X Factor 'joke' Honey G booed as she plugs 'takeover' single on live final ^EveningStandard

_dpaj Chichester, Sussex,
X Factor 'joke' Honey G booed as she plugs 'takeover' single on live final ^EveningStandard

PineappleGC #NoleNation, FL
If it wasn't for my friends and bae at the time, wouldn't be no degree.

plasmagicas they/them
I like love live but I joke about it being bad so often I'm afraid people will think I'm serious, despite my nozomi icon,

@selenaglowmez_ "take a joke" jokes are suppose to be funny but k

HalfWild2243 South Carolina, USA
Let's take a trip down memory lane Charmed season 6 epi 20 watch the first 20 min retweet if u catch the joke #Elections2016 #DonaldTrump

TheNameNoMatter Michigan, USA
@thetomska I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

Niggas be a joke πŸ˜‚

BritBrit_90 Unlocatable
Carrying all these bags up these flights of stairs is no joke 😩

CollinsLowland Darkside of the Moon
@goldengateblond @jimlibertarian What a joke! These idiots are backing a fucking Russian Puppet. #Russianhacking

ConserVetivPunk Northern California
awww looks like someone is sad their 4yr degree is worth less than post-trade school salaries.

We will make you famous

6AngelsofLight Chicago, Illiniois
Allow these little things to make a big impact on your relationship.

WhiteTrashGal The South
@JamboR1989 @Shari2112 @Ivanroberson @GeorgeTakei Okay, YOU NAME IT. YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE? OUR ELECTION WAS RIGGED. PERIOD.

@T4raal Go Dailymotion....hahaha joke.

@thedailybeast @WeNeedHillary What a joke.

__DesireTorii Sitting Pretty~R.I.P. Dee~
Striving to get this Associate Degree by the time I graduate. πŸ™πŸΏπŸ˜Œ

_tonyMC Miami
The president's administration & cabinet is one big, terrible joke. I'd laugh but, you know, I have to live here.

@LhukBlade hahahah I was going with your joke! I would never go back that art is so crappy lmao and thanks so muuuch <3

Created: 10 Dec 2016