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2/2 Commentary by Victorin Boewa, grandson of old Boesou all Boewa's documents and comments were collected during a survey by E. Kasarherou, Boewa's nephew, in 1986. More than a real plan (or figuration) of a real village, this sketch spatially represents the customary links uniting the various groups and chiefdoms present a kind of allegory of custom (Kasarherou) This drawing partly symbolizes the customary Kanak political world, as well as the power relationships existing within it

1/2 Map of the ephemeral village of Nindiah (Neaji) in New Caledonia, built during the last great pilou-pilou held on the plain of the same name.

Original drawing by Boesou, one of the festival's organizers, published in 1930 by Maurice Leenhardt. Map reinterpreted by Roger Boulay.

weekly challenge, inspired by a drawing.

Middle Earth map found.
Thrown away. "It is a book".
Chance to get there, lost.


Connectable Dungeons & Connectable Caves.
Connect them any way you want.
Suitable for 25mm .

How well do your players map the dungeon

I likely learned more about Europe via this 80s Marvel comic map than in high school.

"It took most of human history for our population to reach 1 billionand just over 200 years to reach 8 billion. But growth has begun slowing, as women have fewer babies on average. When will our global population peak And how can we minimize our impact on Earths resources, even as we approach 10 billion"

"A team of historians and scientists wanted to map cultural mobility, so they tracked the births and deaths of notable individuals like David, King of Israel, and Leonardo da Vinci, from 600 BC to the present day. Using them as a proxy for skills and ideas, their map reveals intellectual hotspots and tracks how empires rise and crumble".

Over the past 4 days, has continued to take positions south of Robotyne.

has also advanced along trenches in the Russian first line of defence to the edge of Verbove.

South of Bakhmut, has taken back control of more of Klishchiivka, while attempts to hold on to the northern edge.

Andriivka is now in the grey zone after was forced to withdraw. I am awaiting confirmation of taking up positions in the village.

Researchers shed light on the molecular activation of the storm 'switch'.

Ireland identified a need for a map of showing place names in the Irish language (Gaeilge) and to encourage more Irish language additions to OpenStreetMap (OSM). ... we wanted a that would by default show towns, streets and other places using the place name. We named this service larscil which translates to English as map. The service is available at

First post dedicated to the maps I made during my time at Rex Nouma! A first series dedicated to the geographical distribution of the center's members by neighborhood in the commune of Nouma.

Three years are represented: 2017, 2022 and July 2023.
Over this period, three intermediate neighborhoods in particular seem to be a source of members: Centre-Ville, Valle des Collons and Magenta.

Thanks for highlighting this analysis suggesting widespread consumption of gray & right - & the interesting , the of 1539, with its splendid illustrations of a wide range of & their diverse tactics for dealing with aggressive seafarers.

The planet Jupiter was named after the Roman god, but some languages have their own local name.

Like a , Check out this Lost Kingdom (Part 7) !

Hello you all!

Can I ask you for a bit of for a little fun project

I want to create a for how people colloquially refer to the nether item.


English (England):
F: knickers
M: (under)pants

German (Germany):
F+M: Unterhose
F: Hschen, Slip, Schlpper

Spanish (Argentina):
F: bombacha
M: calzoncillos

I think, you get the idea.

, if you feel like it.


(This will stay pinned for a week or so)

I have a new blog post (finally its been a busy year) on Bernard Sleighs 1917 Anciente Mappe of Fairyland


lien #bks #mapHoy en la ofi hemos tenido un taller de pintar macetas! Yo me he animado a intentar pintar un mapa )

: here the of organic breeders across Europe.

Are you an organic breeder and your organisation is missing on the map Contact us with your info at mariateresa.lazzaro(at)

Je me dis comme a qu'un cadre diffrent pour la page en vis--vis, cela pourrait tre sympa...

I thought it might be nice to get a different frame on the other page...

OsmAnd Offline Maps and Navigation

Many free functions on a map for orientation and search what is in city, nation and on earth. This offline navigation is easy live, is also aviable on to and don't take your data.


Glad that I came back quite relaxed after two weeks of vacation. Bringing together , interactions and handling in a new feature will make this week really challenging.

From Academieland to Zelda: Fictional Exhibition at Harvard

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 was a success! Thank you to all who supported it!

The Trade Regions of Asteanic World

Frijoles! Porotos! Habichuelas! Alubias!
Scream as many as you want, but all of them are just in

is excited to announce a collab with Nano, a feeless digital currency platform!

Check out the WeNano map to see where people around the world are sharing money freely:

Register your event & join the celebrations in two days!

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects! 5 stretch goals unlocked! FINAL HOURS!

MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects! 5 stretch goals unlocked! FINAL HOURS!

Beautiful of the of the made by Gerry Gabrisch, GIS Manager at . Created completely with the software program ().

Original post:

lien #tips #gik #map

/ Ho'oleilana

/ Ripples in the early universe or giant bubbles of galaxies


MAPS for FANTASY RPGs 8 - hand drawn, full-color grid/grid-less & VTT maps+Royalty Free License for commercial print/digital/streaming projects! 4 stretch goals unlocked! LAST DAYS!

Speaking of state boundaries I've always been fascinated by 18th century showing the northern boundary of about 130 km further north than it is now, with the town of Onondaga and the location of present day , New York located within Pennsylvania.

Putting your on the : How mapping can improve your mission, from DataKind UK

For those who don't want to use the birdsite, posts maps daily. and also post maps.

Today you can watch me as I fumble around the digital landscape, using the second-century CE author, Pausanias, as my guide. Join me in person or online at 15:00 BST with 's computational research group, by signing up here: . It will include live demos (provided I make my sacrifices to the presentation gods).

How competitive is your state

International Alphabetic Supplier Listing