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A new map of ye north parts of America, claimed by France under ye names of Louisiana, Mississipi, Canada & New France, with the adjoyning territories of England & Spain. By H. Moll Geographer. via

credit: David Rumsey Map Collection, David Rumsey Map Center, Stanford Libraries.

Punta Palascia Lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

Ducatus Franciae Orientalis ... Principatus et Episcopatus Herbipolensis vulgo Wurtzburgensis.

Getting caught up with our series of overview reports on the war. This Oct 2023 edition is free for all readers:

Bourbonois Borbonium Ducatus

A map of Ivoreze/Faeland from the Demons and Dragons Starscrapers campaign setting. Updated map for Tellus (Hyborian Age) campaign setting for Demons and Dragons.

Ponta da Ilha Lighthouse, lighthouse in Portugal.

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London Sheet X.49

If you're looking for a fish fry to try this evening, make sure you check our map, which includes more than 130 across the St. Louis area!

Seen at the Mets show on Byzantium and Africa, an early medieval ms of Cosmas Indicopleustes of the world.

Never seen an original, so that was nice!! Except for my wife who had to suffer through an impromptu lecture!!

Taylor Swift as a Map of the Universe

Taylor Swift as a Map of the Universe

Taylor Swift as a Map of the Universe

Whenever you visit Amsterdam and want to explore the city's , this by Arno Verweij will come in handy.

In 6 days, webinar: : Easy indoor creation

It's friday! That means it is time for your Free Friday Fun Map! #5 is a smuggler's cove!

Full size is available for free on my itch:

Rock star: I've spent 30 years making a from pebbles' - News -

sterskr lighthouse, lighthouse in Vrmd Municipality, Baltic coast, Sweden.

Hungary, and Transylvania.


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Season 8 Episode 21 "White Thunder at Glacier Bay: part 1"

A hand drawn, old school map time lapse video - check out this pen and paper dungeon temple map I drew just for the heck of it lol.

The Map Failbruary Challenge is officially over! 29 days dedicated exclusively to producing the "worst" possible.

Although the challenge is primarily intended to be humorous, for me it was more an opportunity to experiment and improve by taking up the same cartographic theme: my own driving test route

The theme was neither the most original nor the most essential. But it's also an emotionally-charged journey, that I've tried to reconstruct through these "bad" maps

Rand McNally and Co's General Map of the United States (continued). (sheet add-ons) Timeline of U.S. History.

Leuchtturm Mellumplate, lighthouse in Lower Saxony, Germany.

82-83. Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). The World Atlas.

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This is my long-term wish for :

A democratic United States of Europe, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, encompassing both and , in addition to Armenia and Georgia.

And on the other side of the pond, an equally democratic United States of North America, encompassing modern-day and .

And down under, a democratic United States of Oceania, encompassing and New Zealand.

Why not


New Release
FG Cyberpunk Alleyways
SmiteWorks USA, LLC

Images that can be used to create or enhance existing maps to more cyberpunk-themed locations.

Je commence les reliefs sur Asylon, le continent au sud de Thuvar.

Starting the shaded reliefs on Asylon, the continent south of Thuvar.

: 's near courses via Jason Kottke. Maybe King James II was right. He banned golf because it screwed up your arteries. No waitit screwed up your archery.

Physically locating an address in Tokyo the old-fashioned way

I grew up in Australia and I always thought of an address as the following: property number, street name, suburb, state, postcode.
Well all that went out the window when I first set eyes on a Japanese address for one thing, it was all written in Japanese.
Everything seemed to be in the reverse order and there were a lot of hyphens and numbers

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Last week's blog post:
"A Map for Each Purpose - Sometimes Purpose Changes"

I often write about my writing journey, but here's a post about my map journey.

More specifically, this is the tale of how a map came full circle, how the past inspired the present just when I needed it.

distinguishing between success and failure results is useful for monadic operations. For example, both Failure and Success could implement . In the case of a Success, the result value is mapped. In the case of Failure, its a no-op.

class Success < Result
def map
newvalue = yield(value)

class Failure < Result
def map = self

Napoli Molo San Vincenzo lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico & Arizona to accompany the Annual Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office for 1866. Department of the Interior, General Land Office, October 2nd 1866. Jo. S. Wilson, Commissioner. The Major & Knapp Eng. Mfg. & Lith. Co., 71 Broadway, New York. Ho. Reps. Ex. Doc. No. 1, 37th Cong. 3d. Sess.

The instructions were simple: I just wanted a map of the world where the states with the highest GDP were in red and those with the lowest GDP were in blue. I used 3 different AIs on Poe to compare their production. Well, I results...

Map of the Seat of War among the Creek Indians From the Original Drawing in the War Department.