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Again, it is worth having the OsmAnd version with the hourly updates. Sometimes I use to navigate but again OsmAnd has proven to be more up to date and more detailed.


The words "fridge" in Spanish.
Which one is the best sounding one

Not to forget switching between profiles and choices of different map sources in . I have downloaded the maps from and use the transparency slider to see the ski tour and topo map and features at the same time. I also activated the Microsoft Earth aerial photography in a different view to see the recent glacier extent. Brilliant! Be mindful, though, of inaccuracies in your device's !

"Imperial Federation - Map of the world showing the extent of the British Empire in 1886. Statistical information furnished by Captain J.C.R. Colomb, M.P. formerly R.M.A. Mclure & Co. Queen Victoria Street, London. British territories coloured in red. (Published as) Supplement to ''The Graphic'', July 24th, 1886. (Inset) Map of the world showing the extent of British territories in 1786."

"Map of the Medo-Persian Empire: Showing its twenty Satapies. B.C. 529-331. By I.S. Clare. (to accompany) Cram's atlas of the world, ancient and modern: new census edition -- indexed."

"Map of the Roman Empire at the period of its greatest extent. About the year A.D. 107. Engraved to illustrate Mitchell's ancient geography. (with) Map of Britannia Romanorum of Roman Britain. (with) Map of northern and central Syria. Drawn & engraved by J.H. Young. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1844 by S. Augustus Mitchell in the ... District Court of the eastern district of Pennsylvania. (1873)".

- Gone Wild

Ouah !
Grce au bouquin de Monica Heller and Bonnie McElhinny, Language, Capitalism, Colonialism: Toward a Critical History, deux chercheuses de l'Universit de Toronto, je dcouvre ce site merveilleux : The Decolonial Atlas.

Le monde tel que vous ne l'avez jamais vu !

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects!

do you think this is real

Today (yes, Sunday) we're going to learn about:

- Digital methods for the study of papyri and manuscripts
- Connecting Physical and Digital Texts on Attic Inscriptions Online
- The materiality of the Greek papyri in the digital media
- digital tools, AI, and clAssIcs
- Use of Translation Alignment to develop new Language Models
- Computational authorship analysis of the Homeric poems
- Intersections, overlaps, and ontological vagaries in the Greek mythic storyworld
- The LacrimaLit Ontology of Crisis

and, finally:
- Towards public scholarship and a Linked Data ecosystem through the Digital Periegesis

More here, including the zoom link:

Join us or get in touch with us via our socials, here or at

I must dig out the Mordor Holiday Resort I made a few years back and repost it. That was a lot of fun...


of for on the National Boarding School Coalition

I moved and spotted that details at my new place are not correct. Fixed it.

Bemmann, J., Linzen, S., Reichert, S., & Munkhbayar, L. (2022). Mapping Karakorum, the capital of the Mongol Empire. Antiquity, 96(385), 159-178. doi:

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects!

Number has a very interesting : Despite the differences between two, and , they come from the same Proto-Indo-European root: dwh.

Curiosity rover's latest workspace imaged on mission sol 3934 (August 31, 2023) after a drive of 25.45 meters (83.50 ft). Map & Drive data attached

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/fredk

Beijing's Map Draws Neighbors Ire With Bold Territorial Claims
On August 28, Beijing released the 2023 edition of its standard map, sparking outcry throughout South and Southeast Asia.
India, Malaysia and the Philippines all filed diplomatic protests over what they said was Chinas inclusion of their territory or maritime areas within Chinas borders.

OC Hi ! I live near Lyon, France and this is a map from only my GPS traces from the last 4 years.


: current marine travel

The Pacific Dataviz Challenge officially started yestarday ! The theme of this years contest is: food

Here's the list of available databases you must use at least one of them for your dataviz:


More information :

Went to the today. I love the arts and crafts building. This was made by a local school child.

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects!

The has a 3m45s summary of the difficulty of exporting grain from on Black Sea routes during Russias war. It was nice to see a physical used for visualization.

Excitement of the unknown.
Glenn Carstens-Peters

If we were to hold to the premise that every map has to have essential elements (title, scale, legend, compass, latitude & longitude), then this isn't a map.
But in a 1952 an article looked back at the "serio-comic" maps of the 19th century and realized this genre provided a valuable view of the turbulent history of the continent and its individual nations. Here is their updated take on life in 1952 and a bit of what it felt like in Europe at the time.

Text Recognition Search

This fascinating shows the fiber optic at the bottom of world oceans.

From Tyler Morgan Wall adapted at

Another Boredom Country in the making (work meeting in progress )

Stretch Goal Unlocked!

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8, hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects!

Live on !:

Like hand drawn, Check out my Lost Kingdom multi-part !

VPN Relationship
Find out who owns your data and see all the shady relationships in the .


Here's a look a Supervisor Districts for County, . This map reflects redistricting following the 2020 census.

It's kinda niche, but I havent been posting much content lately. Cheers!

In looking at the super blue moon last night it hit us as to how disconnected most of us are from the ancient celestial references. Maybe its the light pollution, maybe its the screen culture that absorbs us, but an elegant 19th century star chart reminds us of how the heavens were valued references for generations prior.

A popular meme in Brazilian furry twitter involved sharing a map of Brazil with the states you've visited over the years. Decided to share mine here, along with other locations too. Eager to expand that list!

Eine neue Karte im Wstensetting ist vor kurzem fertig geworden. Passend zur Oase habe ich ein paar Ruinen nahe eines Gebirges fr meine Patreons gezeichnet. Ob das groe Gebude ein Tempel oder eine Grabanlage war (oder beides) berlasse ich der Fantasie der Spielleitungen, die die Karte verwenden.