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1998 - A map of interstellar molecular clouds and diffuse gas within 500 pc of the Sun

by Priscilla Frisch

Here a three maps from my roadkill counts. Every yellow dot is an animal killed by a car in the past 11 years.

The closest view shows the influence of speed, with the road at the top left being 60 km/hr and the lower right being 80 km/hr (reduced from 100 km/hr in earlier years).


Day27 Dot

Cultural venues in London coloured by main type.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to complete a map every day, so sharing work from earlier this year.

Data from , made with

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Day 27 "Dots". In the 27th Map of There are 175 world's (where three countries meet), now you can see them in one single . Does your have it

Do you know the imaginary continent of Mu Like Atlantis or Lemuria, Mu is a mythical continent, home to an advanced civilization that spread its technology across the globe, then mysteriously disappeared. It was popularized in 1926 by James Churchward and his book , the Motherland of Man.

Mrket lighthouse, lighthouse on Mrket island in Hammarland, land, Finland.

Standorte der Geisterrder vom Wochenende auf der

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Passt auf Euch auf da drauen!

Capo Rasocolmo Lighthouse, lighthouse in Messina, Italy.

of New Zealand launched by - "800,000 New Zealanders are at risk of levels of "

Ein Anfang ist gemacht, aber es gibt noch viel tun. Die POI stimmen nicht in der Anzeige berein. FotoSync wurde anscheinend auf 2024 verschoben...

Just found this one again and realized my daughter has been waiting quietly for me to dive back in (or she forgot dads silly map). It is a tempting one.

Black Nore Lighthouse, lighthouse in Somerset, England.

Map showing the time in which the sun set yesterday in the different European countries.


day 25: Antarctica
of the penguins Where can you find penguins
with xenocanto
Online map


The Fantasy Map of North America and Eternal Realms are two of many prints currently on sale on my web store. In fact, EVERYTHING is 15% off!

I'm working on a map for my middle grade novel, "Saving Scrumpy." It's set on the fictitious Caribbean island of Caye Caneen, which is inspired by Caye Caulker, Belize.

Making a map is fun but also more challenging than I expected, when it comes to deciding what to put on the map and what to leave off. If I put everything I wanted on it, it would be an unreadable mess. Maybe. Or would it be wonderfully detailed

Comme je le pensais, la colorisation est dlicate dans cette portion l.

As I thought, the coloring is tricky in this part.

Extremely Fat Cat Ufc Fight
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.

Half done.

Should I crosshatch the entire edge

Starting to draw a lil' map. I find drawing caves the easiest thing to do, easiest to come up with motives for too.

Lair of beasts maybe Outlaw hideout Perhaps it is home to a druid and it is located in the centre of a deep dark mystical forest

Was it naturally carved by the waves long ago or by miners of a long forgotten nearby settlement of which only ruins remain

I've no idea yet, but I do know there's a secret room.

Vor zwei Tagen habe ich mit einer neuen Karte begonnen. Es wird ein kleines Dorf aus der Vogelperspektive. Auf dem Foto seht ihr, wie ich mit Hilfe meines Lichttischs die Linien von der Vorzeichnung auf das Original bertrage.

Here's a quick comparison between Elyden and Earth. As you can see Elyden is considerably bigger. To counter the gravity from its size i made it less dense than earth, which leads to the gravity being roughly the same as earth.

It's the obligatory Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale.

Get 50% off all my maps and adventures right now to celebrate... department stores historically wanting to clear out stock in time for Christmas I dunno.

I recommend to everyone that they contribute at least with data (if not able with donations as well) to and/or

It is an absolute rush of euphoria and joy to see the map changing through your efforts! The almost "treasure-hunt" like experience of trying to find as much info about the place you are adding as possible is my favourite part though. Feels like active work!

A of the World That Is Gone

Inmiddels worden de laatste correcties verwerkt in de 2de opgemaakte proef van de nieuwe 'Caert-Thresoor', het enige Nederlandse dat is gewijd aan historische kartografie. Voor de abonnees iets om naar uit te kijken. Wilt u er voortaan geen een meer van missen Neem zelf een abonnement:

Confused extremely fat cat checking a map while riding a bull at a rodeo.
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.

I've discovered that there are a bunch of hiking trails nearby.

I think our new Thanksgiving tradition is to take the family on a hike.


a map of Aglaia


Check out my hand drawn, old school Lost Kingdom map time lapse (part 13) Unplanned, improv map project

Estate Sale Turns Out to Be Rare 14th-Century Portolan

A toot for of the . The map shows the Dishna River using USGS' interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) digital surface model. The data are available at .
Edit: Updated title to Day 23

A of New York City Neighbourhoods

Extremely Fat Cat Ufc Fight
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.

Pattern Fills in Cartography: Enhancing Readability & Accessibility


the City of Aglaia!

art licensed by chriskarnez

Une chouette initiative base sur OpenStreetMap dcouvrir et relayer !

Shareish : Partagez, chrissez.

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Shaped by our experiences.
Andrew Stutesman

French cartographer Nicolas Desliens is the inspiration for my map - North is not always up. The compass rose points to magnetic north and I added additional symbology layers to an open-source boundary from Project Linework to give it a more vintage feel to match the 1566 map.

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