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Bathurst Lighthouse, lighthouse on Rottnest Island, Western Australia.

Ilyinsky lighthouse, lighthouse in Crimea.

How does the cold weather impact the metro map's functionality and design

This detail from the 2019 SLC suggests that there is covered bike by the TRAX station as well as inside the parking garage. The airport has been completely rebuilt since then, and the TRAX station moved. I wonder if this is still accurate

Toronto's slowly seeing an increase in rear-yard and secondary suites being built across the city

Here's a chart and map from our look at building permit data

Check out this link to read more about our work tracking gentle density - it also includes an interactive map!

Strhfi, peninsula in Iceland.

Heres a site for all designers, including makers = wonderful resource!!!

Pro tip: If you are planning your trips this year, now offers one to show them all, making it easy for you to choose an event based on its location.

The National Library of Ireland has acquired the most complete visual record of , in map and print form, ever assembled by a private collector!

Mouro Island Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Nobody has ever told the epic tale of the : First, in their travels around the Indian Ocean coast, Arabs learned the word ifr in India, from nya (Sanskrit: ) ...Keep reading here:

My first crack at making a custom with

Thanks to and for ideas on where to find data.


Mumbles Lighthouse, lighthouse in Swansea, Wales.

dem -> hillshade -> cartoon filter -> polygon overlay -> chroma sliding -> hue sliding

Croplands are defined as land areas used to cultivate herbaceous crops for human consumption, forage, and biofuel. At the start of the 21st century, the worlds croplands spread across 1,142 million hectares (Mha) of land.

Some of these croplands have since been abandoned, lost in natural disasters, or repurposed for housing, irrigation, and other infrastructural needs.

Despite this, the creation of new croplands increased overall cropland cover by around 9% and the net primary (crop) production by 25%.

In 2019, croplands occupied 1,244 Mha of land worldwide, with the largest regions being Europe and North Asia and Southwest Asia at around 20% of total cover each.


! , for (many articles are system agnostic) is available in PDF & PRINT at

St Catherine's Point light, lighthouse in Cornwall, England.

I got bored looking at a blank wall while working, so I got myself this huge poster of the sea and ocean floor. It is absolutely stunning.This gives a complete new view of our planet, showing things I have never seen before. It is humbling to see the spectacular reliefs north east of Australia, where the deepest point of earth is, the Mariana Trench. The Himalaya looks like some tiny insignificant hills in comparison.

Ventspils lighthouses, lighthouses in Ventspils, Latvia.

Company - Publisher. City of Central Telephone Offices & Communities, 1934, General Maps. Retrieved from

Hmm, I only count 8 lines. But whoever though to put dashed lines off the coast of China was just asking for it (or meant to include it to meet Censor approval to distribute in a gigantic market)

tree density!

Grand Jardin lighthouse, lighthouse in Ille-et-Vilaine, France.

lien #space #gik #map

Check out my hand drawn, old school Lost Kingdom map time lapse (part 14) Unplanned, improv map project

The term "maz" is directly derived from the Tano word "mahiz".

"Elote" has its origins in Nahuatl, spoken by the Aztecs in Mesoamerica.

In South America, "choclo", comes from the Quechua language, spoken in the Andes.

We do this all the time, trying to imagine the terrain in an urban area, and what might have been the draw for settlement. Where would we have gone Maybe Holyrood.
Here in 1893 Edinburgh reduced back to "ancient" times.

The trace of my Thursday's forest hike looks pretty close to a map of South America and parts of Central America.

Map source:

Long awaited and finally here: One to show them all!

Thanks to From this day on we have a map on the that shows all upcoming# events that have a

(so don't miss to add your geo location in future )

La plupart du texte est l priori. J'ai ajout un peu de neige sur les plus hauts sommets. On est proche d'un travail fini.

Most of the labels are there. I added some snow on the higher summits. Probably close to the final map.

Got you a nice non-descript sort of generic forest path battle for your adventure - possibly on a !

It's unbranded full size and entirely free over on my ko-fi, if you're interested.

Punta Tagliamento Lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

Weekly blog post #2

New Beirut Lighthouse, lighthouse in Lebanon.

A Homebrew GPS Correction System for DIY Land Surveying -timekinematics

Dear Friends,

The (United States Department of Agriculture) has released an updated, and interactive, hardiness . See it here:


battle map of a two level city guard keep

This is the city guard keep with two levels, a ground level for regular guard business and a cellar with cells, etc.

My party never went down there, they only saw bits of the ground floor, when they turned someone over. Shame... They might have prevented the city from being destroyed, had they gone back.

Get the full resolution unbranded versions over on ko-fi for free:

I'll be trying to work through my battle maps from bast campaigns and make the available for free in full unbranded resolution over at Ko-Fi.

Here's an armorers shop merchant and smithy who protected their shop with some spikes. It's in a winter city setting.

It's called Ariel's Hauberks and Ariel has a cat. She's a bit distrusting, but if her cats likes someone, she trusts them, too.

The Historical Movie

Free candadian wills