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Tue 24 01 - Presentation of draft recommendation following the spyware inquiry rapp - Hearing Intelligence services to map procedures in spyware development Recommendation Latest info 2 2

EP_PegaInquiry Brussels/Strasbourg Tue 24/01 - Presentation of draft @Europarl_en recommendation following the spyware inquiry (rapp. @SophieintVeld) - Hearing: "Intelligence services: to map procedures in spyware development" Recommendation: Latest info: 2/2 EP Committee of Inquiry to investigate the use of Pegasus & equivalent surveillance spyware. Managed by Janne Ojamo. RTs ≠ endorsement
vellicholy @elizaisdunn Personal highlights include the confident incorrect placement of Denmark and…. China. On this map. Of Europe. she/her || Instagram+YouTube: @vellicholy || you can use my art for PFPs/banners but give credit please! 💚
EdTrust Washington, DC We created a #FundingGaps data tool that highlights whether your state provides fair funding to its highest-need districts. Learn where your state stands today: Ed Trust works to close the gaps in opportunity & achievement for all students, pre-K through college.
saigurukodi Chennai, India Specialty : #Cardiology Date : 28-01-2023 (Saturday) Time : IST 9 pm to 1 pm Venue : #AyushAarogyaCenter, Madipakkam Map : Open to Public. No Fees. By #AVSCardiacCenter 🌐 #ayushdhanvantri #SDG3 #spreadwellbeing #hearthealth Dharma Flourish Everywhere
BuntingLabs 37.757, -122.472 A single map 🗺 changed life in London and created the field of epidemiology It highlights the tragic side-effects of urbanization in the Victorian era The map is John Snow’s map of cholera cases. Here’s why it’s one of the most important maps of all time 🧵👇 (1/6) #GISchat building the future of geospatial data. follow us to see what the next generation of geospatial applications looks like (YC S22)
CharlesMHays Prince Rupert BC City Hall highlights the GO MAP as a Go To destination for Prince Rupert information seekers Program offers a range options for the community to explore the city by way of online mapping #PrinceRupert #BCMuni Items of interest to those living on the North Coast of BC
MElakes Maine Whether you are looking to hit the slopes, hike or snowshoe, take in some culture, or cozy up at a lodge or cabin this winter, check out this interactive map that highlights a few of the places that makes Maine such a perfect place to visit this winter. A spectacular four season recreational destination featuring some of Maine’s highest peaks and hundreds of glacial lakes – hike, ski, fish, golf, paddle & more.
SeelerInd The Global Startup Heat Map below reveals the distribution of the 156 exemplary startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research. Further, it highlights five startups that we hand-picked based on criteria such as founding year. #chemicalscience
dylan_l0I UK, Denmark, Finland, Spain @LockdownManC @WeirdSeaUrchin @Olliekay4 @ukraine_map Ah yes Americans, war games are scripted when you loose. But when it highlights your strengths “AMERICAN STRONK” Griphen is far from my favourite fighter again your “fanboyism” of F16 makes you naive to the real world.
cpan_pevans (part 2/3) * Mithaldu's objection to the suggestion to deprecate `map EXPR, LIST` suggests that maybe a more powerful debugger "run until next statement" command would be good * The interaction of List::Keywords + autovivification highlights the overall problem with (1/2) Perl, electronics and other related geekery | he/him | | |
MNcounties Highlights from County Govt 101 for new county elected officials. Lots of participants from all over our map, a great panel of experienced commissioners, and media training from the experts! #mncounties @NACoTweets The membership organization of all 87 Minnesota counties.

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