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Crow Point Lighthouse, lighthouse in North Devon, England.

Maybe paws for a while in my art stream making a Map

Longships Lighthouse, lighthouse in Cornwall, England.

Proposed congressional with new majority-Black district received support

Another simple . Created using a import into .

This map shows all of the stations in .

The learning continues.

Here's a little something I've just finished that's waiting for labels Reposts much appreciated

Im formally a dot on the . And that makes me very . The first officially documented record of Scutigera Coleoptrata in . Ill take that! Buckle up folks. is enabling new to move . Lets welcome them. Please visit this site, not only for my encounter but for everything else that is recorded here. What an amazing :

Check out my hand drawn, old school Lost Kingdom map time lapse (part 15) Unplanned, improv map project!

You can find lots more on my channel!

Bravo Wellington Street Skate crew for creating such a wonderful map.
You all should definitely have a closer look.

Some time ago I decided to surprise my group with a map. I have never drawn a map (other than dungeons or battle maps) but hey, I'm an illustrator, I'm sure I can do it. So I did. The next step is to colour it but I'm proud of myself. What do you think, are they gonna like it

Did you know that the context menu for the in can move the of multiple selected photos or videos to the clicked location on the Map

That is a great way to adjust the often slightly off location images taken by an iPhone.

Did you know that the context menu for the in can move the of multiple selected photos or videos to the clicked location on the Map

That is a great way to adjust the often slightly off location images taken by an iPhone.

Version finale.

Final version.

Vatnsnes Lighthouse, lighthouse in Iceland.


somewhat outdated, as I've changed the coastlines since I made it, but it still gets the point across

High-resolution of the mediated by -neutralizing , PNAS

section of a vintage-style wall map of toronto that i created a few months ago

Punta La Entallada Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

I'm sorry, but this is so cool:

Vandaag geprobeerd enkele studenten van de Universiteit van Amsterdam enthousiast te maken voor historisch-kartografisch onderzoek in het Allard Pierson.
Today I once again tried to get some students from the University of Amsterdam enthusiastic about historical-cartographic research at the Allard Pierson.

The 2024 "Look Book" of illustrators for The Tobias Literary Agency is now up, and I'm delighted to be in it. Makes me feel so officially an illustrator.

Je vais opter pour un titre dcor genre 19e, donc, quelques changements.

I'm gonna do a more 19th decorated title, hence the changes.


Bathurst Lighthouse, lighthouse on Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

Ilyinsky lighthouse, lighthouse in Crimea.

How does the cold weather impact the metro map's functionality and design

This detail from the 2019 SLC suggests that there is covered bike by the TRAX station as well as inside the parking garage. The airport has been completely rebuilt since then, and the TRAX station moved. I wonder if this is still accurate

Toronto's slowly seeing an increase in rear-yard and secondary suites being built across the city

Here's a chart and map from our look at building permit data

Check out this link to read more about our work tracking gentle density - it also includes an interactive map!

Strhfi, peninsula in Iceland.

Heres a site for all designers, including makers = wonderful resource!!!

Pro tip: If you are planning your trips this year, now offers one to show them all, making it easy for you to choose an event based on its location.

The National Library of Ireland has acquired the most complete visual record of , in map and print form, ever assembled by a private collector!

Mouro Island Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Nobody has ever told the epic tale of the : First, in their travels around the Indian Ocean coast, Arabs learned the word ifr in India, from nya (Sanskrit: ) ...Keep reading here:

My first crack at making a custom with

Thanks to and for ideas on where to find data.


Mumbles Lighthouse, lighthouse in Swansea, Wales.

dem -> hillshade -> cartoon filter -> polygon overlay -> chroma sliding -> hue sliding

Croplands are defined as land areas used to cultivate herbaceous crops for human consumption, forage, and biofuel. At the start of the 21st century, the worlds croplands spread across 1,142 million hectares (Mha) of land.

Some of these croplands have since been abandoned, lost in natural disasters, or repurposed for housing, irrigation, and other infrastructural needs.

Despite this, the creation of new croplands increased overall cropland cover by around 9% and the net primary (crop) production by 25%.

In 2019, croplands occupied 1,244 Mha of land worldwide, with the largest regions being Europe and North Asia and Southwest Asia at around 20% of total cover each.

! , for (many articles are system agnostic) is available in PDF & PRINT at

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