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Dezeen : Smart Aid Kit uses AI to remotely diagnose and manage health conditions (AI)

The whole of the second world war looks different if you understand that Germanys main war aim was the conquest of . And I would venture to say that the history of the 21st century looks different if you understand the reasons why Ukraine resisted the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian History Global Initiative brings together 90 academics to put the countrys historical contributions on the .


Beacon of Rebordio, beacon in Spain.

A limited time remains to take advantage of the Amulet and the Dragon .

Don't wait!

Thinking about making a catalog of maps themed around "your empire is unraveling"

Here, the almost unimaginable dissolution of the U.S.S.R. in 1992, which caught many off guard, including vast swaths of the U.S. intelligence community, apparently.

This map shows the first steps of the decentralized nations that now begin to start over.

SAKE ttrpg Quickstart is progressing. Some new pages about Asteanic World, the homeworld of SAKE ttrpg.

In this months World Building Chronicles, I start illustrating an version of the top down sketch of Guildenhof.

Join my patrons and I to see where it takes us and also get access to a whole archive of & tricks:

the Island-continent of Bror

Found the by accident & have no idea what it is. But I thought I might share a map I painstakingly created for an upcoming publication on . The original map had dots in many different colours, showing various types of centres where supplies for the were produced during . It was impossible to find so many shades of grey. So the print is a mere invitation to check our web version. Stars show central depots in four cities.

Pilier-de-Pierre Lighthouse, lighthouse in Quebec, Canada.

NBC News: "Map: How vulnerable is your neighborhood to excessive heat"

Make an Highlights Map

Satamisaki Lighthouse, lighthouse on Cape Sata on the sumi Peninsula, Japan.

Is it a or a Das ist die Frage an Tag 28 der .

Mit welcher Art von Karte haben wir es hier zu tun Mit einer (engl. chart) oder einer (engl. map) Und warum ist das so

Heute Abend werde ich mal wieder live vor der Kamera zeichnen bzw. kolorieren. Die Landkarte soll einen antiken, alten Look bekommen: altes Pergament mit Flecken etc.
Wer gerne dabei sein mchte, ab 19:30 Uhr gehts los. Auf Twitch (Link im Profil).

Extremely Fat Cat Ufc Fight
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.

Ponta dos Rosais Lighthouse, lighthouse in Portugal.

SAKE ttrpg Quickstart version in progress

Need chocolate Like, right now Our chocolate search selects all supermarkets and small shops. *omnomnom*

Oh, the grey dots are corporations or chains, we don't support them, as they don't support local shops. Karma baby! )

Bon appetit!

example: Berlin

Loop Head Lighthouse, lighthouse in County Clare, Ireland.

The Interactive Pathfinding

WhaleVis turns more than a century of whaling data into an interactive map
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Even though theyre thelargest animals on earth, whales remain difficult to track. So experts often turn to historical whaling data to inform current research. A dataset maintained by theInternational Whaling Commission(IWC) contains detailed...

Cosmography archives

1998 - A map of interstellar molecular clouds and diffuse gas within 500 pc of the Sun

by Priscilla Frisch

Here a three maps from my roadkill counts. Every yellow dot is an animal killed by a car in the past 11 years.

The closest view shows the influence of speed, with the road at the top left being 60 km/hr and the lower right being 80 km/hr (reduced from 100 km/hr in earlier years).


Day27 Dot

Cultural venues in London coloured by main type.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to complete a map every day, so sharing work from earlier this year.

Data from , made with

Day 27 "Dots". In the 27th Map of There are 175 world's (where three countries meet), now you can see them in one single . Does your have it

Do you know the imaginary continent of Mu Like Atlantis or Lemuria, Mu is a mythical continent, home to an advanced civilization that spread its technology across the globe, then mysteriously disappeared. It was popularized in 1926 by James Churchward and his book , the Motherland of Man.

Mrket lighthouse, lighthouse on Mrket island in Hammarland, land, Finland.

Standorte der Geisterrder vom Wochenende auf der

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Passt auf Euch auf da drauen!

Capo Rasocolmo Lighthouse, lighthouse in Messina, Italy.

of New Zealand launched by - "800,000 New Zealanders are at risk of levels of "

Ein Anfang ist gemacht, aber es gibt noch viel tun. Die POI stimmen nicht in der Anzeige berein. FotoSync wurde anscheinend auf 2024 verschoben...

Just found this one again and realized my daughter has been waiting quietly for me to dive back in (or she forgot dads silly map). It is a tempting one.

Black Nore Lighthouse, lighthouse in Somerset, England.

Map showing the time in which the sun set yesterday in the different European countries.


day 25: Antarctica
of the penguins Where can you find penguins
with xenocanto
Online map


The Fantasy Map of North America and Eternal Realms are two of many prints currently on sale on my web store. In fact, EVERYTHING is 15% off!

I'm working on a map for my middle grade novel, "Saving Scrumpy." It's set on the fictitious Caribbean island of Caye Caneen, which is inspired by Caye Caulker, Belize.

Making a map is fun but also more challenging than I expected, when it comes to deciding what to put on the map and what to leave off. If I put everything I wanted on it, it would be an unreadable mess. Maybe. Or would it be wonderfully detailed

Comme je le pensais, la colorisation est dlicate dans cette portion l.

As I thought, the coloring is tricky in this part.

Extremely Fat Cat Ufc Fight
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.