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Daugavgrva lighthouse, lighthouse in Latvia.

Cosmography archives - 1982

Giant voids in the Universe: a Review

Around 15.5mln buildings in Poland.

Op de website van 'Biblia Neerlandica' is veel informatie te vinden over Nederlandse bijbels, zoals die zijn gepubliceerd, gedrukt, bewerkt en vertaald vanaf de 15de eeuw. Er is een aparte pagina voor in . Zie
-- On the website of 'Biblia Neerlandica' you can find a lot of information about Dutch Bibles, as they were published, printed, edited and translated from the 15th century onwards. There is a separate page for in

Petite Terre Islands, lighthouse in Petite Terre, Guadeloupe, France.

L'obra s'anomena Nzhat al-muixtaq fi-khtiraq al-afaq (rab: , Nuzhat al-muxtq f-tirq al-fq, literalment Passejada del desitjs de creuar els confins del mn), ms coneguda com a Llibre de Roger (rab: , Kitb Rjar) o, en llat, com Tabula Rogeriana, literalment Mapa de Roger.

Si us ha agradat feu-vos mecenes per un caf al mes:

Command-and-control IPv4 , 2024-01-08 to 2024-01-21

Gorleston Lighthouse, lighthouse in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

Aktualisierung der sind Online.

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Vittoria Light, Active lighthoise in Trieste, Italy.

Made a little of city centre. Data came from via and the rest was done in

Honestly didn't realise there was quite so much greenery within the city centre!

EDIT: added OSM attribution text to the map.

Ruadh Sgeir Lighthouse, lighthouse in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, UK.

Thing I made within a short amount of time. Like the last map this also passed 2 Discord servers with nobody having a problem with anything - a feedback system I'll keep in place.

Croats & Croatia at 5 points in time.

New technologies can redefine the role of a region.
Here, in 1906, a part of the eastern reaches of Canada, and look at Nova Scotia, all those submarine cables were ushering a growing age of communication, and would underpin the connected age we live in now.

Evropa recens descripta : Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673 via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

A tip for or any . See if your city has a pavement condition . I like to check that whenever Im exploring new routes. Combined with recent imagery it helps you find the good stuff. Buttery smooth vs. busted up makes a big difference.

For instance heres the one for

Senekozuloa beacon, beacon in Spain.

Weird mystery with one of the rental lakehouses. Address is supposedly 28. has no 28, goes 26, 30, 32. Our photo matches 30. But who is right

Town tax show "30" on that property but no building drawn. However, if you click the property a photo of the house appears and it says the street address is 28.

Online are weird.

Any time I hand-edit I remember why I like

I've got a mere 13 date/address pairs. I'm only on number 10 and I've made about 43 typing errors.

(I've also found 3-4 obvious errors/ambiguities in the maps themselves, so I may need to go on a hunt to match photos of these vacation houses with satellite views.)

I'm putting this data in this time to use it with . No idea why I didn't start there 12 years ago...

Point Judith Light, lighthouse in Rhode Island, United States.

My own D&D campaign TTRPG Battle Maps (full scale and free)!

I've begun to make the battle maps I make for my own Dungeons and Dragons campaigns available over on my Ko-Fi they're free to download at full scale and unbranded.

Here's a little overview of the maps that you can get at the moment. I'm using Ko-Fi to help with the hosting (some of these are really q

Svenska Hgarna lighthouse, lighthouse in Norrtlje Municipality, Baltic coast, Sweden.

This on is by and has been published on visionscarto in an article entitled "Dying at ' doors":

Where the heck are we!

Colored sketch comm for  

Meta Researchers Create High-Precision Tree Canopy Maps

lighthouse in Spain.


Far right
Apart from reversed color scheme (unless = ) rather and as IMHO we're clearly en route to

Chassiron lighthouse, lighthouse in Charente-Maritime, France.

This interactive map gives you a good look at temperatures all over the world

Air Pollution Has the Biggest Impact on Life Expectancy:

Punta Pioppeto Lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

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Ruled by a deranged millennia-old sphinx (thought by some to be the last of her kind) Venthir is a belligerent state on the edge of a recently closed sea strait.

Aveiro Lighthouse, lighthouse at Praia da Barra, Gafanha da Nazar, lhavo, Aveirom, Portugal.

NWS Weather Story :

Light Snow on Friday Increasing cloudiness and cold today with highs in the upper 20s to the lower 30s. A period of light snow is expected for most of on Friday. A coating to 2" is expect in most locales, but 3-4" are possible across parts of Plymouth county onto Cape Cod.

Season 3 Episode 2 "River of No Return: part 2"

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Crow Point Lighthouse, lighthouse in North Devon, England.

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