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Boundaries of historical ethnicities before colonization premodern Africa

Handbook of Tyranny
Theo Deutinger

WRITER FUEL: NASA animations highlight emissions from different human and natural sources, with the main contribution coming from the burning of fossil fuels, showing how CO2 is choking the planet.

Da ustria Austrlia, as atividades da decorrem por todo o mundo. Veja o desempenho do seu pas no nosso mapa especial. Se ainda no registou a sua atividade no nosso mapa, faa-o aqui:

Comma, the symbolic space between words

More symbols on:

Map for the italian edition of Missives

In der Zwischenzeit habe ich fr meine lieben Untersttzer auf Patreon eine neue s/w Karte einer Stadt am Wasserfall gezeichnet. Jeden Monat gibt es eine neue Lineart Karte als digitale Version fr alle ab der Stufe Warrior ($8).
Wer mich ein wenig untersttzen mchte, findet mich sowohl auf Patreon als auch auf Ko-Fi unter FeyTiane.

Does someone know what Application/Software window can be seen in the Background on this Screenshot from 1990 of Tim Berners-Lee's NeXT computer at Or was it indeed a (maybe first) website including a digital map


across the globe are polluted with flame retardants: Map

The that tracks peer-reviewed studies from around the world illustrates the global consequences of repeatedly replacing harmful flame retardants with others that turn out to be similarly harmful scientist Lydia Jahl


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Looking at an old map of , courtesy of NLS Maps

Lots of interesting details...

There's a bleachfield (communal area to for people to lay fabric out to bleach in sunlight. Now a car park)

And a Myre (bogland/marsh, as in 'mired').

Notice how church, post office and school buildings are shown in a darker hatching.

Day 5:

"Furnishing a palpable proof of the daily rotation of the earth..."

a favorite frontispiece from 1860 showing the practical wonder of time and how it could be illustrated around the world. The Geographical Clock, also notes how the new technology of telegraphy confirms it!

Cosmography archives

The Nebra Sky Disk - dated 1600 BCE it is the oldest known depiction of the Cosmos, featuring a star map with the Pleiades cluster, a crescent moon, a sun or full moon arcs mark the angle between solstices.

Today, the HistoricNYC account on Instagram posted a stunning photo from the top of the Flatiron Building, showing old streetcar tracks that ran in front of the building. I posted an excerpt from one of my transit maps in progress from the same perspective and offered a brief history of these streetcar lines.

Oklahoma DMA (Designated Market Area) Map

> DMA region: Generally a group of counties in which the commercial TV stations in the Metro/Central area achieve the largest audience share.

Many are preparing for the . Day 4 is "A Bad Map." Given our community's history of toxic critique & gatekeeping, I invite you consider novel ways to approach this prompt. Perhaps explore: "what makes something a " Instead of choosing colors, fonts, etc. that can accidentally mock others at the start of their mapping journey (pushing them away from our community), here's an approach that I tried last year: a map that pushes back against being seen as a map.

La base des montagnes est trace. Reste entrer dans le dtail.

The mountains are mostly there. No it needs more details.

Delighted to share our paper:

Evaluating Cognitive Maps & Planning in LLMs with CogEval

TLDR: We tested planning in 8 LLMs (GPT-4, 3.5, 3, LLama2, Alpaca, Claude-v1, Bard, Cohere) and identified failures like hallucinating invalid paths/falling in loops. The evidence does not support emergent zero-shot planning in LLMs.


Historical Topo Explorer (beta)

The London Underground Quiz

How a Bronze Age rock became a 'treasure map' for researchers
A piece of rock with mysterious markings that lay largely unstudied for 4,000 years is now being hailed as a "treasure map" for archaeologists, who are using it to hunt for ancient sites around north-western France.

Your Perfect Weather

Mapilio platform that empowers individuals to be the architects of their own geographic stories, allowing us to contribute to a shared map that reflects the diversity, beauty, and dynamism of our global community.

To read blog:

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Explained (2023 in Chemistry) : Medium

Abandoned module is causing on the : CNN

This is the of the human ever made : Nature

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The official path of the Mars helicopter's recent flight (#62) looks rather complex... Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/USGS

It's the eve of and I am *still* trying to nail down the finer points of Wednesday's workshop. I think it's going to be fine, but there will be lots of "winging it".

Thanks, everybody in Kendall County, for suddenly bringing me your goofy requests today, and not last month when I had time.

As the White rabbit says: "i'm late". Erf.
Inktober day 5: Map

"On discovering it, they realised just how pedantic the map frame was. Thank you ALIENS!!!"

New discovery today! We found Pirak Mound site perfectly depicted on this 1928 . This site, located on the Kachi-Bolan region of Baluchistan (Pakistan), was in the 1960-70s by French-Pakistani teams and was dated to circa 1700-700 BC. During this , they found extensive architecture, evidence of cultivation, and figurines of horse riders!

All Romes lead to Roads.

(joke via The Language Nerds)

# # # 1926, # # .
A Swede reviews a #map of the #world from an old book dating back to 1926, and there is no #Israel there, only #Palestine.

Day 5 of Inktober.
Thinking nothing more of... whatever that thing was... Mort continues along the path through the woods, consulting his map.

Music by Oleksii Kaplunskyi

J'ai pris un peu de retard mais c'est pas grave !

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Produced by Philippe Rekacewicz in 2012 and published in Le Monde Diplomatique, this map represents the worldview of the many private players in the space industry (particularly in the USA), who gave birth to the "New Space" movement.

Despite its 10 years of age, it remains highly relevant for characterizing the spatial (and geopolitical) representation of these players in regards to outer space.

Cette carte anime des phares et balises dEurope est juste une tuerie !

Tous les phares, les signaux cals sur les chronogrammes, les couleurs qui vont bien. Juste wow !

Et merci pour linfo

Disappointed that bananas aren't more popular in Scotland.

z3z - Just a quick today...

Western Europe's favourite fruits. Made in

(No idea how accurate this data is, but it was a fun exercise for a quick map)


Just a quick today...

Western Europe's favourite fruits. Made in

(No idea how accurate this data is, but it was a fun exercise for a quick map)

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