Amazing Highlights from around the World.

(47) L'Impero Romano occidentale ed orientale diviso nelle sue provincie. In Roma, presso la Calcografia Camerale, 1799.

This is a one (long) day map I drew earlier this week for a private party. Felt good to work on a small one for a change :)

The next prompt for is Strange Road.

It seems that Pepyaka heard about and intends to study this matter somehow.

van Nederland met de industrieen waarin werkzaam zijn in verschillende gemeenten / volgens officieele gegevens uit de jaren '90 tot '97 door Maria Jungius uitgevoerd door W.Ph.A. Knijff. Haarlem, H. Kleinmann & Co., ca. 1898.
-- of the Netherlands showing the industries in which are employed in different municipalities / designed by Maria Jungius executed by W.Ph.A. Knijff. Haarlem, H. Kleinmann & Co., ca. 1898.

La Champaigne D'Italie ou la Terre de Labeur. (insets) Golphe de Pouzzo La Belle Veve du Mont Pausilippe. Naples.

2 drawn while watching Fear The Walking Dead. All without a net (no pencil) - my usual way

Libertus lighthouse, lighthouse on Lilla Vrtan in Liding Municipality, Sweden.

Milano: tower in Gae Aulenti square by night and by downside

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"NATO's new map"

"Sweden officially joins alliance in blow to Russia"

ICH BAUE MEIN HAUS! Minecraft Freunde 2 'sPlay

Miser Iyalati = Egypt State. 1309 (1893). Tabie ve Nnashiri Hasan Ferid. (to accompany) Yeni cografya atlasi - = New geographical atlas. Dersa'adet (Istanbul), 1307-1309 (1891-1893).

I am a machine that converts opaque green blobs called forests on into maps of complex networks of roads.

I don't know if my effort actually helps anyone but myself, though. Still, if you think that it'd be cool to have every single road on the , please consider donating to my "cat food & litter" fund (and cat litter price just went up, sigh).

my latest map - the subpolar coalition of Valbar!

For more on Elyden, including high-res maps, lore and art, don't forget to check out my Patreon and website.

Straumnes Northwest Lighthouse, lighthouse in Iceland.

Carte de l'Isle et Royaume de Sicile. Par Guillaume del'Isle de l'Academie Rle. des Sciences. A Paris, chez l'Auteur Quay de l'Horloge avec Privilege Aout 1717.

Though seemingly distinct, "betterave" and "Barbabietola" are also daughter of the Latin vocable "beta" (beetroot). In these cases, additional lexeme were incorporated: in French, "rave" refers to turnip, and in Italian, "barba" means root. Thus, Italian Barbabietola is literally the same as English "beetroot." Do not thank me for the clarification.

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Non so pi dove lho trovata ma mancava Mastodon . Quindi lho aggiunto

Calais. (to accompany) Topographia Galliae ... Het tweede deel. Amsterdam : By de Weduw van Ioost Broersz en Casper Meriaen, 1661.

Point Judith Light, lighthouse in Rhode Island, United States.

! , for (many articles are system agnostic) is available in PDF & PRINT at

Wonder which map is incorrect

Map of the Parmigiano Reggiano region, Modena, Italy.


Politics and travel in the Inner Sea

This is one of my favourite thematic maps as it details the diplomatic relations between various nations of the Inner Sea

County and township map of the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. (with) Isle Royale, Michigan. Drawn and engraved by W.H. Gamble, Philadelphia. Copyright 1886 by Wm. M. Bradley & Bro.

Le christianisme dans toute l'Europe

Research for the new project

Four Seasons in One

and Mappers of the 2024 Calendar - Euan Mitchell - February

Gammel Pl Lighthouse, lighthouse in Denmark.

England and Wales to Illustrate the Educational Condition of the People by G. Phillips Bevan, F.S.S., F.G.S., 1881.

- Dip for - Medical Aid for Palestine
Water Transport Federation of


Ryvarden Lighthouse, lighthouse in Norway.

Little walk on Parnitha mountain, north of Athens
tip: to get there it can be used an interesting cable car

Plate 3. Japan and Korea. Extension to Formosa and Lu-Chu Islands.

Taux d'obsit dans le monde

A fresh batch of stickers has arrived...

Austria divided into areas of equal population

Aranmore Lighthouse, lighthouse in Ireland.

What is it like to Die?