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Bishop Rock, islet in the Atlantic Ocean, at the Isles of Scilly, England.

Llongyfarchiadau a diolch i Meirion MacIntyre Huws am osod o ar wefan Cymdeithas Eisteddfodau Cymru sydd wedi ei seilio ar dechnoleg ein ni.

Beth hoffech chi ei gael ar eich map chi o Gymru

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The SARAO MeerKAT 1.3 GHz Galactic Plane Survey

... with new insights on what's lurking in the Zone of Avoidance:
The Vela Supercluster
The Great Attractor
The Local Void

by Sharmila Goedhart and co-authors

It's been a while since I've been able to share a WIP and here's an almost finished map but it feels good to share it anyways

The Corps
is an online project with successfully editing structures in all 50 States of the , Puerto Rico, and the U.S. . A great way to become active in for fans! More information is here:

! Shows me a of the route where the stations have no name. On the side, there is a list of stations: listed alphabetically.

Choptank River Light, lighthouse in Maryland, United States.


I've probably 200+ buildings in my town in the last 3 days (not doing my ulnar nerve problem any favors)

I'm mostly not labeling or identifying them--just "building". First pass.

These tiny Olde Worlde towns have businesses and apartment complexes in 200y houses--I'd have to walk to a lot of them to be sure

It's a lot of fun spotting a 10'x10' shed in someone's yard via satellite photo and mapping it while imagining them finding that later..

Phare de la Palmyre, lighthouse in Charente-Maritime, France.

: Bombs on crossing today - the only lifeline for to Gaza and the . 2023-DEC-12

Image source (active map):

: Bombs on crossing today - the only lifeline for to Gaza and the . 2023-DEC-12


Winter is coming ...


It would seem insignificant, but yesterday I took my first serious stab at a black & white version of my Tremjara map. It's important because it'd be legible on an e-reader.

It's also easy to read (I hope).

First & foremost, this is designed to orient the reader as to where Carrdia or Pannulus are located & where some mentioned locations are situated.

We are excited to announce that Mapilio has been accepted to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Emerging Technologies Accelerator Program.

Sudzhuksky Lighthouse, lighthouse in Russia.

De quand date la premire contribution, encore en ligne, sur

On voit clairement l'action des mapathons.

Pour la suite des stats :

Via (videmment)

775000 views for Dr Becky Smethurst's video on the effect of Laniakea on Cosmology. Such a huge interest for such a niche subject what a fantastic work is doing Dr. Becky!

Map of european night train connections Carte des trains de nuit en Europe (il n'y a pas encore le tout nouveau Paris - Berlin)

///Wheelmap Find wheelchair accessible places///
Wheelmap is an online map to search, find and mark wheelchair-accessible places.

Made on an OpenStreetMap basemap

Matiu / Somes Island Lighthouse, lighthouse in New Zealand, built 1900.

A World Map With No National Borders And 1,642 Animals
<-- shared media article
H/T Applegate
In a hand-drawn map of the world, hundreds of animals sprawl across valleys and volcanoes, deltas and deserts"

We've updated and improved our overview map of territorial control in /#Palestine! Full size map, plus detailed timeline of 2nd month of the war:

It's monday and that means I've made another map. Yeh its a thing i do now... and have done for like I dunno like maybe 5 weeks.

I will, at some point write adventures for them.

Caves are easy and therapeutic to draw :3

It is a short mine in the the side of a hill deep in a vale. The ore it had been mined for has long since depleted and abandoned.

Perhaps an old treasure map leads here.

Check out my dnd oneshots:

Look at this fantastic I found on birdshite

I usually say pop when I'm not thinking

What do you say

We love stories of late bloomers that pursue their passions.
Ernest Dudley Chase had a pretty successful career in greeting cards, but after he retired, he got to chase after his dream of making maps. He was met with success, and became popular for his intricate pictorial maps.
Always loved how he created a unique compass rose on each map. Here are just a few.
Never too old to try.


We've updated and improved our overview map of territorial control in /#Palestine! Full size map, plus detailed timeline of 2nd month of the war:

Pourquoi le Sahel et le Sahara sont-ils deux entits distinctes Quelle est la diffrence entre deux

Good afternoon! Weiter geht's mit unserem - heute das Trchen Nummer 11:

ist eine offline map und basiert auf :mastolove:

Unsere absolute Lieblings , natrlich 1000 mal nicer als maps

Super auch fr: )

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galaxies in the Local Void, detected by the SARAO MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey

by Sushma Kurapati and co-authors

One of the 64 antennas of the MeerKAT radio telescope, located in the Karoo, South Africa.

Punta Pioppeto Lighthouse, lighthouse in Italy.

Keminkraaseli lighthouse, lighthouse in Finland.

Cabo Prior Lighthouse, lighthouse in Spain.

Anton Thomas created a marvelous hand-drawn of the non-human creatures that populate the . Please take a look at the article to see examples.

Gift link:

Interactive of in

I submitted something like 60-70 changesets to (many via ) today from as trivial as the type of surface in a parking lot to as major as adding 50+ buildings in a single submission.

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La des vaut le coup d'il !
worth seeing!

Update: It is super fun.


Lighthouse at the End of the World, lighthouse in Charente-Maritime, France.

Hutton 24 brochure