Louis. Non-White Population Density 1930 and 1940.

Taille moyenne des hommes en Asie (estimation 2019)

Rinns of Islay Lighthouse, lighthouse in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK.

Cat house in Kaisariani, est Athens

Map of Hindoostan, Farther India, China, and Tibet. via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

DIE BEERDIGUNG von ELINA Minecraft Freunde Livestream 'sPlay

(Composite of) Sheet 660. Lindau. Karte des Deutschen Reiches.

Beacon of Home cape, beacon in Spain.

Heves es Kulso-Szolnok torvegyesult Varmegyek = (Comitatus Hevesiensis et Szolnokiensis Exterior, articulariter uniti). Per Joann. Bapt. Litzner. Voteski Mihaly rajzolta. Berken mettzette. Meltosagu Grof. Festetits Gyorgy ... (to accompany) Magyar atlas ... kozre botsatotta Gorog = Atlas Hungaricus ... Viennae, 1802.

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gonna make a nonbinary one soon :EL:
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