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Bressay Lighthouse, lighthouse in Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK.

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Kavringen fyr, lighthouse in Norway.

Openstreetmap is a collaborative work. Someone has mapped every single car park here. Someone else has mapped the buildings and house numbers. I mapped the missing POI while we were travelling through and my +1 was shopping. Everyone can make a small contribution.
Let's make a better map.

Kallur Lighthouse, lighthouse on Kalsoy, Faroe islands.

Statue of woman in Aegina island, Greece.
Photo mapping
Murales in Turro district, Milan.
Photo mapping
looking down the tiles of Monastiraki square in Athens
Photo mapping on
Hills over Voula, Athens area, Greece.
Photo map on

Nottawasaga Watershed, The Canadian Journal: a repertory of industry, science and art, Volume.1 (1852-1853).

Are you ready for New Year's Eve The of grapes in different

More fruits on:

A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out part 16 of the unplanned Lost Kingdom


Cape Race Lighthouse, lighthouse in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

I gave my spouse a new Rand McNally road atlas for Christmas, the National Parks edition. There was a tricky moment there when I thought my SIL's boyfriend wasn't going to give it back to him. But it's now carefully ensconced in the bathroom, where all map inspection and inspiration happens.

Last night my group finished Tammerauts Fate from Ghosts of the Saltmarsh.
The druid dispelled the hallow spell, making this WAY more survivable. After much planning the Barbarian ran in and was almost reduced to half health while raging, just in the 1st round. The boss missed way more than he hit and never connected once with his life draining tentacle.
The Barbarian still got the kill In 2 rounds. He's a monster. Level 9 totem of the bear. Need I say more


asked yesterday what people use for maps. Here are some good examples of a "mixed media" arrangement I used last night for the last battle of Tammerauts Fate from Ghosts of the Saltmarsh.
The map called for prow of a ship thrust into the seabed, revealing a cavern underneath.
I built the ship from cardboard, tongue depressers and hot glue, a little sand from outside on spray glue and all my primers mixed for a brown.
A dry erase map as a base completes it.

Finished OR more

Idk how the hell this site works but, here looking for an icky

Plss send me anything

Ustka Lighthouse, lighthouse in Poland.

Yo fellow peeps. Digitalized another cave, but added a heck ton of more areas cus why not.

Obviously not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye but I had to make it look (idk) professional looking.

Just gotta write area descriptors and populate it with things.

This has gotta be like my 7th cave I have drawn so far.

Check out my ttrpg work here:

Finally Illustrator

Turf of Jaguar Shieldscales battelmap evolving. And where it is on the Dungeon map.

(maybe) Updated!

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Today's plan: Turf of the Jaguar Shieldscales - battlemap

undefined, lighthouse in Italy.

A look at a small section of Curiosity's workspace in this composite image assembled from 4 Bayer reconstructed R-MastCam frames that were assembled in MS-ICE. The images are from December 27, 2023 (sol 4049) at site 105/1108 after a short drive/climb a few sols earlier. The rover is located at the head of Gediz Vallis (see map) I've also attached the drive data. Image credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/USGS/fredk)

Eilean Glas Lighthouse, lighthouse on the island of Scalpay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK.

So That should do it.
Print version ja more darker book version.

St. Anastasia lighthouse, lighthouse in Bulgaria.

Think about leaving the background white because of printing, maybe even lowering the colour fill of other colours. Beauty vs print-friendliness. Thoughts on that

Everything fine again after one unrecoverable crash. NEED TO REMEMBER TO SAVE and turn autosave on!

- J'arrive dans 5mn !

Les 5mn

The Finnish public broadcasting company asked how Finns greet each other & made a cool or a few showing regional patterns in the use of "hei", "moi", "terve" etc.

As a geographer and a featherweight linguist, this is a cool dataset. It's used for research and teaching at the University of Eastern Finland, but whether it's is not clear. Also, the use of postal code areas is understandable but not the best.

Time to work that into functional battlemap for Crime Districts of Irongate dungeoncrawl.

Punta Roncadoira Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Hmm, somebody injecting false info into Google Maps in this neighborhood. They've labeled their house "Sherwood country club" -- curious where that vulnerability in Google's mapping info lies. I wonder if they ever get commercial shipments routed there...

I threw together a little treasure cave together for my table. Theres a spider boss hanging out in that northern room guarding a Spiderclimbers Kit in the very next room. Once they have it, theyll be able to snag treasure at the bottom of the deep pit and the high cliff.

Metoxi, Agistri island with a view of Aegina
more photo mapping on Eridanos

Uppimg the nose in Psyrri
more photo mapping on Eridanos

You would have to be Mad to believe in Horoscopes