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A toot for of the . The map shows the Dishna River using USGS' interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) digital surface model. The data are available at .

A of New York City Neighbourhoods

Extremely Fat Cat Ufc Fight
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.

Pattern Fills in Cartography: Enhancing Readability & Accessibility


the City of Aglaia!

art licensed by chriskarnez

Une chouette initiative base sur OpenStreetMap dcouvrir et relayer !

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Shaped by our experiences.
Andrew Stutesman

French cartographer Nicolas Desliens is the inspiration for my map - North is not always up. The compass rose points to magnetic north and I added additional symbology layers to an open-source boundary from Project Linework to give it a more vintage feel to match the 1566 map.

Brain terrain on Mars, what a maze...

a paper on offers a way to map them:

HiRISE under HiWish program, location in Ismenius Lacus quadrangle.


day 22: North is not always up!

Let's rock! Slag Heap

Quiz! guess the album the cover is taken from


" "





Confused extremely fat cat checking a map while riding a bull at a rodeo.
When AI goes wrong in the best way, it is a cursed and hilarious picture.

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Tonight, I'll be some for an upcoming campaign, specifically making a with

It'll be a chill affair, just some chatting and musing about what I'm doing and talking a little about the ideas.

Maybe I end up using what we build, maybe not. Brainstorm time!

Here's a fun and dude:

He runs -- now there's a fun URL for a maphead

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Olympia Washington had magnificent bicycle paths in 1903

The Little Free Library World


The Most Efficient Methods to Earn XP Quickly in Modern Warfare 3
#2023 ...

Jai test des Maps Minecraft CRES il y a 13 ANS.. (celle dHerobrine fait peur)

I added to it. Didn't want to add to much and screw it up. Unsure to whether I should go over in black pen or leave it. No idea what is going on with the roads, might just erase them and make them dashed like usual.

The whole area to the west is mostly unenhabited and bares the ruins of ancient settlements.

There are no ordiance survey organisations in my lands to explain the lack of accuracy. Its the lore.

lien le hollandais volant #space #map #diy

Command-and-control IPv4 , 2023-11-07 to 2023-11-20

Gonna do a new thing. EVERY MONDAY I am going to spend 15 - 30 minutes drawing a map!

It may be a dungeons and dragons type cave map or a city or region map like this!

I have zero sense of scale and I made the paths too wide. Spent around 20 mins on it from a map I remember doing once and lost.

Highridge is a small fishing city in the north located between mountain ranges.

Made myself a guide so I dont keep changing things, for me and for the benefit of my players.



Il y a trois fois le motif de l'Afrique (bonjour l'originalit) et une disposition identique des continents, avec juste la forme qui change. Par exemple, la place du Groenland, un morceau d'Europe.

Sinon, la gnralisation est affreuse.

Les toiles aux endroits rats, on a vu le subterfuge.

Virez la personne en charge des .



day 20: Outdoor

fall color forest IGNFrance
online map


On my blog: Metrics to evaluate Search Results

Various maps presenting the objectives of the new urban master plan for the town of Dumba New Caledonia.

Very interesting to see the political role of these maps, who structured the discourse and representation of this territory. The positive language, the focus on the enhancement and improvement of the urban landscape and fabric, reinforces the idea of a necessary and virtuous plan, which cannot be questioned.

More fascinating maps. this time depicting when young people move out.

some out of context labels. Some many more to do...

Ah, sunday evening, time to get some fastfood for on the couch.

Springrolls, fries, asian, kebab, burgers, vietnamese, sushi and what not.

example Brussels:

Thought recently it'd be nice if Church St (in Toronto) had a streetcar route

Would offer mild "relief" from Line 1 and more of a direct route for some folks travelling north-south on the east side of downtown

Here's a quick 'fantasy' map!

(naming it the 519 after the old 19 bus that ran on Church from 1954-96)

Noctis Labyrinthus et les Valles Marineris vont tre un cauchemar pour placer les couleurs des diffrentes altitudes (toutes ces falaises et failles.... Au moins, le relief amlior une bonne tte et je progresse vers l'Est.

Noctis Labyrinthus & the Valles Marineris are going to be a nightmare for coloring (all those cliffs & canyons). At least, the final topo looks nice & I'm going East.

Interesting video segment here -- chat and I were enjoying some map staring when I was asked about countries that call themselves communist. That then waded into the territory of what communism is as a concept and how that compares to countries that self-apply the label, and overall I think it's a very informative subject if you're willing to give it a watch!

I'm the Map / I'm the Map / I'm the Map / I'm the Map

Fantasy authors, TTRG players, mapmakers. Theres a great Humble Bundle available for anyone who wants to create maps like crazy but would prefer to do it on the computer.

Regions of where Covid vaccination is currently available.

Data from:

Base map from:

The 20 cent map sale is going so well I've decided to keep it going for a few more days!

Grab some incredible battlemaps for just 20 cents each!

textiles wanted